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Even if you are winning the battle right now, what happens to your bottom line the next time google decides to hand out free coupons, inviting everyone out there to start bidding and raising prices?

SEO takes too long and leaves you at the mercy of  the always-changing search engine update. Don’t play by these rules.

What if you could have more control and transparency to scale profits beyond imagination?

Media buying is one of the oldest, most profitable forms of online advertising; it’s also the least understood, which is why there are so many myths surrounding it.

Few Internet Marketers have discovered the profitable path to media buying. Those who do, have always kept it secret, until now.  They have left internet marketing to join the tech world and are only now sharing their strategies


Spying on your competitors
Creating a laser targeted demographic profile
Locating highly relevant traffic sources
Systemic evaluation of traffic sources
Running controlled network test buys and then scaling
Negotiating media buys for the lowest price and best terms
Creating banners with high CTR
Creating Landing Pages that Convert
Driving traffic to Landing Pages
Retargeting your visitors to raise your conversions
Tracking and Analytics of Ads and Landing Pages
Optimizing and repeating to scale-out your profits.
Tips/Tricks/ and Resources for you Campaign

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