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Michael Stevenson – Mastering Sales with NLP

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Attention: Face-To-Face Sales, Online Sales and Direct Sales Professionals 

“Discover How to ‘Hack’ the Inner-Minds of Your Prospects So You Can Know Exactly When and How to Close Them to Get the Sale…”


Renegade NLP Trainer Reveals the “Secret Code” to Easily Closing More Sales Than Ever Before… Guaranteed!

Something is Happening to Sales and It Will Never Go Back to What it Was…

There used to be a day when a good sales person could sell “ice cubes to Eskimos.” People were hungry consumers and they loved to spend…

But those days are gone. Why?

We now live in a world where people are cynical, skeptical, guarded, and believe that sales is “icky” and manipulative. That means that…

Knowing all the old sales tricks doesn’t cut it anymore. People are onto them and turned off by them.

I remember being frustrated to the core, feeling completely beaten and rejected, until I learned NLP.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is like a magic bullet when it comes to sales.

When I learned it, not only did I start selling more than ever before, but my customers were actually happier and referred more people to me. So the only question is…

Are you the kind of person who wants to find out how to make your product or service completely irresistible to your prospects? If so, then read on…

Think of Something You’ve Seen for Sale That You Just Absolutely Had to Have…

As you think of much you wanted that “irresistible thing,” the thought of getting it spreads through your mind into your body, and you find yourself saying, “I have to get this…” And as you go back to that time, now, thinking about what you saw or heard that made you feel you want this thing so much, locate that feeling of desire inside of you… Where is it?

Now imagine making every prospect feel that when you tell them about your product or service.

NLP is like the secret key to the mind when it comes to creating desire and getting people to say, “Yes!”

Hi, my name is Michael Stevenson. I’ve been an NLP and sales trainer to some of the most celebrated, powerful and successful people in the world.

I’ve been professionally selling products and services since 1992, both as a professional sales professional for hire and in my own highly-successful businesses.

I’ve been fusing sales with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming: the gateway to the mind) for over 18 years. The greatest of all sales people know how to push the secret subconscious triggers in others that make what they’re selling irresistible.

In the field of NLP, we have studied and modeled the best of the best sales people—the top 1%—to find out what make the difference. Why do they succeed over and over again while others are just mediocre at best?

The result is called the NLP Five-Step Sales Process. It’s a step-by-step guide for novice to expert sales professionals for significantly increasing your closing rate.

This could be the big break you’ve been looking for…


If You’re Sick and Tired of Knowing You Could Be Closing More Sales and Earning More Money Each Month, But You’re Not Sure How, Then NLP Sales is the Missing Key to Your Success

Sales, is no longer about silly tricks like the “sharp angle” and “Ben Franklin” closes that are still being taught from the 1950s. People are too savvy and have been exposed to far too much ineffective sales techniques.

To survive in today’s sales world, you need to truly understand the psychology of the mind and how people make decisions.

For example, did you know…

  • There are three kinds of yesses a prospect can give you and only one of them leads to a sale, while the other two lead to a dead end
  • That people will generally only purchase from someone they like and that charisma is a step-by-step process that you can learn in just a few minutes to make your clients like you more
  • That there are certain words that are so penetrating that they go directly into the subconscious mind (discovered by famed psychiatrist, Dr. Milton H. Erickson, M.D., and so powerful, he refused to teach them to ordinary people like you and me)
  • That there are really only four objections to any sale, and once you know what they are, you’ll become a master at overcoming them
  • That there are secret ways to subliminally influence your prospects to say “Yes!”​that can be used both face-to-face and over the phone?
  • That desire is entirely subconscious, so you must learn to influence the prospect’s subconscious mind to get them excited enough to say yes
  • That there are always two sales going on in any sales conversaion (whether you know it or not). Close one and you both win… but close the other and you both lose. And both sales are psychological

I went from struggling at sales to selling with ease. I just knew this was something that other people need…

And That’s EXACTLY Why I Created the Mastering Sales with NLP Home Study

I wanted to give this gift of masterful sales skills to people just like you to empower you to get more sales.

This is your opportunity to become a master at the art of influencing the mind with each and every word you speak so you can make more people say yes! Think of how much your conversion rate will grow when you’re able to entice and close 66% to 75% more of your prospects!

In This Home Study Training, Taught by NLP Master and Sales Coach, Michael Stevenson…

  • You’ll discover that you have the ability to be a greatsalesperson capable of setting records, even if you have struggled in the past
  • You’ll learn how to sell products or services with a step-by-step process that works
  • You’ll find out how to use NLP in sales. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the science of the mind and will help you ethically influence people to say yes
  • You’ll gain masterful skills from sales legends without the years of education and experience it took them to achieve it (through the NLP process of “modeling”)
  • You’ll learn how to use ethical influence and persuasion with step-by-step instructions and checklists
  • You’ll finish knowing everything you need to know to get better results from your sales conversations, for the rest of your life, easily and effortlessly
  • You’ll learn insider secrets not taught in any other sales course
  • Your team members will wonder what the heck happened as you practically “steal” award after award (not to mention the bonuses), right out from under their nose
  • This is the most ADVANCED and practical, NLP sales home study training anywhere. What you’ll learn in this course will, by far, exceed anything you’ve learned in any other sales training and is suitable for both newbies and experts


Les Brown, One of the Top Five Influencers in the World, Talks About Michael Stevenson


  • By the end of the home study training, you’ll be surprised at how good you really are
  • This isn’t just a course — it’s a powerful hands-on home training
  • Now you’ll know how to sell to anyone, anywhere easily and effortlessly
  • You won’t ever have to wonder what to do again
  • Need examples? This course is full of examples and exercises
  • It will be the best learning experience of your professional life

If you were to get this today, what would your future “record-breaking award winner” self say to your past “struggling salesperson” self for you to know that this is the right choice for you right now?

And what will all those “haters” from the past be saying when they see how successful you’ve become?

NLP is the key to sales success.

This is a limited-time-only opportunity to get this study course on sale.

Don’t suffer the disappointment of missing it. Make the investment in yourself to improve your marketing and finally start seeing the results you want from sales.

Amazing Bonuses Included with the Mastering Sales with NLP Home Study

Empowering Yourself… For a Change! A $150 Value!

As a bonus, you’ll get this two hour Neuro-Linguistic Programming training with Michael Stevenson. This training sets out the “success principles” of NLP, which are essential to your success in sales and beyond.

Influence to Profit A $20 Value!

My newest book with tips and tricks for covert influence and persuasion. You’ll learn how to get more people to say “Yes!” easier than ever before.

The Guaranteed Referral System A $50 Value!

Learn how to turn your existing clients into a volunteer sales force for you, sending you qualified referrals who already trust you because of a 3rd party endorsement. This step-by-step process is chock full of NLP and psychological influence.

The Irresistible Elevator Pitch Formula A $150 Value!

Having a long, extended sales conversation where you can take time to gain rapport and find out the deep subconscious triggers that make people say yes is one skill (which is covered in Mastering Sales with NLP).

But what about when you only have, say, three minutes with a stranger who is a potential prospect. How do you “set the hook” and get them interested so you can close them later (or, maybe, even on the spot?).

That’s what the Irresistible Elevator Pitch Formula is all about. It will completely change how effective you are at networking (imagine, actually getting an ROI from networking!).

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