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Mindpumpmedia – MAPS Symmetry 2022


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MAPS Symmetry is a workout program that focuses on building a balanced, sculpted and symmetrical body. It utilizes unique and specific exercises that target each side of the body INDEPENDENTLY so that weaker areas become stronger, lagging body parts develop faster and the whole body sculpts and builds in a way that produces a very harmonious aesthetic look MAPS Symmetry was created so that people had a workout program that didn’t just get them stronger, it did so in a balanced way. It’s common to have one side of your body be stronger than the other or to have some body parts that don’t seem to develop as well as others. MAPS Symmetry specifically targets these imbalances utilizing isometrics and unilateral exercises as foundational parts of the program. It builds the body using these often neglected but effective methods. The last phase of the program is a pure strength basic compound movement phase so that people can test their strength in the bench, deadlift, squat and overhead press so they can see just how much progress they made.




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