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Onyxtradehouse – Course.

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  • Retail vs Institution.

Market Structure:

  • Shift in Momentum.

  • Equilibrium.

  • Premium and Discount.

Account Management

  • Risk:Reward Ratio.

  • Risk Management.

  • Trade Management.


This section will lay the necessary foundation and allow you to better understand the forthcoming more complex concepts.

This section will give you a clear insight into what to expect later on in the course.
We look to develop your currently existing skills and apply new methods and techniques for you to practise.

By going over some of the basics we allow you to see the market for what it is in a simplistically and objectively. By returning to the fundamentals we can recalibrate the method and approach you take to the market to a more logical and structured one.


This section will provide the very basics of Forex and what you will need to advance and learn the fundamentals of our strategy.

We understand that we must cater for those individuals whom do not possess experience and knowledge in forex. This is why we teach the minimal amount of information required to proceed and learn the more advanced concepts.

This information can all be found for free online but we have cleared the excess, irrelevant, information to ensure your time and effort isn’t wasted, streamlining the process for you.



1. Wyckoff Methodology

  • Wyckoff Laws.

  • Application.

  • Wyckoff Schematics.

This section will provide you with the important concepts you need to learn including entry techniques and most of the technical analysis information required.

This is the bulk of the course and where you will really begin to learn about the techniques and strategies that differ us from most retail traders. This section will consume most of your time but in return, will be the most rewarding; enhancing your ability to trade effectively.



The end section nicely ties up the course, you will learn much about harnessing your emotions and making sure you can perform under pressure.

You will learn to remove emotion from your trades and learn how to suppress any negative factors in relation to psychology and trading.

What you will receive:

– Member’s chat.

– Over 30 E-Books (constantly updated).

– Catered motivational and mindset material.

– Access to strategy related PDF’s.

– Terminology channel to aid understanding.

– High-value self-educational videos.

– Previous Chart Breakdowns

– Weekly forecast calls.

– 1-on-1 Mentorship inclusive within the server.

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