Jullien Gordon – 40 Days of Freedom


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Jullien Gordon – 40 Days of Freedom

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America is supposed to be the land of the free, but the word FREEDOM only appears ONCE in The Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Preamble of the Constitution combined.

The “American Dream” equals slavery.

Student loans 
+ Single family home 
+ A single salary 
= Modern Day Slavery 

Here is how they get you…

Hey financially illiterate 18 year old!

Here’s a 6-figure loan to go to college in hopes that you can get a job that was created by someone whose GPA was less than yours. Can I use the loan to build my own company? No. Never. You can only use it for college to get a good job.

To celebrate your new job, you deserve a house. How about this one? You can afford it based on your salary (before taxes, insurance, and student loan payments). Granite countertops would be nice in this kitchen. Just sign here and it’s yours.

Now with taxes taking 30% of your salary, student loans taking 20% for the next 10 years, and a mortgage taking 30% for the next 30 years, you are stuck working at a job you realized you hated after one month of working there.



I want to help you break free from this narrative through the 40 Days of Freedom challenge.

My mission is to free 300 people just like Harriet Tubman. Over the course of a decade, she made 19 trips to the South and freed family, friends, and anyone who was ready to experience true freedom.

When she crossed the Mason Dixon Line, here is what she thought in her own words…

“I had cross de line of which I had so long been dreaming. I was free’ but dere was no one to welcome me to de land of freedom, I was a stranger in a strange land, and my home after all was down in de old cabin quarter, wid de ole folks, and my brudders and sisters. But to dis solemn resolution I came; I was free aanddn dey should be free also; I would make a home for dem in the de North, and do Lord helping me, I would bring dem all dere.”

I’ve fully freed people one-by-one in the past and now I want to free people at scale, so I created the 40 Days of Freedom challenge to help focus your mind on freedom for 40 days.

Each day, I will give you a simply challenge to improve your…

1. Mental freedom 
2. Financial freedom 
3. Time freedom 

Click the link below to sign up.

Wishing you more degrees of freedom,


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