Matt Kirtley – Mastering The Crucifix (720p)


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Matt Kirtley – Mastering The Crucifix (720p)

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Make your back attacks an even greater threat by learning the crucifix gameplan. Get a complete breakdown of the crucifix system by black belt Matt Kirtley in this online instructional.

Techniques List:

Countering Bad Single Leg

Countering Fireman’s Carry


Crossface to Side Ride

Fast Spin Behind

Spin Behind

Spin Behind While Passing

Side Ride

Preventing Guard Return

Taking the Back

Clock Choke

Drill Turtle Spin

Crucifix from Side Ride

Catching It In Transition

Kneeling Crucifix

Rolling Forward

Reverse Omoplata

Sitting Back with Seat Belt

Countering Rear Mount Escape

Power Half Nelson Flip Over

Maintaining Traditional Crucifix

Kneeling Crucifix Submissions

Rear Naked Chokes

Marcelo Guillotine

Collar Choke

Rear Naked Chokes

Straight Armlocks

Cattle Catch Neck Crank

Reset with Seat Belt

Transition to Side Control

Transition to Kimura

Kimura Grip Armbar

Reverse Omoplata

Can’t Cross Arm

Standing and Shake Off

Preventing Forward Roll

Won’t Roll Forward

Walking Over You

Lost Upper Body Control

Big Step

Stack Pass to Crucifix

Countering Cross Guard

Countering Star Sweep

Countering Sitting Guard

Countering Deep Half Guard

Closed Guard Technical Stand Up

Butterfly Guard Snap Down

Butterfly Guard Arm Drag

Countering Stack Pass

Countering Over-Under Pass

Countering Bear Hug Pass

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