Meet Kevin – Real Estate Investing: From $0 to Millionaire & Beyond


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Meet Kevin – Real Estate Investing: From $0 to Millionaire & Beyond

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Thank you for considering the decision to transform your life and live the life of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor — One of Wealth and Passive Income; Congratulations! Here’s more information for you on what Kevin does here. Also, check with your CPA as this may be a tax-deduction against your business or investments (Kevin is told many deduct this).

Update July 22, 2020: New Quick-Start Lectures are being Regularly Added. Contracts, Negotiations, and More. These are free/included for all members new and existing. Note: As more content releases, the price will go up. If you’re already a member or join today, all future content is included for free.

Welcome – Is This Right For You?

Meet Kevin teaches the principles and fundamentals of real estate investing to take you to the next level of wealth no matter what your experience is:

360+ LIFETIME-ACCESS lectures benefit you no matter if you:

✅Have ZERO Investing Experience.
✅Have SOME Investing Experience.
✅You’re Looking for Passive Income and Cashflow.
✅You’re Looking for a Side-Hustle to Build Wealth.
✅You’re Hunting for Deals (Including wholesaling topics!).
✅You’re Licensed OR NOT.
✅You Speak English (Useful Globally / Internationally).

Or you are:

✅A Brand-New Investor ($0 Net Worth) — Step-by-step guide.
✅A Somewhat Experienced Investor ($25,000-250,000 Net Worth).
✅An Experienced Investor ($250,000+ Net Worth).
✅ALSO extremely useful for: Agents, brokers, lenders, CPAs, & industry members (clients expect you know this; why not make it easy for you to make sure you do?).

What You Get:

✳️Over 360+ HIGH-QUALITY Lectures to enable your Mastery of Real Estate.
✳️Daily (Market Open), Private Group Livestreams with Kevin (AKA FREE mentoring through January 27, 2021 guaranteed).
✳️Access to our Private Group Discord channel with Kevin (The best way to reach Kevin is to attend the livestreams, though Kevin does reply to most questions on Discord).
✳️Lifetime access to recorded livestreams & lectures.
✳️Free Teachable App access to Watch Courses on the go.
✳️Set custom Playback speed.
✳️New Lectures are Regularly Added (Example: Market trends or law changes).

📣Curriculum (Even More Will be Added Overtime):📣

All Below This Are Already Available:

Section 1: Welcome / Announcements.
✅1.1: Course Overview & Initial Introduction.
✅1.2: 3 Bits / Tricks to NAIL this Course.
✅1.3: Crucial Economic Principle for a Strong Foundation in Real Estate.
✅1.4: Two Things to do NOW (Before Starting).
Multiple New Quickstart Lectures Added (See Latest & Live Curriculum Below)

Section 2: Mindset.

✅2.1: The Mentality of a Millionaire Investor.
✅2.2: Should you, or when can you, quit your job? Should you be an agent?
✅2.3: The Personality of the Millionaire Investor.
✅2.4: Communication MUSTS.

Section 3: Your Finances.

✅3.1: Guns & Butter.
✅3.2: Credit & Credit Cards.
✅3.3: How $1 of Debt Affects Qualifying / Investing (DTI/Front-end/Back-end). (With Download).
✅3.4: Compound Interest (With Download).
✅3.5.1: Important Investing Conclusions from: Future-Value Calculations (W/ Download).
✅3.5.2: Important Investing Conclusions from: Present-Value Calculations. (W/ Download).
✅3.6: The Financial Dream Calculator (With Download).
✅3.7: Do this RIGHT NOW to START Investing in Real Estate.
✅3.8: Break-Even Analysis (Selling & Loan Example (With Download)).
✅3.9: Net Present Value (W/ Download).
✅3.10: Credit Freezes & Identity Theft.

Section 4: Your Circles.

✅4.1: Your Primary Circle.
✅4.2: Your Secondary Circle.
✅4.3: How to find great… [Agents, Managers, Lenders, Contractors, Etc.]
✅4.4: How you fit in, grinding, and discounts.
✅4.5: Do you want to be an agent to represent yourself (commission, taxes, etc.).
✅4.6: Discounts from your Agent.
✅4.7: Partners / Joint Ventures.

Section 5: Shopping for Real Estate.

✅5.1: “The Secret Agent” Fallacy & The Best Way to Hunt.
✅5.2: Open Houses.
✅5.3: Online Deal Alerts.
✅5.4: Title Letters
✅5.4.5: Risk. Are you missing the point?
✅5.5: ‘Driving for Dollars,’ like the Wholesalers do.
✅5.5.5: Water Trick.
✅5.6: Associations (HOAs). Should you buy in one?
✅5.7: Qualifying Associations < Important for any HOA Purchases)
✅5.8: What if I’m going to be leaving the area? Or I’m uncertain?
✅5.9: Staying in a house “forever.”
✅5.10: “Cheap” homes and apartments.
✅5.11: Climate & Location & more on Cheap Homes.
✅5.12: Wholesalers << YES, Wholesaling Real Estate.
✅5.13: Wholesaling << YES, Wholesaling Real Estate.
✅5.14: Pickiness Fallacy.
✅5.15: Ever-wait Fallacy.
✅5.16: Build Fallacy — DANGEROUS.
✅5.17: Magic Spreadsheets.
✅5.18: Biggest purchase of your life.

Section 6: Financing.

✅6.0: Do this Now.
✅6.1: Introduction to Loans: Notes, Note Rate, Principal, Simple Interest, Promissory Notes.
✅6.2: Origination, Nominal Rates, & Balloon Payment, & Advice.
✅6.3: Prepay & Pre-payment Penalties // Commercial vs Residential.
✅6.4: Call, Call Option, Margin Call, Protections, Due on Sale, Term, Trading Notes.
✅6.5: Interest Only & Advice.
✅6.6: Loan Terms: APY & APY: What Are They and Do They Matter?
✅6.7: Shop for the Best Loan: Rates & Discount Points (ALWAYS Ask THIS)
✅6.8: Should you Pay Points (HIGHLY MISUNDERSTOOD)
✅6.9: How I get FREE LOANs on Flips.
✅6.10: Shop for the Best Loan: Which Options are the WORST??? **TRAPS!** [Spreadsheet].
✅6.11: What is “Locking” and Should I do it? When? Can’t I wait?
✅6.12: What is Amortization and Why do I Care? Bottom Line Me.
✅6.13: Pre-qualification vs Pre-Approval + Sample Calculations.
✅6.14: What is DU and UW? Does it Matter? + SECRET TRICK To becoming a very Powerful Buyer.
✅6.15: The Gold Standard for Loans: Best loan you could EVER GET (International & US).
✅6.16: USA: Most Common Loans & Mortgage Insurance (PMI): Tips and Tricks.
✅6.17: USA: Uncommon Loans (Skippable Section): USDA, CalVet, Down Payment Assistance, Affordable.
✅6.18: FHA 203k Loan (MUST WATCH for ANY Renovation Loan Questions).
✅6.19: Rental Property & Conventional Renovation Loans.
✅6.20: USA: Small Business Administration (SBA) Acquisition, Refinance, and Renovation Loans.
✅6.21: Good to Know: Affordable Housing SUCKS.
✅6.22: Global: Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) and International 10-Year / Fixed-Rate Loans.
✅6.23: What is Loan Servicing?
✅6.24: Will my Loan be Sold?
✅6.25: What are Portfolio Loans?
✅6.26: What are Impounds / Are their Discounts for Getting These?
✅6.27: Is there a benefit to putting more than 20% or 25% down on a Rental Property?
✅6.28: Is there a benefit to putting more than 20% down on a Principal Residence Property?
✅6.29: What is Hardmoney Financing?
✅6.30: What are Private-Money Loans?
✅6.31: What is a “Note” Made up of? (Real Sample with Download).
✅6.32: What is a “Deed” Made up of? (Real Sample with Download).
✅6.33: What is a “Loan Agreement” Made up of? (Real Sample with Download).
✅6.34: What are “No PMI” Loans? Are they a SCAM?
✅6.35: Seller Financing (Owner Carry): Intro.
✅6.36: Seller Financing (Owner Carry): Qualifying Sellers.
✅6.37: Seller Financing (Owner Carry): Qualifying Buyers.
✅6.38: Seller Financing (Owner Carry): Bottom Line.
✅6.39: Seller Financing (Owner Carry): Sample Contract.
✅6.40: Seller Financing (Owner Carry): Tax Implications.
✅6.41: Seller Financing (Owner Carry): Why it’s Done.
✅6:42: Lease Option (Rent to Own): Intro.
✅6.43: Lease Option (Rent to Own): Pros & Cons.
✅6.44: Lease Option (Rent to Own): Sample Contract.
✅6:45: All-Inclusive Deeds of Trust (AITDs) or Wrap-Around Loans.
✅6.46: Appraisals: What is Market Value?
✅6.47: Appraisals: Biggest Misconception.
✅6:48: Appraisals: Refinances.
✅6.49: How to Interact with Appraisers and Increase Success.
✅6.50: Options IF an Appraisal Comes in Low. TRICK to SAVE THE DEAL!
✅6.51: Hack Appraisals During REO Deals (This ALONE Pays for the Course).
✅6.52: What to and not To Say to an Appraiser.
✅6.53: Pitfalls of Refinancing.
✅6.54: Organizing Pre-approval Documents (IMPORTANT for Speedy Deal Acceptances).
✅6.55: Cross-Qualifying and Switching Lenders.
✅6.56: Loan Broker vs Direct Lender & Wholesale Lines of Credit.
✅6.57: Loan Level Price Adjustments and WHY You Care.
✅6.58: How to Calculate Payments (Skip the Calculator; Mostly).
✅6.59: Quick Trick: Calculating Payments FAST.
✅6.60: Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Pricing METRIC < Important.
✅6.61: How to get rid of Mortgage Insurance.
✅6.62: VA (Veteran) Loans.
✅6.63: VA (Veteran) Loan Investing.
✅6.64: VA (Veteran) “NO NO” Loans.
✅6.65: 3 Reasons to Refinance.
✅6.66: Extra Pitfalls for Refinancing.
✅6.67: The “Free Refinance.”
✅6.68: Mello-Roos Assessments (Important for Potential Wedge Deals).
✅6.69: Hidden Real Estate Secret: Depreciation of Properties.
✅6.70: What happens when you get to 0 (Full Depreciation).
✅6.71: What are Capital Improvements.
✅6.72: How Lenders Qualify Rental Income.
✅6.73: Hidden Secret to Qualifying for Loans.
✅6.74: How to Businesses Hack Depreciation for Qualifying.
✅6.75: How to Hack Depreciation for EVERYONE.
✅6:76: How to RENT Prior Property and BUY NEW Property.
✅6:77: Having a Lease PRIOR to Closing.
✅6.78: Reserve Money and a Reserves HACK.
✅6.79: Secondary Notes vs Cash-Out Refinance.
✅6.80: HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit).
✅6.81: RELOC (Rental Property Line of Credit).
✅6.82: BLOC (Business Line of Credit).
✅6.83: Trick Loan: 80-10-10.
✅6.84: Occupancy Ratios.
✅6.85: Paying a Loan off Early.
✅6.86: Should you Refinance: The Hidden Mentality You Need.
✅6.87: Most Important Action on your Loan Docs.
✅6.88: GFE/LE/CD (Loan Estimate: Closing Disclosures).
✅6.89: Estimated Closing Statement (IMPORTANT) + Final Closing Statement.
✅6.90: Call Provisions, Technical Defaults, & Trust Transfers.
✅6.91: Assignments (Including Wholesalers’ Assignments).
✅6.92: Leverage Returns Cash vs Loan.
✅6.93: DANGER: Over-Leverage.
✅6.94: Never Give a Lender This.
✅6.95: Commercial Financing.

Section 7: Valuation.

✅7.1: What is “The Market.”
✅7.2: When is a Property NOT “Actually” on the Market.
✅7.3: Days on the Market.
✅7.4. Charting Median Value.
✅7.5: What is the Market Value Range (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT LECTURE).
✅7.6.1: Comparable Sales.
✅7.6.2: Comps – Where to Find Them.
✅7.7: Comps – Square Footage FATAL Mistake.
✅7.8: Comps – Condition Types AND Important Trick to Save Deals.
✅7.9: Comparable Sales Approach & Adjustments.
✅7.10: Additions (Addons) and Valuation.
✅7.11: Cost-to-Build Approach.
✅7.12: Income Approach: GRM (Gross Rent Multiplier). Tricks.
✅7.13: Income Approach: NOI (Net Operating Income). Tricks.
✅7.14.1: Income Approach: Cap Rate.
✅7.14.2: Income Approach & DSCR.
✅7.15: How much can I Negotiate?
✅7.16. Spaghetti Strategy vs Intent Strategy.
✅7.17: Escalator clause to get DEALS.
✅7.18: “Buying Normal” and “Yeah Buts.”
✅7.19: Things that Won’t Show Up in Valuations BUT MATTER!
✅7.20: Location & Growth: Where to Invest.
✅7.21: What if Prices Fall? Trends.
✅7.22: Seasonality.
✅7.23: Accessory Dwelling Units.
✅7.24: ARV (After Repair Value) and Buy/Hold vs Flip.
✅7.25 Wedge Deals: Type 1. C.
✅7.26: Wedge Deals: Type 2: O.
✅7.27: Wedge Deals: Type 3. R.
✅7.28: Common Utilities & Sub-Metering.
✅7.29: Cash on Cash Returns: The Truer ROI.
✅7.30: What to Look for in a “Tour” or “Walk” of a Deal.
✅7.31: Improvement Potential / Forced Appreciation.
✅7.32: On-Site Management & Reputation.
✅7.33: Expense cutting.
✅7.34: Rent increases / Rule and Valuation.
✅7.35: Vacancy Factor on apartment complexes vs houses.
✅7.36: Estimating Rent Value.
✅7.37: Permitting by Others.
✅7.38: Finding data on the Market. (StL.)
✅7.39: Pools.
✅7.40: Additions.
✅7.41: Why Exit Strategies and IRR (internal rate of return) are DANGEROUS.

Section 8: Negotiation.

✅8.1: How to Fish for Information: Dealing with Sellers.
✅8.2: The BEST Question to Ask in Negotiations with Sellers (HIGHLY IMPORTANT).
✅8.3: How to Use that Information: Dealing with Sellers.
✅8.4: How to Fish for Information: Dealing with Buyers.
✅8.5: How to Use that Information: Dealing with Buyers.
✅8.6: Terms to Give as a Seller.
✅8.7: Terms to Give as a Buyer.
✅8.8: When to Use Deadlines and Line in the Sand (When to use / when Not to).
✅8.9: In-Deal Renegotiations as a Buyer.
✅8.10: In-Deal Renegotiations as a Seller with BONUS TRICK and Buying Hack.
✅8.11: CLUES to RUN After an Inspection.
✅8.12: Appraisals, Assessments, and Market Value.
✅8.13: Unpriced Properties [Specifically Large-Scale Apartment Buildings or Commercial].
✅8.14: “Subject To” Offers on Income-Producing Units [Larger Deals].
✅8.15: How Prior Owner “Length of Ownership” Affects your Negotiations.
✅8.16: Contract Terms: As Is.
✅8.17: Credits and LIMITS on Credits.
✅8.18: Mentioning Repairs Upfront.
✅8.19: Asking for Repairs Upfront.
✅8.20: “Floating” Offer.

Section 9: Closing Costs.

✅9.1: Title Insurance & Appurtenances. PLUS Hidden Secret — Example Where Client Lost.
✅9.2: Escrow & Attorneys: The Middle.
✅9.3: Should You Have Impounds or Not?
✅9.4: Can Impounds Go Up or Down?
✅9.5: Supplemental Taxes & Non Disclosure States.
✅9.7: Title Binders — Save Big on your Deals.
✅9.8: Property Taxes and Insurance as Closing Costs and Credit Card.
✅9.9: Hazard / Fire Insurance, Renter’s Insurance, Vacant-Home Insurance.
✅9.10: Commissions and Realtor Rant.

Section 10: Inspections.

✅10.1: Home / Property Inspection and Trick for Handling the Reports.
✅10.2: Foundation Issues.
✅10.3: Contractors, The MOST Important Question for Timing, Sample Discussions/Negotiations.
✅10.4: Sub-Contractors for Inspections / Handling vs Contractors.
✅10.5: I want to Move a Wall & Engineers AND BONUS TRICK.
✅10.6: Chimneys and Rental Hack.
✅10.7: Sewers and Warning.
✅10.8: Septic.
✅10.9: Permitting and Big Forewarning with Camera Trick.
✅10.10: Radon.
✅10.11: Lead Based Paint and YOUR Solution to Deal with it.
✅10.12: Asbestos.
✅10.13: Mudslides.
✅10.14: EQ and Hurricanes (Insurances & Big Tip).
✅10.15: Mold Impact, Remediation, and Inspections.

Section 11: Renovations.

✅11.1: Sale Renovations: Top-Priority Items.
✅11.2: Sale Renovations: Lowest-Priority, Lower-Cost Enhancements.
✅11.3: Sale Renovations: NEVER Spend on for a Sale.
✅11.4: Sale Renovations: Flips and Special Considerations.
✅11.5: Rental Renovations: Less, but More.
✅11.6: Personal Renovations and Rule for Investors.
✅11.7: Addons.
✅11.8: Permitting Fork in the Road.
✅11.9: Have every Contractor do This.
✅11.10: Doing work yourself: Follow this Rule.
✅11.11: The CORRECT Way to Plan & Shop Construction Jobs.
✅11.12: “Grinding” vs Negotiating.
✅11.13: Change Orders & The Contingency Reserve.
✅11.14: Staging.
✅11.15: Timeless Renovations.
✅11.16: Fads / Trends / Designing / Accents.
✅11.17: Hack Lowes Pricing: 15-20% Off. #NotSponsored.
✅11.18: Extras from your Renos.
✅11.19: Renovation Security Hack #NotSponsored.
✅11.20: Interior/Exterior: Paint Colors, Brands, Sheens & Accent Walls (and notes on Ultra Pure White).
✅11.21: Carpet.
✅11.22: Only use THIS flooring & RULES for Renovations: Old vs New vs Cheap vs Expensive.
✅11.23: Living through a Renovation.
✅11.24: EVERY Contractor HATES These 2 Things.
✅11.25: Life-Expectancy of Products.
✅11.26: Whole-House Surge Protection (IMPORTANT for Device Longevity / Appliances / Rentals).
✅11.27: DO THESE 2 THINGS on ANY Expensive Renovation or Job before Paying.
✅11.28: MUST use this for Tiling.

Section 12: Hacks & Pitfalls.

✅12.1: Bank Hacking your Way to Wealth.
✅12.2: Rent Hacking AKA Rent to Rent.
✅12.3: House Hacking Single Units & Multiunits / Living for Free.
✅12.4: BRRRR – The Pros and Cons of the BRRRR Method and the Cashflow Psychology.

Section 13: Investing Methods.

✅13.1: Wholesaling.
✅How to Flip a Contract / Hotaling
✅13.2: Flipping.
✅13.3: Buy & Hold.
✅13.4: BRRRR.
✅13.5: Delaware Trusts.
✅13.6: REITs.
✅13.7: Syndicates.
✅13.8: 401k Investing (self directed).

Section 14: Property Types.

✅14.1: Single Family.
✅14.2: Condos / Townhouses.
✅14.3: The Multi-Family 2-4 Unit Deal.
✅14.4: The Larger Multi-Family, 5-15-Unit Deals.
✅14.5: Complexes: 15+ Units.
✅14.6: Mobile Homes.
✅14.7: Manufactured Homes.
✅14.8: Industrial, Office, and Strip Malls.

Section 15: Investing Principles.

✅15.1: NEXT.
✅15.2: The 30-Minute Rule.
✅15.3: AirBnB.
✅15.4: Land.
✅15.5: Passive Income.
✅15.6: Partnerships.
✅15.7: Employees.
✅15.8: Finder’s Fees.

Section 16: Insurance and Legal Protection.

✅16.1: Insurances: Liability & Workers.
✅16.2: Insurances: Vacant Homes.
✅16.3: Insurances: Earthquake, Flood, or Peril.
✅16.4: Insurances: Last Serviced Dates & Volunteering Defects.
✅16.5: Commercial: Business Owners / Tenants.
✅16.6: Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).
✅16.7: Insurances: Umbrellas.
✅16.8: Family Trusts.
✅16.9: Hide your Name from Public Records.

Section 17: Tax Strategies.

✅17.1: Deferral vs Savings vs Waiver vs Credit.
✅17.2: Homeowners Exemption & Rental Hack PLUS Flip Hack.
✅17.3: Tax Benefits of Owner-Occupied Properties.
✅17.4: Tax Benefits of Rental Property.
✅17.5: Rental Property Loss Carryover.
✅17.6: 1031 Exchange and HACK to NEVER Pay Taxes.

Section 18: Doing a Deal.

✅18.1: Writing an Offer & Negotiating.
✅18.2: Opening Escrow.
✅18.3: Timeframes, Liquidated Damages, & Contingencies/Rights to Cancel.
✅18.4: Rules for your Lender.
✅18.5: Closing and BLAME Rule.

Section 19: Tenants & Property Management

✅19.1: Finding Tenants.
✅19.2: Do THIS Before EVER Showing a Prospective Tenant.
✅19.3: Screening Tenants, Credit, Hacks to Screen, the Next Frontier for Lawsuit, and MUST FOLLOW RULES WITH KEYS.
✅19.4: Move-in Inspections.
✅19.5: Pre-move-out Inspections.
✅19.6: Move-out Inspections.
✅19.7: Commonly Missed Items for Inspections.
✅19.8: What’s “Too Small” (Deductions).
✅19.9: Ordinary Wear and Tear.
✅19.10: Do you have to “Make the Repair.”
✅19.11: How to Write Letters / Move-Out Inspections.
✅19.12: Lease Agreements: Month to Month vs Lease.
✅19.13: Should you Hire a Property Manager?
✅19.14: Cash-Paying Tenants and my Trick for Getting Paid.
✅19.15: Advertising a Unit: Before, During, After Renovations?
✅19.16: Flash the Cash.
✅19.17: Tenant-Providing Credit Reports.
✅19.18: Expected Life of Improvements.

Section 20: How to Start.

✅20.1: With $0 AND Zero Income vs $0 and Some Income [DPA].
✅20.2: With $20,000.
✅20.3: With $150,000.
✅20.4: With $500,000.
✅20.5: With $1,000,000+.
✅20.6: Special Notes for Investing At 19.
✅20.7: Special Notes for Investing At 30.
✅20.8: Special Notes for Investing At 50+.

Section 21: Actual Examples.

✅21.1: Comping a Real Deal (Screen Share).
✅21.2: Writing an Offer (Screen Share).
✅21.3: Before and After: $19k (Screen Share).
✅21.4: Before and After: $23k (Screen Share).

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