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Lisa Parmley – Authority Site Model

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Attention: Adsense Earners, Affiliate & CPA Commission Seekers, Product Creators & Service Providers 

“Stop Chasing After High Rankings with Sites No One Wants to Land On”

Follow a Step-By-Step Training Course for Building a True Authority Site That Will Help Cement Your Rankings & Your Income.

Is 2013 the year your sites will be buried by the search engines? Or will you stay on top and continue to grow?

Let me tell you something that’s incredibly urgent and relevant to my questions above …

As you know, the job of the search engines is simple, to put the best quality sites at the top for any particular search phrase.

Thats it.

So let’s say you’re searching for information on “knee pain treatment”.

If a webpage that took 10 minutes to throw together , outsourced to a guy who barely speaks English, with the domain name , comes up before, then I think we can all agree the search engine didn’t do a good job.

And I’m not pointing this out because I love the search engines or I’m bothered by spam, because I’m not. Im just telling you how it is.

Sites like are on the search engine hit list. Content outsourced to a guy who barely speaks English doesn’t provide a whole lot of value. An article that took 10 minutes to create based on no real references … again … not quality, not helpful.

Let’s be real here…

If that site makes it to the top of a results page, it made it there through some sort of trick.  And the search engines will do their best to figure out that trick and make sure that page no longer ranks high.

They Don’t Want Their Visitors Finding It. That Makes Them Look Bad. So Theyll Try to Bury It.

If you want to know exactly what puts a site on the search engine hit list, here are some definitions copied right from Google covering two types of sites they’re seeking out; thin affiliates and doorway pages:

Thin affiliate sites : These sites collect pay-per-click (PPC) revenue by sending visitors to the sites of affiliate programs, while providing little or no value-added content or service to the user.

Doorway pages are typically large sets of poor-quality pages where each page is optimized for a specific keyword or phrase.

Not only is Google trying to weed these out with their algorithm updates, but they actually consider thin affiliate and doorway pages an out-right violation of their webmaster guidelines.

Before we move on, I want to get one thing straight, I’m not the internet police.

I really don’t care if you’ve done this. I really don’t care if this is the type of thing you’re doing now. I don’t even care if you’re doing worse stuff trying to get outright spam sites to rank high.

Theres nothing morally wrong with any of this.

Ethically speaking, I think this is Google’s problem.  They’re a big company with a lot of smart people, they can deal with it so the last thing we need to do is to worry about them.

My Loyalty Lies With People Like Me Who Run an Online Business.

I hate seeing these people spend their time and money being pushed in the wrong direction. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

There’s a lot of “make money online courses” out there. And they’re teaching people how to build sites that Google is going to label as either a thin affiliate or a doorway page. 95% of them and possibly even more are teaching the very thing that is on the road to getting canned.

It’s pretty upsetting.

Most of the product creators are doing it because they know they’ll sell more courses if they focus on ‘fast’ and ‘easy’. Creating thin affliate or doorway sites and pages is definitely both fast and easy. They’ve got catchy names for these to disguise that you’re basically creating spam no one wants to land on.

There’s just more money in it for them if they do it this way. “Fast” and “easy” always outsells anything else even if it doesn’t work.

And many of these product creators are actually ethical, but they just don’t know how to build any other type of site. So even if they’re not out to get your money, they just don’t know how to build anything other than a low quality, slapped together site.

But if you want lasting traffic from search engines (or from anywhere really) then you must have quality, comprehensive information on your site.

You have to build an Authority Site.
It’s Not a Matter of Choice Anymore. There is No Choice.

It sucks but you either build a real site that offers value or you’ll likely find your site buried at the bottom of the results.

Again, both thin affiliates and doorway pages aren’t just low value sites, Google is saying they are violating their quality guidelines. So there’s no choice here but to follow their rules if you want their traffic.

And with something like 80% of the total search engine share all wrapped up with Google, we don’t have any choice but to follow their rules.

The thing is, if you’re not offering something of value, ideally, they’d like to see you gone.

Tricks are getting harder and harder.

In 2011 Many Webmasters Saw Their Rankings Plummet.

And I’m afraid, that’s just the beginning.

You’ve got to make a decision …

You can keep gaming the system and try to trick the search engines into ranking your made-for-advertising sites high …

… Or you can build an actual Authority on a topic.

You can offer something of value so your site should be at the top of the search engines.

That’s really the best way to ensure it stays there.

And you don’t need to have a site with 100’s of pages to achieve this.  You can pick a narrow subset of a market and reach Authority status with as little as 10 pages, sometimes even less.

That’s just by having comprehensive, well written articles full of accurate information based on time-tested keyword research strategies.

It’s not that hard.

It’s definitely not rocket science.

It’s not something that will take you a year to put together.

You can begin right now and start seeing results in a few short weeks.

You’re Not Going to See Good Results by Scraping Content, Autoblogging, Spinning Content, Exact Match Domaining, or Mass Producing Low Quality.

I really urge you to consider this because building the type of site search engines don’t like and then thinking all your traffic is going to come through high rankings is a big mistake.

How can that possibly be a good thing?

Your whole strategy for getting traffic is based on tricks search engineers are working around the clock to neutralize.

It defies all logic.

So I don’t want to see you get caught up in that trap.

And I see a lot of people heading down that path.

Again, most of what’s being taught will pull you down that path.

There’s a very high turn-over rate for online businesses and this type of misleading information is part of the reason why.

I’ve had a lot of success on the internet since I started in 2001. So that’s well over 10 years as an online entrepreneur. And I realize I’ve been very fortunate.

I’ve been earning 6-figures each and every year now since about 2004 and a lot of it has been by profiting from traffic I got through the search engines.

I Do My Best to Provide Quality AND I Know What I’m Doing When it Comes to SEO.

That’s been my #1 secret for a long-term stable income.

I’ve built all kinds of sites to test different things out because learning how to get and keep top rankings is something I’m a little obsessed with.

I can tell you without a doubt that building an Authority Site is the best, most stable income you can create if want free traffic from search engines.

And the nice thing is, no matter how you’re trying to earn online, you can benefit by building an Authority Site.

You can use this model to earn from affiliate or CPA/lead generation offers.

You can use this model to increase your revenues even if you have a product or service.

And you can use this model if you want to earn from Adsense.

I’ve used the Authority Site Model to earn from all of the methods above.

I built an Authority Site in 2001 that’s still ranking at the top of the search engines this very day.  It was on a topic directly related for a product I used to sell.

I was able to earn about $10,000 each and every month for many years before I moved onto pursuing other businesses.  I’d say 95% of the traffic I was getting was from search engines.  I didn’t have to spam for backlinks or worry about search engine updates because the site was the authority in its market.

I’ve built other sites that brought in major Adsense profits based on my Authority Site Model too.

In 2011, I Earned a 6-Figure Income From Adsense Alone …

– AND –

… I Also Earned an Additional 6-Figure Income From Promoting CPA Offers and Affiliate Programs That Very Same Year.

So I’ve been doing very well.

Last year, I had just under 3 million pageviews across all of my sites.

So I know combining SEO with high value content works and out-performs any loosely-based “fast” and “easy” so-called “magic bullet” for getting top rankings.

Many of my previous clients also know how well this works too.

The SEO course I created in 2009 called the InlineSEO System has received rave reviews. Here’s just a few things people have said about me and my course:

Your expertise in the field of SEO is outstanding

“Top notch material”

Thanks to your info people can progress

“Good, solid training that will never be outdated”

By far the best SEO teacher out there

Through my previous training, I’ve helped 100’s of people get high rankings.  Offline businesses, people seeking to earn through affiliate marketing and Adsense, all kinds of folks.

I really enjoy helping people start a business and that’s why I’m back with this new course, the “Authority Site Model”.

I would like to help more people take their online business to new levels.

And I don’t see anyone talking about building quality websites or offering value. When it comes to SEO everyone seems to be trying to get high rankings based only on loopholes and tricks.

And for many people that’s fine. Because they don’t take this seriously. They just want to throw up a site and make a few hundred dollars from it.

But there’s a lot more potential than that.  And a lot more to it if you want to earn money online for a long time to come.

I Would Love to Help People Who Have the Right Mindset. People Who Want to Position Themselves For Long-Term Success.

Those who realize this is more than a get-rich quick hunt.

That’s why I put my in-depth Authority Site training together. So I can teach you what I’ve learned. This is not just another SEO course, but one on building a real Authority Site in your market.

Here’s just a few benefits of building an Authority Site:

Higher earnings potential.
Your earnings potential from even one Authority Site is much higher than any other type of site.  I’ve personally earned as much as $100,000 per year from just one site and have started many others that earn well into the 5-figure per year range.

And there are many people earning so much with these types of sites that it makes my income look like pocket-change.

Stability of your income.
Google doesn’t like push button sites with low quality content and even considers them a direct violation of their quality guidelines. So if you’re currently building those types of sites I’m afraid your hard-earned income isn’t going to last very long.  The writing, literally, is on the wall.

So by building something that adheres to their guidelines and actually offers value to your visitors you’re helping ensure long-term success for yourself.

Management of your online business is easier.
Who really wants to manage 100’s of sites?  You’d feel more like a tech support person than a business owner.  Starting an Authority Site keeps the boring maintenance down. You can build more than one of these, but even if you do, you’re not going to build 100’s. A small handful will work for the highly motivated.

Link building is easier.
Building links back to 100’s of sites is crazy work and very costly.  No real sites link to thin affiliates or low quality sites so the only hope of ranking them high is with expensive manufactured backlinks.

With an Authority Site, webmasters will see the value of what you’ve got. They will link to you. I know many methods of proactively gaining these links too so you’re not just sitting around waiting.

You open the door to other traffic generation methods.
No one passes around a thin affiliate site or a doorway page with poor content.  But people frequently share Authority Sites so you have real potential to get viral traffic.

You can even build a following with an Authority Site and build a list around that topic. This will only help grow your income and keep it stable.

Pursue a real business model.
This is a real business model, it’s not about spamming for an income.  You’re following along with what some of the top sites on the Internet are doing, but on a smaller scale (unless you’re really ambitious and want to go full speed ahead).

You’ll be doing something you can take pride in. You won’t feel like you have to hide your sites from people you know.

The fact is, a real business always offers value. That’s the main principle behind making money.

If You Don’t Offer Something of Value … If It’s Not a Part of Why You’re Doing What You’re Doing … Then You’re Following a Recipe For a Big Meltdown at Some Point.

To give you a little glimpse of exactly what my training will cover here are the sections broken down:

Introduction to Authority Sites

3 Videos: 30 min

You’ll learn what an authority site is. Follow along with a quick and easy business plan for this business model. And discover why building an Authority Site is the best type of site to build.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in the introduction:

7 main characteristics of authority sites and why they’re crucial to your success.

Examples of big brand authority sites and components you can take and apply to your Authority Site.

15 minute Authority Site business model template. You just fill in the blanks and this will provide you with a solid roadmap.

The Goal: Fully understand what the Authority Site Model is. Create your own Authority Site business plan to ensure that you stay on track and succeed.

Module 1: Research

6 Videos: 1.35 hrs

In this first module, I’m assuming you’re starting with nothing…

But if you’ve already got a product, service, or market selected than you may still learn a few things.

Since you’ll need to build a comprehensive site, if you go more narrow in your market then it’ll be easier for you because you won’t have to write 100’s of articles to cover your topic completely.

This also allows you to specialize. People would rather land on a site that specializes in asthma than one that covers a lot of health topics, but only has general information on each one.

So it’s possible to get started with an authority site with only 5-10 pages of content and then build from there especially if you pick a more narrow topic.

This module makes all this crystal clear. I’ll cover…

The 4 factors for selecting a market and it’s depth; goals, profit potential, keywords, and competition.

5 methods for finding profit sources for your market and how to use them. These videos will come in handy even if you have a product or service because it’s possible to expand your profits by partnering with other companies.

How to use keyword tools (free or paid) for preliminary keyword research to determine your market depth.

20 minute litmus test to reveal how competitive your market is so you know up-front what you’re getting into (along with important research to collect while you’re checking out your competition).

The Goal: Select your market and decide how broad or narrow you want to go with it. Outline the boundaries for your Authority Site, how you will profit from it, and perform some competitive research.

Module 2: List Building

4 Videos: 50 min

When you take the time to build an authority site you need to consider monetization and visitor retention right up front. And there’s no better way to increase both than by building a list of subscribers interested in your market.

Taking the time to build an authority site will also greatly increase how quickly you’re able to grow your list (which is the #1 most profitable thing you can do no matter how your business earns money).

The reason it helps is simple. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to entice people with to sign up to your list, if you’ve got good content right on the site for free before you ever ask for an email address then more of your visitors will subscribe to your list.

So in this module I’ll cover why the best way to set yourself up for long-term profits is to funnel all the traffic to your Authority Site to building a list of subscribers …

I’ll also cover…

Simple ways to increase the number of opt-ins you get on your site.

3 different types of email formats and which ones I suggest.

What to say in the very first email you send out to your subscribers.

Exactly how to structure your emails for product/service sites, affiliate/CPA sites, and Adsense sites.

The Goal: Realize that funneling your traffic to building a list is the best strategy for long-term profits.  Plan out a sequence of 9 emails.

Module 3: Keywords & Site Structure

3 Videos: 54 min

Module 3 is all about keyword selection and setting up your site structure. This is crucial to providing both a good visitor experience and helping you get and keep high rankings in the search engines.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this module…

3 strategies for uncovering good content topics that people in your market really want to learn about.

How to figure out what categories to put on your site and map them to keyphrases people are searching for. You can follow along with real examples.

2 types of keyphrases you’ll want to optimize content for to bring in even more targeted traffic.

An in-depth site structure example.

How to map out the exact pages you’ll have and the topics for those pages based on the keywords people search for.

The Goal: Use keyword tools to figure out what people want to know about your topic and map the keywords out to specific pages on your site. Determine the categories and the initial content you’ll include on your site.

The goal with this module is not to actually build a site yet, but do all the necessary planning for it first.  Planning before doing is really one of the main keys to my success. I know you’ll see a lot of value out of this if you take the time to do the planning first.

Module 4: Authority Content

5 Videos: 2.2 hrs

In the next module I cover taking your keyphrases and site structure and turning that into content your visitors will appreciate.

When it comes to your content, it’s really important not to have repetitive, shallow content.  This happens a lot if you just grab a list of 10 keyphrases you want high rankings for and you write a single article on each one.  It’s more effective to group the similar phrases together and get one in-depth, comprehensive article written around them.  Focusing on quality and visitor experience is a far better strategy than on mass producing articles. Again, unique content is not always valuable content.

The content on your site needs to go far beyond simply being unique.

Here’s just a little of what this important module covers…

23 high quality content tips straight from google. (This one hour video alone is worth more than the price of the course.  Google wants to show their visitors the best sites for each search so they’ve already done the research on the factors of high quality content. So this is very valuable information.)

Key components to include on your site to ensure it looks credible and trustworthy.

Steps to find the best resources in your market before you write any of your content (or get it outsourced). This will ensure your content is accurate and fact-based which is crucial to gaining authority status.

5 types of magnetic content and the best tools to create them.

Exact hiring templates and outlines to give your writers to ensure you get comprehensive, non-repetitive content if you’re outsourcing.

Step-by-step process for finding the best writers. I’ve spent over $40,000 on content creation over the last several years (so I’ve learned a few things along the way and will pass them onto you here).

PLUS … much, much more!

If you want to build an Authority Site that will last in the search engines through many algorithm updates, that your visitors will think is worthy of referrals, and that other webmasters think is relevant enough to link to, then you must have Authority Content.

The Goal: Gain a clear plan for writing your content and ensuring it’s accurate, comprehensive, and not full of repetitive information. Write 5-10 pieces of Authority Content based on the previous keyword research.

Module 5: Building Your Site

6 Videos: 2 hrs

In this module you’ll discover what you need to know about building your site. Module 5 covers these important topics…

Tips for Domain name selection. I’ll cover premium domain names, keyphrases in domain names, and a little on trademark issues.

Which tools I suggest you use to build your site. If you want to use WordPress, I cover recommended premium themes and plugins.

WordPress quick-start guide including tips from installing WordPress to adding in your categories and content.

3 components youll want to include on each page for a better visitor experience and SEO enhancement.

Crucial site components including; formatting your content, positioning your opt-in forms, and how to best monetize your pages.

Tips and URL’s to good pages, best converting ad sizes, and best site layouts.

Goal: Get your site up and running based on best SEO practices AND visitor experience. Publish your content. Monetize your site.

Module 6: Promoting Your Site

6 Videos: 3.5 hrs

Once you’ve got your site ready, you need to learn techniques for promoting it. The great thing about building an Authority site is that it’s link worthy so there are easy ways to get very high quality links. If you’ve ever heard of link bait, then what’s going to happen is if you follow the tips in the content module your entire site will be link bait.  It makes getting links much easier.

In this module you’ll learn…

4 main reasons why you should build links from real sites in your market and how to get them.

Why figuring out who to ask for links from is the whole key to getting them. I give you step-by-step instructions for determining this so you can compile a large list of sites who are most likely to link back to you.

Rules for building real links; how to incentivize if you need to and a few things you should never do.

Tested email templates with exact scripts you may copy and paste to get links from relevant, high trafficked sites in markets related to yours.

Managing your link building campaign using outsourcers.

Other promotional methods including; YouTube Marketing. Article marketing. Guest Blogging, and more!

Goal: Fully understand Authority Site promotional strategies and begin building traffic back to your site.

This is a Comprehensive Course. It’s Everything You Need From A-to-Z so You Can Start Building Your Own Authority Site And Bring Traffic To It ASAP.

All the videos are ready for you, there are over 11 hours worth. So it’s like coming to a 2-day seminar with me except you can learn from the comfort of your own home, at your convenience. Every video is also transcribed so you may read through the PDF files of each video if you’d prefer.

It’s all put together in a very easy-to-use online training center. Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like…

I hate wading through a ton of information that’s just thrown together, so I’ve made sure this course is structured in an ordered and progressive manner.

I’ve edited and re-edited my presentation to give you what you need to know. And I’ve cut out the rest so you can get through the training as quickly as possible and start building your site.

The 6 modules are designed to take about 6 weeks to review AND complete, depending on how much time you have. If you follow along you can get your site up and running with a small amount of content (like about 5-10 pages) before the 6 weeks are over. From there you can keep growing your site by adding content and promoting it. Again, you can spread this out and take much longer if you want to.At this point I’d like to talk about a couple of bonuses I’ve got for you. I’m committed to helping you succeed and know these will add insights into the core training curriculum

Bonus #1: Positioning Tactics

The best way to build a business is to find something that’s earning a profit and improve upon it.  You may or may not have heard of a unique selling proposition or USP. A USP is an attempt to express the uniqueness of your business in a single statement. It can be a promise no one else makes.

It can also be a unique benefit that only applies to your product, service, or in this case, your site.  If you take the time to create a USP, a unique position for your authority site then you’ll be infinitely ahead of your competition. That’s because almost no one does this.  But it will place your site on a different, higher level than your competition.

I created a system for developing a USP called Positioning Tactics and I’d like to give you access to it.

The main PDF file has over 100 solid pages to it. It’s a full system so in addition to the main manual, there’s also a USP Action Guide.

The action guide has over 40 pages with 9 easy to follow exercises and within it I explain exactly what you need to do in plain English.

This USP system has a retail value of $197 and I want you to have it so you can spend some time coming up with a unique angle for your Authority Site and really gain an edge on the competition.

Bonus #2: Affiliate Review Rocket

The next bonus I’ll give you is my Affiliate Review Rocket PDF guide. This guide will help you transform affiliate sites into sites your visitors (and Google) will love. The emphasis is on product-based affiliate sites. These types of sites are a goldmine when they’re done right, but Google doesn’t want to rank affiliate sites high unless they have something of value to offer. Otherwise they think the affiliate site is just standing in the way of the merchant (the site selling the product).

So this report includes 17 different types of content you can add to your product review sites to make them stand apart from the typical thin affiliate.  These content ideas go above and beyond just reviewing the products or listing out the features of the products. But they are things you will be able to implement pretty quickly.

This report is a $97 value, but you’ll get it as a bonus with the Authority Site Model training program.

This course is exactly what I need, but how much does it cost?

The tuition fee for this course is currently offered for an incredibly low price, but will be rising soon.

You’ll gain instant access to all the videos and transcribed PDF’s within the training center for only $127. And your one-time payment of $127 will cover your tuition for 12-FULL months. So you’ll have a ONE-YEAR access pass to the ONLINE training center. All the materials are also downloadable for your convenience.

There are NO recurring fees. Tuition for the course is a ONE-TIME fee of $127 for a ONE-YEAR pass into the training center.

The low tuition price of $127 will more than pay for itself if you apply the material.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

To make your investment in the Authority Site Model training program completely Risk-Free, we offer a 100% No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee.  If for any reason whatsoever you are not completely satisfied with the program just let us know (via email or our online support desk) within 30 days of your purchase and you will receive a full refund.  No questions asked.

I’ve been running online businesses since 2001 and know a lot about optimization for search, building Authority Sites, and have helped train countless folks.

The #1 problem most people have is jumping from one idea to the next. Don’t struggle and waste time jumping from program to program showing you so-called “fast”, “easy”, “shiny”, and “new” methods.

Build something lasting and put your time to good use.

I’m excited to hear the success stories this training will bring!


Lisa Parmley
Online Entrepreneur

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