Muay Thai Guy – The Heavy Bag Blueprint

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[Download Now] The Heavy Bag Blueprint - Muay Thai Guy

The Heavy Bag Blueprint – Muay Thai Guy

Still Not Sure?

Watch this video and let me walk you through what the course looks like on the inside!

Then check out what other practitioners had to say about The Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0: 

“It is perfect for giving me diversity when hitting the heavy bag”

The 30-minute intro crash course on the heavy bag is great for people just starting out it even if they have never even trained before, it sets the tone for the whole course.

The whole platform of the course is laid out perfectly, from beginner all the way up to advanced in order to build yourself up and improve and develop new and old techniques/drills. There is an over abundance of content! The easy to use platform saved me endless hours of searching on the internet and youtube for good instructional techniques, combinations, drills and burn out’s.

It’s all in one place for me to find now!  

Sean is a masterful coach with a wealth of experience. He break’s down everything thoroughly and display’s excellent technique and forum with the excellent camera angles making it very easy to watch and follow along. It is perfect for giving me diversity when hitting the heavy bag, I sometimes forget about little things like working defense and stepping off center line.

The progressive heavy bag program gives me a realistic, flexible and diverse training schedule. the schedule keeps me focused and on track on what I am working on and how I can progress. Overall I believe the heavy bag blue print is a must have for anybody who does a lot of solo training on the heavy bag or anywhere possible to shadow box. Also if somebody who wants to learn proper and new technique and drills that applicable in all aspects of fighting! the Heavy Bag Blueprint .0 is the perfect training tool for the heavy bag, the most important tools in fighting!

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