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Mary Ellen – Simple Moving Average Formula 2022 ( BASIC version ) 


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Instantly identify the “tradeable” trend on almost any chart

It’s not enough to just pick winning stocks, is it? Because once you identify a stock that meets your criteria, the next question is when to buy, right? And then if you want to keep your gains, you need to know exactly when to exit, too. Most traders don’t have an objective system for entries and exits which is a recipe for failure.

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That’s why our Senior Managing Director of Equities, Mary Ellen McGonagle, has agreed to reveal exactly how she times her trades.

She’s a seasoned pro who became known as the “advisor to the advisors” over her past 20+ years on Wall Street. Here’s why…

Mary Ellen McGonagle got her start at Goldman Sachs right out of college. A few years later, at only 26 years old, she was managing eight accounts with a combined worth of over $2 billion!

By now you’re probably wondering “How did she become the “advisor to the advisors” on Wall Street at such a young age, right?

In short, she learned a system for finding stocks ready for explosive growth (300% to 1000% or more).

Discover how Mary Ellen pinpoints exactly when to buy and sell…

That’s why everyone wants to know how Mary Ellen pinpoints when to buy and sell stocks.

When it comes to analyzing stocks, traders often talk about “moving averages,” right?

However, based on their results it’s clear that few traders actually know how to use them correctly…


Because knowing how to use moving averages is so critical to long-term success, Mary Ellen recorded an in-depth class to reveal how she’s used them for 20+ years.

Here’s just some of what she covers inside this essential training:


How to pick the right moving average (without getting bogged down by all the choices)


How to choose the right time period for you (this stumps so many traders needlessly)


What key characteristics you need to know


How to identify the direction of the “tradeable” trend on almost any chart


How to pinpoint clear buy and sell signals without guesswork


How moving averages offer critical insights into broader market conditions


When to buy a stock on a pullback to support (and when NOT to)

And so much more…


What’s Included:

Strategy Class
(Value $297)

Moving Averages Strategy Class
Mary Ellen’s Moving Averages class is designed to get you up to speed on this critical skill as fast as possible. This training covers everything you’ll need to get started, even if you’ve never used moving averages before.

If you want to know how Mary Ellen uses moving averages on a daily basis to get clarity on the shorter AND longer term outlook for the market, this class is for you.

Whether the market is choppy and volatile or in a strong trend, we believe every trader needs to understand what moving averages reveal about what the big money is doing on Wall Street.



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