Mindvalley – Become a Modern Master


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Mindvalley - Become a Modern Master

Mindvalley – Become a Modern Master

Price : $649
Just pay : $77
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Introducing The Most Spiritually Advanced Course In Mindvalley Academy

Deborah King Unveils The Secret Magic Of Sutras — The Most Powerful Spiritual Tool For Invoking Your Divinity From Within And Unlocking Your Psychic Gifts

Get Initiated Into A Higher Level Of Spiritual Awareness, Soul Expression And Paranormal Powers… So You Can Finally Evolve into The Grandest Vision of Your Greatest Self

This course is for everyone who’s looking to deepen the connection with their divine self and unlock the spiritual gifts and psychic abilities that they’re meant to have.

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors had many spiritual abilities that we no longer have automatic access to, including telepathy, aura reading, precognition, and the ability to experience Divinity within their bodies.

However, even though we share the same DNA as our ancestors, we have long forgotten these abilities.

Each week, Deborah will reveal more secrets along the path of initiation, providing you with practical exercises and mystical tools that allow you to clear and balance your core energy so the sutras can be seeded in the fertile ground of your consciousness.

You will learn

  • How the sutras work to clear out the buried emotions and past traumas that are holding your life force hostage, so you can get free — mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • How to activate certain centers in the body that expand your spiritual potential.
  • How to find and use responsibly the spiritual gifts that start to manifest when you do the sutra practice.
  • How to invoke the high spiritual beings who are there to guide and protect you.
  • Why initiation is so important in your spiritual development.
  • Who you are within the spectrum of the 7 spiritual rays.

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Sutras: The Key To Higher Consciousness And Spiritual Powers

Like a seed that’s buried in the ground, all it takes is exposure to sunlight and a little nourishment to nurse your spiritual gifts back to health.

And that’s where Sutras come in.

With Sutras, it’s easy for you to maintain a balanced energy field with no stress, stay in touch with your emotions, monitor your chakras and clear your blockages.

They are sacred threads that when woven together raise vibrations and open the doors to higher consciousness. They hold they key to supernatural powers such as telepathy, time travel, levitation and super-sensory perception.

With the power of Sutras, anyone can re-activate their spiritual gifts.

Introducing… Be A Modern Master: A 6-Week Course To Get Your Spiritual Superpowers Activated With Deborah King

Be A Modern Master provides the perfect combination of ancient techniques and modern knowledge to clear away your life traumas and rocket your spiritual practice into the stratosphere in just six weeks. In this journey, you’ll be initiated into 20 powerful Sutras, the mystical phrases from the ancient Hindu Vedas, that hold the key to accessing the higher realms of consciousness and unleashing the magnificent gifts and powers that are your birthright.

With these 20 sutras as your launch vehicle, you can release and heal past traumas, unleash your creativity, and be initiated into awesome realms of Spirit, such as the Order of Melchizedek. This is the fastest and most sure-footed path to make a massive shift in your energy that will affect every aspect of your life in a positive, heart-opening way.

5 Things That Make This Course Unique

Studying Sutras
1. 5,000-Year-Old Secrets Previously Inaccessible To The Modern World

Sutras are mystical phrases from the ancient Vedas that shake up your energy field to connect you deeply to Source. Studying them often means years of study under an enlightened master in India. But here, you get them seeded by Deborah at the comfort of your home.

Exponential Impact On Your Immediate Reality
2. Exponential Impact On Your Immediate Reality

When you practice the sutras, you raise your vibration AND you raise the vibrations of those in your environment — your friends, family, and clients. when you study this course it not only raises your own consciousness, it actually heals the world!

Draw out your desires and hopes
3. For Both Beginners And Advanced Seekers

One of the unique things about this course is that it speaks to you at your level — to deliver exactly the results you want. The entire six-week journey is designed to draw out your desires and hopes and alter your energy field to allow the outcome to exist in reality.

Massive Shifts In Your Consciousness
4. Designed For Massive Shifts In Your Consciousness In 6 Weeks

Packed with ancient and modern tools, this course is designed to trigger immediate consciousness expansion. You not only learn, but also apply the wisdom of the sutras with Deborah King and unlock your various extraordinary spiritual gifts as you go.

Company of Deborah and your fellow students
5. Community Support From Deborah And Other Like-Minded Seekers

When you enroll, you’ll enjoy the company of Deborah and your fellow students in an intimate online setting. This creates a vibrational vortex that allows you to make rapid progress in your spiritual journey. This alone is a tremendous advantage over other similar courses.

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