Kaynan Duarte – Modern Guard Masterclass


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Kaynan Duarte – Modern Guard Masterclass

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Fresh off the greatest year a freshman black belt has ever had, Kaynan Duarte shares the details and concepts behind his guard game. For the first time ever Kaynan breaks down step by step exactly how each position works and why it works. He also shares never before seen techniques which he created and developed. These are the techniques he used to win gold at the IBJJF Worlds and ADCC (and many more) overcoming the likes of Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida, Rodolfo Veira, Leandro Lo, Nicholas Meragali and Craig Jones.

Chapter 1 – Single Leg X

  1. DLR To SLX Entry
  2. DLR To Basic SLX Sweep
  3. Basic Sweep Variation #2
  4. Basic Sweep Variation #3
  5. Countering The Sleeve Control
  6. Basic Sweep To Footlock

Chapter 2 – Single Leg X (Advanced)

  1. Countering Knee On Belly With Toehold
  2. Entering SLX Countering Sleeve Control
  3. Tripod Sweep From DLR
  4. Entry To SLX Without Pant Or Collar Control
  5. Shin Entry To SLX Sweep
  6. DLR To Outside Sankaku
  7. Kneecut From Outside Sankaku

Chapter 3 – Elevator

  1. Basic Sweep With Sleeve Control
  2. Technical Stand Up Sweep
  3. Elevator Entry From SLX
  4. Elevator Key Details
  5. Spin Inside From Elevator
  6. Footlock Counter From Elevator
  7. Elevator To X Guard

Chapter 4 – 50/50 Guard

  1. Elevator Transition To 50/50 Backtake
  2. Kneebar From 50/50
  3. Breaking Apart The 50/50
  4. 50/50 Leg Drag
  5. 50/50 Inside Spin Options To Leg Drag
  6. 50/50 Leg Push Pass

Chapter 5 – Attacking the X-Guard

  1. Breaking Apart SLX
  2. Long Step Pass
  3. Toehold Against SLX
  4. Berimbolo From SLX
  5. Passing X Guard With Leg Circle Pass
  6. Passing Reverse X Guard to Mount
  7. Berimbolo from Reverse X Guar

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