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Liz Benny’s – Fire Sale 2022

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FIRESALE OF EVERYTHING: Get All My Courses For Like Nothing
Liz Benny Is Selling All Her Award Winning Courses, Her Million Dollar Programs NOW!
Social Monkey Business, Kapow Course, Kapow Life, Five Figure Meeting, Six Figure Webinar Hero, Six Figure Course Hero, Dream 100 Outreach System and High Converting Copy, Kapow Club High Converting SEXY AF Funnel… AND MORE!!!!!
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Yes… I realise I’m like WAAAAY Over The TOP in this video. I dare you to watch to the end for … a special message. 
Grab this entire deal, before it’s gone for good. This isn’t a drill. It’s gone after the clock hits zero!
From the cafe office of Liz Benny,

I know… I know. This funnel is ugly as all crap. I get it. It’s purposefully ugly. Why? Well… You know why. I’m not selling this stuff anymore. I don’t wanna spend years building a funnel to sell this stuff… b/c I know that you know that it’s an amazing deal.

And… I know I’m using all the tricks in the digital marketing book to tell you about this sale, but what I’m not mucking around about is the fact that once this ends, it ends. I’m done, I’m out, I’m moving on do what I’m called to do next. So, make sure you grab these incredible courses and programs now!
These Are Full Of Success Stories
A normal thought.. And buried deep under there is this sense that… you’re on your own. You’re doing this alone… You’re building this empire… alone.
Here’s the deal… 
I’ve made millions online and… much more importantly… I’ve helped others make their first $1, $1000, $10,000… $100,000 and yes… their first million.
The stuff in these courses, if you binge it instead of Netflix WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, so much. So fast. So profoundly that it this time in a year your life could (because I can’t say ‘will’) look, feel and be so different.
You’ll need to actually take action though… 
I mean, I have to say that to cover my ass because although this deal is literally packed full of strategy, hacks, systems and inspiration to help you crush it…
You’ll just be buying it won’t grow your bank account.
Sorry. I don’t know much about USA politics… so if using Bernie Gif makes you wanna punch me… Maybe just buy the deal as ‘pay back’ LOL


I’m ok with that… and I actually really do want you to get wild success from buying the deal.

Let’s Be Honest
I know that you know this is an amazing deal. That part is a known truth. BUT… What you may not know is…
“If you get a chance to work with Liz, don’t think. Just do it!” Russell Brunson
I actually give a ROYAL CRAP about helping you live life 100% on your terms. If you know Russell, you may have heard that he thinks I’m kinda cool. See the quote under the image to the left as proof!

This Deal Is For You IF:

You Love DealsYou Love To WinYou Have Spare CashYou wanna write off an expenseYou Want To Make A Million Dollar CourseYou Want To Make $17,000 in One GoYou Want To Make Six Figures As A SMMYou Want Your Webinar To CrushYou Love DealsYou Want To Make A Million Dollar CourseYou Want Your Webinar To CrushYou Want To Make Six Figures As A SMM
Am I starting to convince you? I hope so! Below is a cool picture to help convince you more. 
Are You Getting Excited?

You might think these courses are old and out dated but…

  • ​The Pyramids are old, are they now irrelevant? No!
  • ​The content rocks… and is proven. 
  • ​The content works… and is proven
  • ​I’m an amazing teacher and you’ll love learning from me. I mean that will humility. I put my heart and soul into these courses. 

The Clock Is Ticking… (as you can see below)


Below are screenshots of cool stuff people have said in the past. 

Debbie Knudsen…

Who JUST landed her first sale of her online program in spite of the fact that she’s fighting cancer, going to through radiation and life saving surgery… and … also in spite of the fact she lost her voice!!!!

Dr. Richard Kelley

Being in the Kapow Community has been one of the best decisions of my entire business life! I do everything to make sure I’m on the calls each week… to get my weekly ‘Juice of KAPOW”. WHY? Well… Liz leads with such enthusiasm and passion… as well as strategy and systems… that it’s STUPID not to be on the calls!
What Are You Waiting For…. ?
Seriously. Life is short. Just buy this deal already or…
Maybe you haven’t bought yet because you’re enjoying my copy here too much. Is that the issue? Is that why you’re still reading this? 
Crap. OK. I guess I still am kinda good at this marketing thing… right? 
Maybe that means I know my stuff and you should buy my stuff so you can be cool like me? 
Kidding. We both know you’re already waaaaaay cooler than me!
So… What is in this INSANE Deal Liz?
I know … I’d be asking too, if I were you!

Kapow Course (Value $37,646)

It’s, bar none, the most anal retentive (detailed and step by step) program you could ever get to assist you in not only creating, but monetizing and scaling big.

It’s full, and complete including the 12 Step System for course creation, video, PDFs and checklists, Million Dollar Business Coaching, testimonial training and request system, joint venture training and acquisition system and so much more. Literally EVERYTHING you need to create a multi-million dollar online offer. 

You get the course AND all the bonuses that came with that course! 

Kapow Life Thrive Program (Value $10,997)

This Kapow Life Thrive Program is designed specifically to assist Entrepreneurs build wealth through adversity and grow inner resilience to ensure what matters most is cared for in the process.
Want to play life at the extreme level? Great! This is my area of absolute expertise and along with making millions, I’m showing you how to THRIVE. This is one of my most popular courses and programs and you get EVERYTHING on the inside.
You get the course AND all the bonuses that came with that course! 
This is a really big image with lots of cool shots of what you will get. The intention of this image is to intise you more to want the deal here. Oh! One quick thing: There’s no hat in this deal. You can buy one from me later, if you want. 

Five Figure Meeting (Value $14,276)

Want to know how to close five figure sales in a call? You get the whole training all in one box. This sales training is unlike anything else in the market – you get my blueprints, my proposal to customize for your business, the Objection Obliterator System, my drag and drop templates for delivery of services to make the deal so simple to explain, and a whole bunch of ideas on how to upsell your sale into something even more valuable than that simple once-off transaction

Social Monkey Business

(Value $12,226)

Social Monkey Business is still the GO-TO social media and content course in the online space today.

 Inside, I give you all of the latest trainings, PDF’s and checklists for running your social media and content like clockwork, a FREE templated website to get you kickstarted, the Perfect Proposal template to use for closing clients fast, a Market Analysis template for fast-tracking your research, the Social Media Strategy and Calendar templates I have used to make millions, as well as massive bonuses like client contracts and work-flow templates!
OH! and yes… you get ALL THE BONUSES I sold with Social Monkey Business too!!!! Yeha! 
Skarlet Shuplat, USA. 
Desiree Fawn
Robb Bailey, 7 Figure Earner

Six Figure Webinar Hero (Value $9,297)

The exact steps and swipe files to create a Million Dollar webinar (including the exact slides I have used to make millions, my blueprint and LOADS of training on how to do this yourself even if you have no experience selling with webinars)… and yes… all the bonuses this course was sold with too!

Six Figure Course Hero (Value $7,875)

Want to create a six figure course from scratch? This is THE industry standard training to make it work! Some of the biggest names in the industry have used Six Figure Course Hero to skip the line and create millions! You get everything from mapping your course structure, how to get pre sales before you even build the course and set it up to guarantee success, to sales, funnels and marketing…

… and yes… all the bonuses this course was sold with too!

Alex S. Elliot

The Kapow community has been the epicenter of my growth as a person and as an entrepreneur! Liz… attracts such positive, uplifting people to her I can say very honestly being in the Kapow community has helped catapult me out of being a scared entrepreneur to being a solid business person, with a lucrative business that serves hungry clients! Join the club! I’m in it! I’m excited to meet ya!
The FUN Legal Stuff… 

Can You Get A Refund. 


Nope. The End.

Is this deal legit? 


When can I get access?


Do you guarantee I’ll make money with this? 


Why are there no picture of all the things I’m buying?


Do I really get your first born and kitchen sink in this deal? 


Raw. Real and Honest. 

I love that you’re considering getting this bundle… and although I’ve been super sarcastic throughout this sales page… I really really really care about you and your results.

I have helped so many ppl create amazing online businesses with the strategies you’re about to get your hands on and I truly hope you have the most amazing experience with all these courses and templates etc etc.

You are amazing and you deserve a freaking break, so I hope me chucking all these into one amazing bundle helps you in some way.

Please feel free to reach out to me after you’ve purchased if there’s anything my team and I can do to help you.

Massive Love and KAPOWS to you,

Liz Benny

The Queen of Kapow


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