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Simpler Trading – New Squeeze Pro System Reveals Explosive Trades 2021 Elite Version Available Now

Price: $1697
Sale:  $169

Get Simpler Trading – New Squeeze Pro System Reveals Explosive Trades 2021 Elite Version Available Now on

John Carter, founder of Simpler Trading, delivers a leap forward with his advanced Squeeze Pro trading system designed to almost eliminate risk and maximize profits.

The ST Squeeze (previously known as the TTM Squeeze) – an indicator for trade timing predictions – has for 15 years guided traders to discover profitable moments in the markets.

Now, John Carter is offering his breakthrough indicator and trading system – the Squeeze Pro. This complete system for timing explosive trades is unlike anything seen in the trading world since John Carter first introduced the eye-opening power of his original ST Squeeze indicator.

New Or Seasoned Traders Can Target Predictable Profit Points

The new Squeeze Pro System goes far beyond the original. The Squeeze Pro System is a trendsetting revelation to identify predictable market profit points. The Squeeze Pro multi-layer charting indicator and trading system offers exclusive new opportunities for traders of all skill levels, part-time or full-time. It can be used across all trading time frames and securities – stocks, futures, options. It’s easy to use. It’s fast. And it was made for any trader looking to maximize profits.

Here’s your opportunity to seize this breakthrough trading advantage and get the Squeeze Pro System to elevate your trading to a new level of consistent, winning trades.

In this exclusive new training you will learn:

How to quickly and easily identify THREE Squeeze strength levels

Reveal precise entry and exit rules (including early signal detection)

How to catch rallies and pukes the regular Squeeze misses

How to exploit Squeeze Pro on almost any daily, weekly, or monthly chart

How to find super high-probability intraday setup

Walk away with a complete trading plan around the Squeeze Pro

Choose the Squeeze Pro System Package You Want:




$1697 $5,579

Strategy Class

($997 Value)

Squeeze Pro Indicator

($697 Value)

Squeeze Pro Buy/Sell Signals

($297 Value)

Bonus: Indicator Installation Session


5 Days of Recorded Live Trading

($997 Value)

Early In-N Out Pro Indicator

($497 Value)

Squeeze Pro Stats Tool

($397 Value)

John’s Small Account Mastery Program

($1,597 Value)










This is a One Time Offer for a Limited Time.

Use the same updated indicator and strategy behind six of John Carter’s famous $1 Million+ TSLA Trades.

Here’s what others have said about trading with John’s
Squeeze Pro Trading System:


“Thank you for your time and expertise. I’m blown away.”

– M.W.

Some Recent Trades from John:

Million Dollar Trade June 10, 2020 (4)

$1,074,403 on TSLA with the Squeeze Pro

image (8) (2)

Another $1,170,450 on TSLA with the Squeeze Pro


$202,850 on AMZN w/ a 5 Min Squeeze Pro Entry within a 30 Min

3.75 million trade

and John’s biggest trade this year; $3.77 Million on TSLA (exited on mobile)


Basic Package + Premium Package + 5 Recorded Live-Trading Days with John Carter
BONUS: Squeeze Pro Stats Tool + Quarterly Subscription to Small Account Mastery

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: With the Elite Package you get access to Small Account Mastery Program live-trading sessions with John Carter.

If you want to learn straight from John Carter, Small Account Mastery is for you. Take advantage of this opportunity to get real-time access to John’s personal trading guidance every month during live-trading sessions. This is the fastest way to take your trading results to the next level.

We believe there’s no better way to deepen your mastery of trading than to interact with John and watch his screen as he looks for high probability setups during market hours. Learn how to apply the Small Account strategies in current market conditions and participate in interactive Q&A with John.

Small Account Mastery Program

As part of John’s live-trading circle of members, you’ll also receive Push Alerts between monthly sessions signaling John’s trades in real-time.

Small Account Mastery is an interactive program between traders and John, so there are limited spots available. If you want to rapidly improve your trading skills, don’t hesitate to join!

Remember, you also get everything in the Basic and Pro Packages (including the Squeeze Pro, Squeeze Pro Buy/Sell Signals, Early-In-N-Out Pro Tool).

PLUS you also get this incredibly awesome new tool…

BONUS: Squeeze Pro Stats Tool If you really want to “geek out,” you can dive deep into the data with this breakthrough analytical tool. It enables you to plan trades using historical Squeeze Pro stats at the top of your charts.

The goal of this unprecedented analytical power is to allow you to see the average gain and duration of a Squeeze, on whatever chart and whatever time frame you are viewing. Stocks, futures, forex, crypto – if you can trade it, you can measure it. It will also tell you how long the average squeeze lasts before it fires, and how many squeezes fired long vs. fired short. These stats are available for EACH Squeeze Pro level on any chart at a glance.

Squeeze Pro Stats Tool

This makes it possible to anticipate the potential reward to help guide you in trade selection and management – based on actual data specific to the chart you are viewing. Note: Options traders will absolutely LOVE these stats! Available for ThinkorSwim and TradeStation.

John Carter

About John He started Simpler because he wanted to create a community of traders, who educate others simply because they care about other people’s success. His setups, market knowledge, and guidance to continually improve yourself as a trader are invaluable.

John is the trading expert everyone turns too when the markets go awry (as they often do), and many of our traders have taken ideas and strategies from him and morphed them into their own strategies. He’s truly one of the best with a level of charisma that draws people in, which has transformed him into the famous trader he is today.

John’s 2020 Profits:

John 2020 TOS Account - Ending P&L

$16,519,833.68 in $ Profit or a 1188% return in his ThinkorSwim Account

John 2020 TW Account - Ending P&L

$1,445,082 in $ Profit or a 556% return in his TastyWorks Account

John 2020 Small Account - Ending P&L

$44,011 in $ Profit or a 340% return in his Small Account

For a total $ Profit of $18,208,672 or a 1270% return

Chart Your Course To Find More Winning Trades

“The Squeeze Pro System is the breakthrough trading plan and tools for traders who want to catch fast-moving turns in the market. Big market moves can take off and leave traders wondering what happened. Squeeze Pro can become your personal trading roadmap as sudden moves unfold in the market. Learn how to maximize your trading and target fast moves in the market by signing up now for the Squeeze Pro System!”

– John Carter


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