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Master Your Money Conversations Online Course

Master Your Money Conversations Online Course

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Are you feeling anxious, stressed, and DESPERATE right before you get on the phone with a potential client?  Are thoughts like, “What if I don’t get this client?!” running through your mind?

Are you soooo tired of hearing “I can’t afford it!” and dreading the moment when you reveal the price of your program?

Do you feel like you have NO IDEA how to handle these objections? (“I have to think about it” “I don’t have the time” “I’ve got to check with my spouse” “I can’t afford it”)

I hear you! I was $29K in debt and couldn’t get a client to save my life!

What’s worse, I was struggling so much just to get potential clients on the phone, that every call felt like my last chance to bring in money! (and pay my rent!)

To think that getting a “Yes” could be easy was a bullshit story to me.

Having a steady flow of “ideal clients” (what’s an ideal client anyway? Do ANY clients even exist?) was nowhere in sight.



I was THIS CLOSE to giving up.

I wanted clients, money, travel, and FREEDOM just as much as anybody else, probably MORE, but booking calls and signing clients wasn’t happening for me.

Until, I learned how to LOVE and MASTER every part of my sales process…. from booking calls to hearing “YES!”

I was EXCITED to get on the phone with women and looking forward to genuinely helping them unravel their concerns. I felt so confident on my calls that I actually became UNFAZED by client objections. 

Mastering my money conversations without being salesy or pushy allowed my potential clients to trust me and be honest about how much pain they were in, and how desperately they wanted to find a solution.

Today, booking 20 or MORE Discovery Calls a month with women who are reaching out to ME is something I do consistently. 5 – figure months have become my #newnormal.

My dream of being able to travel internationally and support women from all over the world has become a reality. In fact, booking clients from a beach house in the morning and swimming and lying out in the afternoon happens regularly!

I’ve fallen in love with sales, and transforming the negative feelings and beliefs that so many of us have been taught about selling is a MUST in order for your business to succeed.

You’ll feel your heart melt when you finally have the courage, confidence, and clarity to allow a client to say “Yes” to themselves and thank you for helping them do it. My clients often tell me that our Discovery Call is one of the most powerful conversations they’ve ever had.

Mastering your money conversations means being able to have a super real, deeply authentic heart to heart with your potential client where you are committed to helping them make the best decision that will move them forward.


I’ve designed this course to have you mastering every part of your sales as quickly as possible.

Not only will you feel like an expert from the moment you book your calls to the moment your new clients say YES, but you’ll also learn every single strategy and tool I use to book 20 or more Discovery Calls each month.

Master Your Money Conversations is about creating authentic sales calls that are natural, full of integrity, and soooooo fun for you and your potential client.

Many courses give scripts that can feel contrived and salesy.

Here you’ll get:

  • exact (but customizable) action steps,
  • worksheets, and
  • a supportive community with laser coaching.

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to:

  • Get more “Yes’s” right away
  • Feel crazy confident making an offer
  • Charge what you’re worth… and get it!
  • Streamline your sales process and put an end to spending hours chasing down clients
  • Create a luxury lifestyle and a prosperous business
  • Feel BIG gratitude and excitement for the lives and businesses you transform as a direct result of mastering your money conversations

module 1 money blocks clients

  • Gain confidence and clarity in your vision.
  • Release any money blocks that have been holding you back.
  • Stepping into a success mindset so you can open yourself up to receive in a big way!
  • Discover the truth about sales so you can relax and enjoy your calls.



module 2

  • Implement and automate the exact biz systems needed to book calls and avoid no shows.
  • Up-level your scheduling process to raise your potential client’s commitment level before you even get on the phone.
  • Expand your wealth consciousness so you can charge more and close more sales with confidence.
  • Make sure you’re attracting Ideal Clients to your sales calls and avoiding conversations with prospects who are only looking for free coaching.



module 3

  • Learn EXACTLY how to structure your calls and expertly guide the conversation while BEING YOURSELF.
  • Become an expert at showing the value of what you do to your potential client using authentic, magnetic language that sells.
  • How to allow your potential peeps to open up about how much pain they are in and excitedly see your program as their solution.
  • Design your own powerful questions that have your ideal clients talking themselves into working with YOU!



module 4

  • Feel amaze-balls at masterfully overcoming the most common objections WITHOUT feeling salesy or pushy (“I have to ask my spouse,” “I can’t afford it,” “I have to think about it,” and “I don’t have the time”).
  • How to confidently turn their fears and hesitations into reasons they can’t afford NOT to work with you.
  • How to sign on clients who “can’t afford it” by supporting them to “find the money” and invest in your program.
  • Learn the best way to follow up and get more “Yes’s”.
  • Create urgency for your potential clients and get more “Yes’s” on the Discovery Call without having them feel rushed.



module 5

  • Discover EVERY SINGLE simple strategy I use to book at least 20+ Discovery Calls each month.
  • Avoid wasting time on social media and attract discovery sessions with ideal clients even when promotional content isn’t allowed.
  • Learn how to build trust and community quickly to create a pool of potential clients who are eager to become your clients.
  • Learn my 2 brand new DS booking strategies that have clients applying for calls before you even reach out.



module 6

  • Feel confident and like an expert at structuring and guiding your conversations.
  • Tweak your process and master your money conversations in a way that feels natural for you as you benefit from recorded Q&As.
  • Skyrocket your sales and bring on more clients during your calls by pulling together all of the pieces you’ve learned and feeling like a pro.

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