Lucky Lopez – How To Start A Rental Car Company 2021


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Lucky Lopez – How To Start A Rental Car Company 2021

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Lucky Lopez - How To Start A Rental Car Company 2021

I’ve always had a deep love and passion for Cars and the Automotive industry I started my journey when i was 14 years old when I bought my first car at a tow yard auction. From there I made it my life mission to do everything Automotive in 2000 I opened up my first automotive repair shop then expanded it to auto body and collision along with customizing and restoration of classic an exotic cars. After the recession of 2008 we decided to go ahead and start thinking about opening up a car dealership because there’s so many people in need of affordable cars so for the next few years I learn everything I could about being a dealer and in 2012 that dream happened we opened up our dealership. After being open for several years I’ve seen a lot of my other dealerships going out of business so I started to study them and see why? after See why all the business where failing a light bulb turned on inside my head!!! I decided that my next chapter/Mission would be to Help and teach how to properly operate your dealership automotive repair shop and rental car company I started on the local level coaching people and training then started offering my services Nationwide via videoconference and then I started speaking at large automotive conferences across the United States this New Opportunity has basically open my eyes and gave me a new mission in life and that’s where Automotive Life was created to help other people along the Automotive journey. So I’m taking my love, passion and knowledge of the Automotive Industry and sharing with the world.

Over the next 15 days we will provide you with the proven strategies to operate a rental car business.

I myself have over 10+ years in the automotive industry, everything from fixing cars, running a car rental business, to operating a traditional car dealership AND LET ME TELL YOU IT IS NOT EASY WITHOUT THE PROPER INFORMATION! But guess what!? I have been through the bruises of running my own rental car company and there’s a lot of things to consider before your start!
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