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Kevin Hogan – Personal Mastery

Price: $29

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You get Personal Mastery: Programming Your Mind for the Distinction of Achievement and Success, including cutting-edge hypnosis to literally program the behaviors and attitudes of Personal Mastery into your mind.

All this supported by a comprehensive Manual on CD in pdf format.

Each discipline you see above is complete. Each could sell, and has sold, on its own. Any one will change your life. But they are so intertwined… Each is key for your success. So I have combined them under one reduced price.

You reap the savings.

The Personal Mastery module alone is very rare, and could sell for the price of all three. In fact, I’ve never seen this information identified, much less passively installed, anywhere else.

And because it is so special, and all three are so important, I want you to have it, to have all three together, today.


By acting now, you can join the thousands of others whose lives have been transformed by this material. Simply click the “Add to Cart” button below.

This is really an unprecedented opportunity to get all this life-changing material in one place, and to have it installed so quickly and easily. All for massive savings that you’ll receive over the individual price of each module when you order today.

Please, if having control of your weight, your relationships, your life… your destiny and legacy means anything to you… click the link below. Others will notice the changes in you immediately.

Your Three Disciplines package will be rushed out to you so you can experience the fruits of Self-Discipline, Personal Mastery, and Charisma from the moment you play the first CD.

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