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Mario Brown - Auto Webinar Profits

Mario Brown – Auto Webinar Profits

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From The Desk Of Mario Brown

Here is how life looked like for me when I got started with Online Marketing, straight up!

I struggled to generate leads automatically & consistently

Leads are obviously the lifeblood of EVERY Online & Brick’n Mortar Business.

I struggled to generate sales automatically & consistently.

Well let’s face it, I struggled to make sales period. Without sales there is no cashflow, without cashflow there is no business.

I struggled to automatically & consistently follow up.

You’ve heard it and it’s true – All the money is in the Follow-Up & in your List. If your follow up sucks like mine did, you’re leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table, every month.

Does any of this ring a bell for you?
  • You are frustrated with your results in 2016 so far

  • You’re having a hard time to generate targeted leads day after day

  • You are struggling to make consistent sales gaining customers

  • You are not following up in an efficient & planned way

  • You don’t have a fully automated Lead-Gen & Sales System Set Up

Trust me, I’ve been there and it sucks!

The ideal Lifestyle Business, to me, is a business where you can be anywhere in the world and as long as you have Internet you can make money.

You wake up at any time you like, there is no boss and most importantly:

You have a SYSTEM and MACHINE that is doing all the hard work for you, 100% Hands-Off literally while you sleep, while you spend time with your family or whatever it you enjoy doing.

This Machine is out there doing the work for you.

Over the last couple of weeks I created that machine
and I recorded EVERY STEP ALONG THE WAY for You.


Generating Leads 100% Automated


Converting Leads Into Customers & Clients 100% Hands-Off


Following Up & Building Your Brand On Auto-Pilot

Over the last couple of weeks I created that machine
and I recorded EVERY STEP ALONG THE WAY for You.
Today you Get Immediate Access To

The EXACT Landing Page I Use Every Day To Get Daily $297 – $997 Payments On Auto-Pilot


My Secret Scarcity Strategy Bringing Me A 60% Show Up Rate On My Webinars!


The EXACT Ad I Run Every Day Generating Cheap But Highly Targeted Leads 100% Hands-Off


My Step By Step Funnel Broken Down Delivered To You On A Silver Platter


The Webinar That Is Bringing In The Cash – See My Slides, The Close, EVERYTHING!


My Unique & Top Secret Retargeting Strategy Turning Cold Leads Into Lifetime Fans

IMPORTANT: This is A CASE STUDY meaning everything is REAL WORLD Data I collected from the Video Ads I’ve been running the last 4 weeks for this Case Study.

No theory – No Fluff.

Just 100% Real data driven Results and I’m not holding anything back, you get the FULL Funnel on a silver platter.

Here is the best part – this funnel has led to a 3000% Return Of Investment and you get EVERY STEP of the funnel today as soon as you invest in ‘FB Video Ads Formula’.

You get to see & swipe my Opt-In Page, my exact Thank-You page where I built massive likeability/trust/authority and my exact Webinar Registration Page and all my best performing ads and campaigns.

And here is the best part, I kept everything 100% Newbie Friendly. I’m not a technical guy myself so I need SIMPLE Solutions – in fact I need them so simple that a kid could implement them.

  • Don’t suffer from overwhelm

    (everything is very step by step)

  • You can start without experience

    (my funnel only has 3 steps total)

  • You don’t need a list

    (this will build your list FAST, it’s all about lead generation)

  • You don’t need a big budget whatsoever

    (my campaigns are running for $3)

  • You don’t have to do it alone

    (in every video you look over my shoulder)

  • You don’t have to start from scratch

    (you can leverage my ads, templates & test results)

And here is the great news, I don’t stop there.
In fact, I’m just getting started.
If you act fast you’re getting everything including:

System Overview & Members Only Exclusive Automation Formula

We get straight to the point by delivering you the PROVEN, income generating formula right here in the first module. You’ll be off to a HUGE HEAD START by completing this lesson, you’ll discover why Automated Webinars are critical PLUS how you can Automate your Lead Generation, Sales AND Follow Up Quick & Easy without any hassle, overwhelm or having to know any coding.

Mental Toughness For Laser Focus & Execution

Do find yourself often distracted, overwhelmed and not feeling like taking action. Well trust me I’ve been there and over the last 9 years I’ve come up with a System to help you execute on the highest level, have a laser focus and crush any barriers. No more slacking, this will give you a much needed kick in the but and ensure that you use every strategy in this course to automated your Traffic, your Follow Up and most importantly your Sales!

My Video Ad Broken Down In Detail

Swipe my Ad Copy, My Video Structure and get access to the same Video I’m running generating $997 Sales Every Day and 0,01 cents per view. I break down my simple copy for you plus every frame inside my video so that YOU just swipe my PROVEN system and you never have to create anything from Scratch. This ad is getting me Sales, Likes, Shares, Comments (aka Viral Traffic) and now YOU can use the exact same strategy leveraging my work.

My EXACT Best Converting Landing Page, Thank You Page & Conversion Hack

I show you STEP BY STEP how to create highly converting landing pages AND I reveal to you the EXACT landing pages I used during this case study to get a 60% Show Up Rate on my Webinar with COLD Traffic (that’s unheard of).You’ll ALSO learn how I use congruency marketing to turn cold traffic into hot traffic within hours.

The 400% Return On Investment Webinar Secrets

I’m going to break down my Automated Webinar for you. This is the EXACT Webinar I’m using to bring in a 400% ROI from COLD traffic. My Slides, My setup, My Pitch – You get to see EVERYTHING. If you ever wanted to study and then create your own high converting webinar, here is your chance. It doesn’t get more REAL WORLD than this, you get the Webinar that is bringing in $997 sales on Auto-Pilot.

Facebook Ads Insights & Targeting Secrets (This is Exclusive!)

Well this is where all the gold is, this is where I do something that nobody else will do. I”m going to hand you ALL of my targeting data on a Silver Platter. Mobile vs. Desktop vs. Instagram, which one performed best and gave the the cheapest leads? Frank Kern vs. Ryan Deiss vs. Mike Dillard, which targeting interest performs the best for the lowest cost per lead? Well I’ll hand you my data inside this course. I spent thousands, I had to track and do all of the hard work – You get to leverage it all and get to use my data immediately, starting today

The 3 Phases Of Audience Domination

This is my Proprietary Method to turn Ice Cold Traffic into HOT Traffic – to turn a leads that are costing me $10 into $2 leads QUICK. If you use this strategy you’ll be shocked how fast you’ll be able to slash your advertising cost and how quickly you’ll turn cold traffic into absolute fans that can’t wait to buy from you. I brake down every Phase for you PLUS I’ll also walk you through Facebook’s BRAND NEW Page Engagement features that nobody is talking about yet.
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