LPC System – Liquidity Providers Concepts


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LPC System – Liquidity Providers Concepts

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This is a 10 components program on Liquidity trading Style

Component 1: Market Framework
A. View in HTF
B. Views in LTF

Modules 2: The Market Denial theory (turnaround zones).
A. Order Block.
B. Fair Value Void (FVG).
C. King OB.

Modules 3: Liquidity and also Trap zones marking.
— Major liquidity and trap areas.

Components 4: Comprehending the LPC pattern.
A. Source pattern (making use of the fib level).
B. Breaker (BMS) pattern (using the fib degree).
C. The inverted Pattern (using fib degree).

Components 5: The entry pattern and also rules.
A. Resource pattern.
B. Breaker (BMS) pattern.
C. The reentry rules as well as pattern.

Modules 6: Top down analysis (Market framework and also Pattern).
A. Getting HTF predisposition and also arrangement.
B. Retracing the HTF IP zone right into the LTF.
C. Expectations on entries.
D. Day trading or swing trading?

Modules 7: The Power of 3.
A. Daily variety.
B. Weekly variety.
C. London and also NY session trading.

Modules 8: Approaching a real-time charts.
A. Main pattern trade.
B. Day trading/counter trading.
C. What kind of trader are you? D. HTF liquidity run Entry determined.

Modules 9: Risk as well as finance.
A. Trading Psychology.
B. Trading Plan.
C. Positions and lot sizes.
D. Profession administration.

Modules 10: 1-1 session and lifetime mentorship.
A. Weekly webinar (a minimum of 3 times).
B. Discussion group.
C. Pupil signal and also configuration web page.
D. Personal & Research study growth.

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