Marijuana Business Factbook 2016


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Marijuana Business Factbook 2016

Marijuana Business Factbook 2016

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Now Available: Marijuana Business Factbook 2016

  • 275 pages, with over 200 Tables & charts of exclusive financial data
  • Covers 24 states (including Washington DC), plus data from Canada and other countries
  • Data from 930 Execs and Investors
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

The Updated, Practical Guide to Cannabusiness Financials & Stats

Completely revised and updated, the Marijuana Business Factbook 2016 is packed with exclusive financial data, legal info, consumer research and useful stats for U.S. cannabis industry entrepreneurs and investors.

The Marijuana Business Factbook 2016 is an indispensable tool for those running and investing in cannabis businesses as well as those planning to get involved. Everything in this edition is new, from the charts to the state overviews to retail sales estimates and projections.

You’ll find all-new information including:

  • In-depth financial data for different operational models within each sector, such as infused products makers that perform all their own extractions vs. those that buy wholesale.
  • Third-party data on wholesale cannabis pricing trends, regulatory and compliance issues, and point-of-sale transactions.
  • The average number of full-time vs. part-time employees, the number of states that companies in each sector serve, typical mark-ups between retail and wholesale marijuana, actual returns realized by cannabis investors, and much more.

Click here for the full Table of Contents, including a list of each chart and graph.

The Marijuana Business Factbook 2016 also provides a detailed profile for each medical and recreational cannabis state (as well as Canada), covering everything from legal info and patient/consumer stats to sales potential and exclusive analysis of the business opportunities and concerns for each region.


The Factbook includes cannabis industry-wide financial stats and forecasts, as well as specific numbers on costs, time-to-profit, revenues and profitability for five key industry sectors:

  • Dispensaries and retailers: including data on dispensaries with associated grows vs dispensaries that buy all their product wholesale; plus, new consumer market research.
  • Professional cultivation operations: including data on caregiver growers vs. larger wholesale growers
  • Edibles & infused product makers
  • Testing labs
  • Ancillary businesses: including products and services sold to growers and retailers.

State-by-State Profiles

Unlike most industries in the U.S., the cannabis business varies significantly by state, county and even city. Each market has distinct and often widely varying laws and regulations that define the operational environment and associated business opportunities (or lack thereof).

Our state-by-state profiles tell you what you need to know – including state laws, number of dispensaries/retailers, customer stats, estimated sales potential and what to watch for.

Plus, you’ll also get our exclusive Business Stability and Business Opportunity ratings for each state allowing marijuana enterprises, to help you pick where to startup or expand to.

Market Research:

Incredibly useful for retailers and dispensaries, growers, edibles and infused product makers and paraphernalia suppliers, the Marijuana Business Factbook 2016 includes exclusive market research data for 2016 – based on an annual consumer survey that includes the responses of nearly 1,000 business owners, executives, entrepreneurs and investors.

Their input helped give us a window into operational data for six key sectors of the industry: retail, cultivation, infused products, testing, ancillary technology/products and ancillary services. Additionally, survey responses serve as the backbone of an entire chapter on funding and investing.

100% Guaranteed

Click here to see a complete list of contents. Plus, your copy is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you do not find the tables, charts, state-by-state-profiles, exclusive market research and financial and legal advisories useful, simply return for a fast money-back refund.

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