Maria Andros – Signature Programs That Sell


Maria Andros – Signature Programs That Sell

Price: $1997
You Just Pay: $137

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Maria Andros – Signature Programs That Sell

Maria Andros – Signature Programs That Sell

Price: $1997
You Just Pay: Contact us

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Dear Friend & Entrepreneur,

Is It Really Possible To Make a High Six-Figure, or Seven-Figure Income Online While Making a Meaningful Difference In The Lives of Your Customers and Clients?

You might be thinking “What Exactly is a Signature Program Anyway?”

A Signature Program Is How Ordinary People Make High Six-Figure Incomes Online…

-Without Big Lists of Email Subscribers
-Without Doing Crazy Amounts of Coaching & Consulting (trading time for money)
-Without Doing Dozens of “Strategy Sessions” or Speaking Gigs a Year
-And Without Any Special Talents or Skills

Have you ever felt frustrated because:

-You see other’s delivering their message online making big money yet you feel they’re not even as talented as you. (and secretly think why can’t that be you sharing all that you have with the world?)

-You haven’t really launched yourself yet because you feel unsure if anyone would actually be willing to pay you money for your knowledge, your gifts, and the life lesson’s that you’ve had to learn. (you might even feel a little disappointed that it’s just not happening as fast as you’d like it to…)

-You’re tired of being the world’s “best kept secret” and have felt from a young age that you have a big purpose & God given gift that you’re meant to help people with. (and to be very successful at it, but you don’t have a big email list or your “first client” yet)

-Your messaging still feels a little “woo-woo” and you don’t know how to “package” or present all of your information, in a way that makes sense for your ideal client. (where they truly “get it, and can ‘t wait to sign up to work with you fast enough)

-You’re tired of working with one-on-one clients, or being on “strategy sessions” all day because you don’t have a program to sell or offer. You’re still “trading your time for money” and you’d much rather have consistent income coming in and sell to groups of people instead of one to one.

  Unfortunately Without You Creating Your Own “Signature” In This Life, It will Always Be Others That Are Living YOUR Dreams…

Less then eight short years ago I was working in a dead end 9-5 job. (that was slowly sucking the life out of me)

I made a vow and declared that I was never going back to 9-5.

I decided to start a business online. (so that I could make money on my own terms)

I thought it was going to be easier. I ended up only having two new visitors visiting my website each day and that was NOT going to pay my bills. (I knew that I was in trouble)

I would constantly worry about not having enough money in my bank account, and felt frustrated not knowing where my next client was going to come from.

To try and solve my “traffic problem” I started marketing my business with simple videos online that I filmed with a non-digital camera, no fancy lighting, or audio.

It worked. I started growing a small email list, and attracting clients one by one.

I was amazed.

In my first year in business alone, I made just over $100,000! It felt awesome.

But then came a NEW problem...

I started feeling frustrated because I realized working one on one with my clients took up a LOT of my time.

I knew I could not grow my business to the $250,000+ a year mark. (without having something of high value to sell online)

I secretly wished I could have a program of my own to sell online, where people would see me as one of the Top Women Entrepreneurs online, and what I had to offer as highly valuable.

But I often felt paralyzed by FEAR…

I Was Afraid My Content Wouldn’t Be “As Good” As The Guru’s (and That No One Would See My Program As Valuable Enough) 

Being an introvert I HATED selling on the phone. The thought of doing yet another “strategy or discovery session” made me feel sick to my stomach and anxious.

I remember feeling angry after talking to prospects on the phone who said “they would do whatever it takes”, but who truly weren’t that committed. (and would just use me for my time)

I had to figure out a way to leverage my time so that I could serve groups of people at a time, and not continue to be stuck doing “one on one” coaching for the rest of my life.

I Second Guessed Myself & Almost Wanted To Quit At Least Eight Times…

I remember crying in the limo in Las Vegas with my friend Mike (who happen’s to be a Top Marketer online) I confided in him that I wasn’t making as much money as I needed to. (my dream was to move to California so that I could live amongst the palm trees)

I needed to raise money, and FAST so that I could apply for my visa.

He “challenged me” to create and launch a program in 2 weeks.

I thought he was crazy. I didn’t feel ready, but something inside me had me say YES.

I went to work, pulled a few all nighters and took everything I knew at the time, and packaged it into a program called “The Social Media Traffic Blueprint”.

I priced the program at $2,497. (I didn’t know if one person would join or one hundred)

It Worked! $102,377 In Sales Went Through My Merchant Account In The First Hour

Over a $100,000 in sales in an hour!

I didn’t even know it was POSSIBLE to enroll 100 new clients into my program in one time.

You might be thinking that I had a monster list like I do now. No, not exactly.

I had less then 3600 people on my list at that time.

I Attracted 100 New Clients From All Over The World And Made $250,000 In Sales In Two Short Weeks

It just kept working. I ended up re-launching that same program four months later and almost repeating those same results.
I had emails pouring in saying, “Thank God for you, I now have clarity on how to do this”, or “I signed
up my first twelve clients”, or “I made almost a million dollars launching my first program.”

I Believe That You Have A Signature Program Waiting To Be Birthed…

Overcoming my fear and creating signature programs that sell was the game changer for my business, and I’ve never looked back.
I’ve been able to serve hundreds and hundreds of clients at a time in each new program I open the doors to.
What if you could create something one time and get paid over and over again for it. Would you say YES?
I hope so….

Every Top Earning Entrepreneur Relies on This Little-Known “X Factor” to Make Thousands of Dollars a Day & Attract High-Level Clients on Autopilot

-Imagine watching your bank account grow simpy by sharing your experience, strength, and hope with others in your program.
-Attracting more of your ideal clients who value you, love you, respect you, and who are willing to do the work. (so you no longer have to chase or convince anyone)
-Feeling creative, confident, and in your highest potential.
-Being seen as an Instant Expert as you grow your email list, and getting your message out to the masses.
-Building a business that gives you the freedom to spend time with your family, and the ones you love most.

The Fastest & Most Leveraged Way To Make $100,000 A Year Or More Online…

You see it’s not your fault if you haven’t known how to do this up until now.
Here’s why…
No one has every handed you the entire step by step system, or taught you how to create a signature programs that sells itself.
Or how to add massive value where your ideal clients are ready to buy credit card in hand.
You see your competition is doing it the “old school way”.
They’re being salesy, instead of serving first and adding value before ever asking for the sale.

This is how you’re going to be able to dominate your market with a proven step by step system. (but before I show you EXACTLY how to do this… 

“Notice the process you went through before you ever arrived at this page. First I gave you value upfront with my e-book, check list, and free video series…”

Then I gave you an invitation to attend my free virtual Livestream Masterclass.

                      “Only after I demonstrated my value to you did I invite you to view this page.”

“Here’s What You’re Going To Learn In The Signature Programs That Sell Coaching Program”

MODULE 1: Taking Your Idea & Turning It Into Income & A Six Figure Business


You’re going to discover:

The one key strategy to have your ideal clients tell you what they’re interested in and what they would be willing to pay you money for. You’ll learn a simple super method to test your idea for  for free. (so that you’re not guessing)

-How to get crystal clear on your vision for your business, so that you know how you want to make money. (plus front end and back end sales strategies to increase your sales with)

-What to price your program & the best price points that are proven, and time tested.

-How to identify your unique gifts, your life experience & your knowledge and “narrow down your niche.”

-Stories that do the selling. What you need to include in your story each and every time to create a sense of instant connection. (you’ll feel much more confident once you understand this)

MODULE 2: Creating Your Hook, Promise For Your Program, & Your Offer


You’re going to discover:

-How to take your big idea, and break it down into a step by step system.

-How to create a memorable name for your program (that has higher perceived value, and that stands out from your competitors)

-How to create the hook, promise and content for your program (this is the difference between launching a program and selling to only a few, to selling to many)

-Influence Triggers you must have in your offer to make it truly irresistible and an offer you can’t refuse.

-How to create bonuses that help you sell more units, and the sales psychology behind why people buy. (without having to be salesy)

MODULE 3: Branding & Premium Positioning Of Your Program (and yes design DOES matter)


You’re going to discover:

-How to choose the right look and feel for your program. (yes design DOES matter)

-Advanced packaging secrets that no one is talking about. You’ll learn about graphics, banners, and how to create a branded & boutique experience that dazzles your ideal clients.

-How to quickly expand your brand with the right photography. (so that you are seen as an Instant Expert, even if you’re just getting started)

-How to create a membership site that creates a high level of experience for your clients. (so that you decrease potential refunds, and have happy repeat clients)

-How to create a highly valuable free gift for your program to build your email list with. (you’ll be surprised that it’s much easier then you might think, and you’ll get actual examples to model)

MODULE 4: High Value Content Creation, Recording Your Program, & BEST Tech Secrets (even if you’re not technical)
You’re going to discover:

-A simple step by step content creation formula where your content is seen as highly valuable and the exact outline to use that helps you to look and sound professional as a teacher. (and how to address the four learning styles)

-How to build an elegant sales funnel step by step from start to finish, and the EXACT software that’s super simple and easy to use. (without having to hire expensive programmers, or knowing fancy html)

-What the best resources are to record your program with and how to get this done quickly so that you can create world class content, and feel super accomplished. If you can talk into a microphone you can do this. (You could literally press a few buttons and get this whole thing set up in an afternoon)

-How to share your story in a way that creates rapport, trust and a feeling of connection. (sales are based on emotion so when you learn how to do this powerfully, it changes everything)

How to create actual optin pages that convert up to 80%, video series funnels, webinar pages, sales pages, and much more…

MODULE 5: Marketing & Launching Your Program (It’s Cha-Ching Time)

You’re going to discover:

-Multiple Six Figure Launch Secrets. Now that you’re getting leads, it’s time to turn them into money!

-Email autoresponder strategy and sequence’s you need to have in place. (so that you can be making money even if you’re on a date night or concert)

-How to create a free 3 part video series that builds reciprocity, trust and that does the selling for you. (the step by step strategy: Here’s what you say in video 1, 2, & 3)

-Video Sales Pages, the exact step by step template and fill in the blank to write copy that captivates and converts. You’ll discover copy writing secrets to use in all of your marketing to create massive desire. (save tens of thousands of dollars on expensive copywriters, this module could be worth more then the investment in the program alone)

-How to get testimonials from your happy clients, so that you can create social proof that pre-qualify’s your buyers faster then anything else.

MODULE 6: Automate Your Income- Make Passive Income So That You Can Live A Fulfilling Life


-How to evergreen your program and sales funnel so that it runs on auto-pilot. (so that you can free up your time if you want to enjoy a day at the beach with your family)

-The best and latest most sophisticated simple tools and resources to be able to generate sales of your program 365 days a year.

-How to bring on big affliliate partners who will promote your program and generate thousands of dollars in sales…sometimes in just a  few day’s time. (This strategy can work for you even if you don’t have a big email list…and it can totally change your life)

Signature Programs that Sell is a six-week online class that you can take from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere virtually.

I’ve broken the course into six “bite sized modules” that you can easily consume at your own pace, or go back to at any time and review, even years from now. (to avoid feeling overwhelmed)

All the modules are stored online for you, in a private members’ only website that you can login and access 24/7 from your computer, ipad, or smartphone. (from anywhere in the world whenever you choose)

Every week I’m going to deliver a new module to your inbox that shows you exactly what to do, what to say, why it’s important, how to do it, and your next steps.

You’ll also receive training, videos, mp3’s, and worksheets for your learning convenience.

Even though you’re going to be learning marketing strategies that you can use for the rest of your career to create programs that attract clients and increase your sales, it doesn’t feel like work because the program is specifically designed to be step by step.

                   This Program Is NOT For Everyone…

The Signature Program that Sells Program is not for you if you are a chronic refunder and have no intention of taking any action.

Please save us both the time by not investing in the program because if that’s you this program will be no different for you.

If you have poor work ethic, are lazy, have a victim &  “lack” mentality. (or you frequently blame others then this is not for you)

This program is also not for you if you’re not committed.

I’m going to give you the same strategies on how my clients and I have been able to generate millions of dollars in sales with our Signature Programs. (and I’m known for giving a ton away and not holding back)

The program is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who want to attract clients globally, and build their brand with a signature program.

It’s for entrepreneurs who refuse to settle, and who are determined to live their highest potential in this lifetime.

The reality is you’re online, you’re reading this, and you know that a Signature Program can help you to increase your sales. That’s why you’re perfect for the Signature Programs That Sell Training Program.

  “Sounds Great, Maria- But How Much Is This Going To                                              Cost Me?” 

I’ve invested over $200 000+ into my business to educate myself and to learn what I’m about to teach you in the program.

In my opinion, it should ultimately cost you zero, assuming you follow the steps, and do the work to start seeing real results.

Even if you sold a few programs you would re-coup your investment off quickly.

I’m going to be straight with you. I have no control over what you ultimately decide to do with this high callibre of information. It’s really up to you, and your work ethic. I believe you have free will choice, and that you get to choose the results that you want to create for yourself.

The investment won’t be $10,000, like I once spent on a 5 day seminar with one of my mentor’s. It won’t even be $5000.

                             You Can Enroll For A Fraction Of That

“The investment for Signature Programs that Sell is 6 payments of $366.12. Or you can save $199 by making just one payment of $1997.”

I’m not going to put hype or scarcity on this. (because that’s not my style)

What we’ve discovered from our past track record and history, is our programs tend to fill up quickly so please do not hesitate.

Yes, Sign Me Up Now

 I Also Promised To Share Some Special Bonuses Valued                                      At Over $15,000

BONUS #1 “Six Figure Copywriting”                          ($5,000 value) 

The first bonus is “Six Figure Copywriting” our actual swipe copy files from one of our campaigns, that you can model, dissect, and learn from. Feel free to model it and make it your own to dramatically increase your sales & conversions.

You’ll get access to all the video copy, the email autoresponder copy, and even the sales page copy. 

You’re going to get access to all of it. (this could very well be worth your entire investment in the program in this bonus alone and save you tens of thousands on expensive copywriters)

BONUS #2 Driving Qualified Traffic Via Facebook Ads Marketing Course                                                                                  ($2,000 value)

The second bonus we decided to add in to solve one of the biggest problems I see entrepreneurs facing, which is getting qualified traffic to their website.

That’s why we’re going to do something really special to bring you even more value.

I’m going to introduce you to our Mystery Facebook Ads Experts. (the man who manages the ads for our company)

Not only does he manage our ads for our company, he also manages the ads for some of the biggest names in the industry.

With over $100,000 in monthly online advertising spend (that has brought in more then $3.5 million in sales in a 12 month period) you can rest assure you’ll be in good hands, and that we’ve got you covered!

How To Attract Clients Globally & Turn $1 ad spend into $2, $4, or even $10 in revenue. 

This is an entirely course of it’s own that will help you to drive traffic and to support you in your journey of creating your Signature Program That Sells.

This way even if you have a small budget you can do this, and start building your list when you impliment this.

BONUS #3 Two Complimentary Tickets To Momentum The Event                                                                                                ($3,994 value)


The third bonus that you’re going to get when you join the program is Free tuition and two complimentary tickets to our 3 Day Experience Momentum The Event.

This is our signature event where I’ll reveal some of my most advanced marketing strategies, and walk you through step by step how to create a six figure business and brand.

Tickets are $1997 to the public and you will have two complimentary ticket’s with your name on them, when you enroll in the program.

All you will need to do to claim your spot is secure a small fully refundable deposit of $197 that will cover your materials. You don’t have to attend but I think you’ll want to.

BONUS #4 Four Pre-Recorded Group Q&A Calls       ($2,000 value

I charge $4,000 per hour, and have a wait list for private coaching. The feedback from these calls has been truly awesome from members in the program from all over the world!

You’re going to get access to four pre-recorded group Q&A calls where you’ll hear other members ask powerful questions that directly relate to you, and your business. (so that you can get the CLARITY you need quickly)

 Here’s What Makes The Signature Programs That Sell                       Training Program Is Different

Most programs will show you the Why & the What but they fail to included the actual “HOW” to. Not here, you’re going to learn the EXACT simple to follow “Step by Step” you need to be successful with this.

Say goodbye to overwhelm and confusion.

Of Course You’re Protected By Our World Class Client Happiness Guarantee

The Signature Programs That Sell Program Comes With A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
If you go through the first four modules of training, impliment the exercises, & say this did not grow my business, we will fully refund your money. Just email my team with all your completed exercises, notes, and materials from Module 1-4 to qualify for a refund.

The program begins the moment you register and you’ll receive instant access to Module #1 right away in your inbox. A new module will be released each following week after that. (for a total of 5 weeks)

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