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Manufacturing 101

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The primary question to be discussed is how a Maker maintains the integrity, quality and reputation of their product or brand, while applying manufacturing principles geared towards scaling their production and accessing new markets. The element of self-identity and close connection we Makers invest in both our products, and creative process, adds an additional level of complexity to growth and entrepreneurship. For a Maker, the decisions necessary to scale require not just practical production and technological changes, but a cognitive shift in terms of Maker identity, role and approach to the creative process. In order to help each of us successfully pilot our own course from Maker to Manufacturer, we will touch on topics including; what is a “Maker” vs a “Manufacturer”, back of envelope milestones, product critical assessment, scaling manufacturing production with lean thinking, and strategizing pricing structures and distribution platforms.

Jesse Stinson is a second generation maker, and has spent the past 14 years living the transition from maker to small scale manufacturing through his co-ownership of Stinson Studios. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University, and spending a number of years instructing outdoor education and wilderness training programs, Jesse joined the family woodworking business. Stinson Studios has grown manufacturing capabilities and international distribution by developing a careful blend of traditional creation processes and small scale manufacturing with next level technology. The Stinson’s strive to remain true to the ethos of a Maker and their handmade creation process, while innovating and integrating new products and next level computer based manufacturing technology.

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