Matt Kahn – Dissolving the illusion : The Best of Weekend Immersions


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Matt Kahn – Dissolving the illusion : The Best of Weekend Immersions

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Matt Kahn Week: Dissolving the Illusion

When spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn and meditation guide, Julie Dittmar began offering weekend versions of their 5-day retreats, no one could’ve anticipated the life-changing healing that would take place at these events.


As a way of inspiring your most profound transformation, now you have the opportunity to personally experience the eternal peace, endless joy, and unwavering clarity that awakens all the way to the cellular level through these teachings.


With each track encoded with the same transmission of presence offered at every single live event, you are invited to explore your absolute potential in the most direct, nurturing, and heart-centered way.


If you are wanting to clear away any confusion or frustration about being a human on planet Earth and are prepared to take a quantum leap into a new spiritual paradigm, then you are ready to dissolve the illusion through this rare collection of energetically-charged recordings.


Topics covered include:

  • Feeling good about yourself
  • The Falsehood of illusion
  • The path of mastery
  • Beyond Acceptance
  • Awakening your eternal perfection

Also included are three Q&A sessions and two sacred chants to help you absorb the transmission of healing energy and messages at an even deeper level.

Dissolving the Illusion

To maximize the healing potential of these teachings at their highest level of potency, it is recommended that you listen to one track a day, so each clearing and activation can fully integrate into your energy field with simplicity and ease.


If deeper healing is required, please listen to each track twice a day, with at least five hours of space in-between to accelerate the integration process. After each track has been fully experienced, either once or twice per day, please then take a seven day break from the recordings to allow the energy absorbed to settle into place. After this seven day period, please re-listen to each track, either once or twice per day.


With each teaching received, may the truth of who you truly are dawn in your heart to awaken the light of your highest self for the well-being of all.

Item 1: Feeling Good About Yourself

Portland Immersion: Pre-Record Jan 11, 2015


Matt dispels many spiritual myths by returning you to a positive self-image as an essential component of awakening.


From this joyful, liberated, and inspired standpoint, awakening is more about rewriting your subconscious mind, instead fighting or avoiding unconsciousness in any way.


Duration 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Item 2: The Falsehood of Illusion

Portland Immersion: Pre-Record Jan. 11, 2015


Matt guides you beyond the misunderstandings of the old spiritual paradigm to assist you in discovering a truth that is always alive within you.


Once rooted in this depth of clarity, your life experience can be embraced on a more intimate level of fulfillment – where everything is embraced as living expressions of reality in form.


Duration 1 Hour 21 Minutes

Item 3: The Path of Master

Seattle Immersion: Pre-Record March 21, 2015


Beginning with more details about the transmission of energy offered through his words, Matt offers his insights to awaken the master within you.


Matt also helps you clarify the two primary ways a spiritual path unfolds.


Once a heart-centered path has been chosen, a lifetime of pain, frustration, and disappointment transforms into the peace, ease, love, inspiration, and joy you were always destined to discover.


Duration 1 Hour 10 Minutes

Item 4: Peace, Love and Blessings to All

Seattle Immersion: Pre-Record March 21, 2015


Join Julie and the True Divine Nature community in anchoring the vibration of heart-centered consciousness with this uplifting song.


Duration 4 Minutes

Item 5: Beyond Acceptance

Seattle Immersion: Pre-Record March 21, 2015


Matt guides your consciousness beyond the concept of acceptance to awaken the light of your true inner mastery.


When acceptance, avoidance, resistance, and denial are no longer a concern, everything can be seen as equal invitations to bless for the liberation of all.


Matt also clarifies pivotal stages of awakening that can be misunderstood when approaching your path with the mind of a student.


Duration 53 Minutes

Item 6: Julie Intro/ Opening to OM

Seattle Immersion: Pre-Record March 22, 2015


Join Julie and the True Divine Nature community in opening the hearts of all with this timeless sacred mantra.


Duration 18 Minutes

Item 7: Awakening Your Eternal Perfection

Seattle Immersion: Pre-Record March 22, 2015


Discover how miraculously life can be transformed when returned to the joy, magnificence, and beauty of your true self.


As Matt returns your focus to blessing all of existence through the power of your highest intention, you remember who you are, as life’s eternal liberator, instead of being a person waiting to be liberated from life.


Matt also explores the deeper meaning for one of the most misunderstood words in history to transform a religious misunderstanding into a profoundly healing spiritual revelation.


Duration 1 Hours 10 Minutes

Item 8: Twin FLame Q & A

How do I feel the Love that’s within Me?


Portland Immersion: Pre-Record June 6, 2015


Using his intuition as a guide, Matt assists you step-by-step in deconstructing the fears, obstacles, and barriers to awaken the love of your true self.


Duration 16 Minutes

Item 9: Intimacy & Communication Q & A

How to be honest in the most Heart-Centered way


Portland Immersion: Pre-Record June 7, 2015


Matt offers insights to allow honesty to become a gift of love and catalyst of greater intimacy throughout your relationships.


Included in this track: how to meet people where they are at, instead of being disappointed when others cannot treat you as nicely as you treat them.


Duration 16 Minutes

Item 10: Physical Health Q & A

How To Maximize My Healing Journey


Portland Immersion: Pre-Record June 7,2015


Through direct intuitive knowing, Matt helps release subconscious judgments and limiting beliefs to accelerate your process of transformation.


Included in this track: a deeper look into the importance of positive self-image and the role it plays in the journey of awakening.


Duration 16 Minutes

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