Larry williams – Swing Trading Futures & Commodities with the COT


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Larry williams – Swing Trading Futures & Commodities with the COT

Archive : Larry williams – Swing Trading Futures & Commodities with the COT

Level Two Online Trading Course

How To Trade Futures

Swing Trading Futures & Commodities
with the COT

A complete seminar over the internet

Larry’s best kept swing trading secrets become yours!

Learn Futures & Commodities Swing Trading from Larry Williams – 50 years of trading and teaching experience!

Larry has taught thousands of students around the globe on how to trade the markets. Many of his students have won trading championships, gone on to become successful money managers or trade exclusively for a living on their own (see our Hall of Fame to “meet” these students).

He is the “real deal” of trading… a successful trader that has stood the test of time… and still teaches. There is no one else that teaches how to trade commodities & futures that has made millions in actual trading as Larry has. Learn from the best, learn from Larry

You get instant access to all the course videos and can immediately download the course pdf manual… see the course agenda below… you will also get access to the monthly webinar archive: 2013 to 2015 recordings of monthly online meetings with Larry and other students. See Larry’s tools in action in today’s markets!

Course Agenda


“Swing Trading Futures & Commodities with the COT” has been designed as a video on-demand course. What is video on-demand? Basically it means the online trading course is at your beck and call. You can watch the videos when you want, as often as you want, and from where ever you want. All you will need is a high speed connection.

This style of self-paced learning allows you to absorb the futures and commodities course material at a level that suits you. Plus there are not travel expenses or airport hassles.

The course has been broken into a series of videos (64 in total) complimented with an 88 page seminar manual. The total video time is 4 hours and 20 minutes, but that time is packed with trading tools and chart examples. So, you will need more time to comprehend the course material and that’s just what you get – more than enough time to watch and learn.

With your purchase of the “Swing Trading with the COT”, you get SIX MONTHS of access to all the seminar videos. You can watch the videos as often as you want or need to throughout the SIX MONTH period. You will also be able to download the futures and commodities course manual and keep it forever.

PLEASE NOTE: the videos are streamed.

They are NOT downloaded to your computer. For this type of delivery you MUST have a high speed internet connection. If your internet connection speed is too slow, the video will constantly stop and start. It will be a very frustrating experience. So do NOT buy this course if you do not have a high speed connection. Neither of us want this to be a bad experience! Please watch the following sample video before you decide to buy:

Watch a sample video – Click HERE

Also included… Monthly Webinar Archives

Not only do you get to watch all the seminar course videos, but you also get access to Larry’s Swing Trading Webinar, aka live meeting, Archive. See the course tools in action – in today’s markets from 2013 to 2015. Every month Larry held a webinar with students and recorded the sessions. All those sessions from 2013 to 2015 are available for your review.

Learn Commodity and Futures Trading from one of the most experienced educators in the world…

Larry is one of the most trusted commodity and futures educators. He has had more best selling market books than any other educator. His market innovation surpasses everyone… and we aren’t just blowing smoke here.

Larry was the first to fully analyze and develop seasonal techniques more than 30 years ago. His book, Sure Thing Commodity Trading was the very first publication on using seasonals and started an entire industry within the commodity and futures markets.

He developed the COT Index and published the first book on the COT Report. His Williams %R (know mainly as %R) is one of the most widely used indicators in the world, available in just about every charting software on the planet.

The contributions Larry has made to the markets are huge and you can read more about his work on Larry’s Innovations web page by clicking here.

  • This is a complete commodity and futures trading course.
  • You will learn what specific tools set up major market moves.
  • Larry opens the door here giving you the logic, the formulas and how to use them. No technical mumbo jumbo. This is hard core fundamental stuff that makes markets move.
  • Most of these tools you have never seen before.

But you need more… you need to have precise tools that tell you when to act–and not act—as well as stop loss techniques, trailing stops and targets.  All of these are fully revealed.

Finish the course and you will know what markets Larry thinks are the best one to trade — NOW — and when to get in and out…for those explosive moves that may give you back $10 for every $1 invested.

But there’s more…

Larry has included bonuses to really sharpen your skills. He shows you the best of the best, like his “Specialist Trap” pattern. You will be introduced to what he thinks are the most important price patterns – you will learn about his amazing “Failure day” concept. You get 4 bonuses, the backbone of Larry’s success.

That’s still not enough…

You had better know how to manage your money or you will lose it!  That’s why Larry will show you the formula he used to take $10,000 to $1,100,000 in a trading competition — and what’s wrong with it!  Yes, he will show the good and the bad and then teach you the formula he uses now and best of all — how you can customize this formula for you personally, for your own account size and risk.

You get set up tools so you know when a market should be ready for a major move. Then you get the timing tools for entry and exit, plus money management – the most important trading tool of them all, and finally Larry throws in some excellent bonuses… more entry opportunities! All indicator formulas are fully revealed. Your 88-page manual compliments the seminar videos and is yours to keep forever.

Course Recap…


Additional FREE Bonuses!

  • 3 Months to Larry TV with your course (if you already have a subscription, we’ll extend it 3 months!)
  • Access for 6 MONTHS to the Larry Live Video Archives. Watch all of Larry’s trading lessons produced in 2004, 2005, and 2006 (more than 60 lessons). Some great gems in there!
  • 4 Entry Patterns and Larry’s Specialist Trap
  • ProGo Public
  • Larry’s Special Commentary on Market Psychology


How to Trade Futures

Swing Trading Futures & Commodities
Online course

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