Mkhael Neil – The Path of Effortless Change


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Mkhael Neil – The Path of Effortless Change

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Have you tried different self-help techniques or practices, looking for true change, and you still feel stuck? Are you overcome with thoughts of worry and stress, and you rarely if ever feel a sense of peace? Are you dismayed by how much effort it seemingly takes to transform your life?

So many of us are looking for peace, presence, and true lasting change in our lives. Perhaps you do yoga. Or maybe you journal. Or perhaps you seek out the latest and greatest in personal development tools and self-help books – anything to help you find some stability and welcome relief in the daily storm. This search for peace and real change leads many people to practice meditation, which promises to eventually calm your mind so you can experience the best of life.

But have you ever thought, “There must be a better way. Do I really have to wait for ‘eventually’?”

Internationally renowned transformative coach and best-selling author Michael Neill answers this question with a resounding NO! The state of peace and presence people seek through meditation is a part of your innate nature. It is always available and never more than one thought away.

You don’t have to sit for hours.

You don’t have to still your mind.

You don’t have to count your breaths.

You simply have to wake up to your true nature and see your connection to the space within. This is not hard to do. In fact, it’s effortless.

There are no methods, practices, or step-by-step processes in this course. And that’s intentional. While techniques may be helpful to some, they often fall short because they don’t deliver the insight that’s required for you to truly change. And they can’t – because only you have the ability to recognize truth for yourself.

In this life-changing transformative conversation over the course of eight insightful and surprisingly fun and enjoyable lessons, Michael and his small studio audience will help you tap into your own wisdom and guide you to the ever-present space of insight, peace, joy, and well-being that is always waiting inside.

Or in Michael’s words, “This course will give you the gift of meditation without meditating.”

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