Mark Deaton – Bollinger Band Jackpot


Price: $897
You Just Pay: $87
Sale Page:


Mark Deaton – Bollinger Band Jackpot

Price: $897
You Just Pay: $87
Sale Page:

This is the first and only trading system to use the triple confirmation Market X-ray to spot entries in any security, in any time frame with up to 90% accuracy. Plus avoid the traps that kill most traders.With it you will…

  • Swing Trade Your Way To Enormous Profits With A Single System Designed To Identify High Probability Swings In The Market.
  • Discover The 6 Remarkable Trade Setups You Can Use With Bollinger Band Jackpot To Trade With Accuracy Of Up To 90%+.
  • Spot Multiple Trade Setups Per Week Across Hundreds Of Securities, Each Of Which Could Be A 4 Or 5 Figure Winner.
  • Start Trading Even With A Teeny Tiny Account, And Rapidly Grow It By As Much As 166% In Two Weeks Like I Did.
  • I’ll Personally Take Your Hand And Walk You Through The Entire System, Step By Step So You Can Be Trading Within A Week.
  • You’ll Learn The Secret To Risking $2-300 Dollars On Trades That Pay $500 To $1200+ On Each Trade!
  • We Reveal The Obnoxious Power Of Divergence along with Bollinger Bands To Predict Price Action In Any Timescale.
  • Easy To Use, Simple To Implement And So Alarmingly Accurate Other Traders Will Be Jealous Of Your Results!

With This System I Doubled My Account in Two Weeks!

I mentioned it earlier, but I’ll say it again. With this system I grew my account by 166% in only two weeks. Effortlessly doubling my tradable capital with minimal risk of losses.

Imagine what that would mean for your life if you could more than double your trading account in the next two weeks. And then continue to grow it for months and years to come.

All of your financial concerns would vanish. Your family’s every need would be taken care of, without stress or worry. It’s the key to your wealthiest, happiest future.

Up Until Today, You Could Only Get Access
Through My $5,000 “Platinum” Coaching Program!

Before now, the only way you could discover the Bollinger Band Jackpot system would be by hiring me to personally teach it to you. I didn’t take on many students (I was making far too much money in the market for it to be worth my time), but when I did it wasn’t cheap.

At minimum you’d have to invest $5,000 for my “platinum” coaching program.

Some others paid far more. And you know what? You won’t find a single trader who regretted that investment, or who didn’t – at least – double or triple their account with my methods.

Get Private Coaching Attention & Private Coaching Results WITHOUT Paying Private Coaching Prices…

Today you’re getting the exact system they paid through the nose for – the same Bollinger Band Jackpot system I used to do 166% in two weeks.  But before I tell you about the investment, lets see exactly what you get…

Your Investment Gets You…

Quick Start Modules

Module 1 – Setting up your charts, how to read Bollinger Bands like a pro.  How to use the system intuitively, removing confusion!

Module 2 – Reversals vs. Continuations, how they setup and how to confirm the highest priority in either direction.

Module 3 – Your setups, and technical combinations! Exactly what you should be looking for and how to execute the trade setup from start to finish.

Module 4 – How to search and scan for the most lucrative opportunities!

Module 5 – Repetition is the mother of learning. In this module I do a complete recap of your introductory modules.

Advanced Tactics

Module 1 – Market timing with Bollinger Bands, how to time your participation in any market with laser precision.

Module 2 – More on reversals and continuations and how to capture these explosive moves!

Module 3 – The art and craft of using multiple time frames to slash risk even further.

Module 4 – Discover my exclusive market pressure points system for nailing the ebb and flow of any instrument.  With this simple system applied to Bollinger Bands you will look like a super hero analyst who is almost never wrong about direction!

Module 5 – Discover the magic of swing structure and how it paints a path to the next expected move, then triple confirm your analysis with what you learned in your introductory modules!

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