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Julie Renee – Illumination

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Are you a spiritual seeker, raised in a tradition like Christianity, Judaist, Hinduism, or Buddhism or perhaps you had no spiritual tradition as a child?

Do You Yearn For A Deeper Connection with God and The Sweetness of Illumination?

Imagine reclaiming your youthful innocence in your relationship with God, and at the same time retaining your present spiritual connection.

Perhaps you can relate…

  • You long for that sweet relationship with God that you used to enjoy as a child
  • Something’s missing on your spiritual path and you have lost touch with your authentic self
  • You’re in a funk, or at a crossroads in life and would love more guidance and inner strength
  • You wish for a practical way to translate the ancient wisdom into modern day living
  • You want to awaken your soul, and enjoy the devotion you used to feel in prayer and hymns

If so, then welcome. You’re in the right place.

Many of us have become disconnected from the sweetness of our connection with the Divine, and find ourselves piece-mealing something together that never quite settles for us.

“Have you ever wanted a new version of the traditional prayers that you can more easily relate to?”

I know what it’s like to yearn for that sweet connection with the Divine, and yet to feel the traditional approach is no longer a fit. I loved the prayers and hymns, but slowly began to feel this was not the path I was meant to follow.

I was raised in the Lutheran Church, my mother’s side of the family Catholic. As a child I saw Jesus as my ‘super hero’ and followed all the directions of the Church. As a teenager, I was mentored by Pastor Ron Peterson, a charismatic leader in the Lutheran Church.

He saw and nurtured the light in me, having me serve in a youth ministry. He put me in front of the congregation regularly where I led youth services, singing with my guitar in hand, or assisting at a special elder ministry.

I continued to be active in the Lutheran Church during my young married life and served in many roles such as youth ministry and elder minister as well as teacher and youth counselor. I continued to sing in the Choir and perform vocal solos regularly.

That is my story. I am so excited and happy to offer you this blissful source of connection through repetitive prayers.

 “The day I left the ‘Church’ was a sad day for me but necessary for me to grow and become the spiritual being I am today.”

Through a series of liberating and emotionally challenging circumstances my life was about to change drastically.

I had become pregnant a third time in a marriage I could no longer stay in. Divorce was frowned upon by the Church and so I was asked to leave. I was devastated because I had been so devoted to that particular path. Not only that, but at the same time I discovered I had terminal cancer.

This was a pivotal time for me and although the process of it seemed like the end of the world in many ways it was the opening for me to experience spirituality in a broader grander way.

“For three years I endured extensive surgeries and radiation treatment. I call this 3-year period my dark night of the soul.”

Thankfully I was able to give birth to a healthy son, but was by the physically more depleted than ever. Over the following years I endured surgery after surgery, and in my intense pain I sought solace ever more deeply in my spiritual practices. The more I explored, the more I stepped into a more integrated approach, which included teachings from many different faith systems.

I began to explore mysticism, astrology, and energy fields. I attended Unity Church, Lake Harriet Community Church and Aquarian Light Church. I discovered meditation, studied with the Gnostics, the Native Americans and the Asines.

Feeling a yearning to learn more, at the age of 33 I made a plan to go to India to study with spiritual masters. I have many wonderful and enlightening stories to share from this experience. And there was one theme that showed up everywhere I went.

  “People seemed to recognize me. It was like old home week, as the locals all got wide-eyed and dropped to their knees upon seeing me.”

I stayed in India for many months, studying from my teachers, without reservation, and receiving many initiations. I was even asked to stay in India and take over the Ashram where I stayed. But I refused. I knew my work was in the West.

I returned home to the US, arriving just a few months after the terrible Oakland earthquake. I immediately moved to a home situated on the San Andreus fault and began my meditation and prayers to still the unrest in mother earth.

After that, I traveled to Europe and adventured through mystical Avalon, again studying with spiritual masters. I made several trips, enjoying my connections in the old cathedrals where I sang, and with my voice opened the mystical realms to other dimensions.

“I wanted to create something that I wished I’d had myself as I struggled with the shifting of my spiritual framework.”

As I moved along this path of exploration and discovery, it was clear I no longer wanted to limit myself to one religious path. I yearned for a simple, powerful way to connect with the power of the ancient scriptures in language that I can relate to today.

I have never stopped loving the profound beauty of the prayers I was brought up with. I simply wanted a different way to experience them. My response to this desire is ‘Illumination’. This is a labor of deep love that has taken over 10 years to create.

What emerged through me is this wonderful modern interpretation of the beautiful prayers I grew up with. I am so excited and happy to offer them to you so you can reconnect with your own blissful source of connection.

“Illumination is a Love Meditation Rosary for awakening the heart and soul.”

I wanted to bring a freshness and intimacy to the prayers and hymns so more people can relate to their profound message. I’m delighted to finally release this labor of deep love to the world.

Illumination is an exquisite work of beauty and connection. It combines the important elements of the traditional Rosary in a blissful book of prayers and four CD’s. All of this with angelic harp strings backing up the transformative meditations.

Illumination a blissful version of the Rosary (a set of prayers tracing the significant passages of Jesus and Mary) Created just for you to feel connected, loved and energized with Divine energy. The Christian Rosary, was a set of prayers created by St. Dominic in the 11th century to dispel negativity and negative energy.

We are now in a new era and naturally the powerful prayers from the Piscean age are beautifully brought into present time with the new content. You are now free to delve back into your spiritual ritual with fully funded blissful vibrations to move you to a higher plane!

“You’ll be transported into the mystery with the heavenly sound of harp strings.”

You can strengthen your relationship with the Divine as you enjoy a fresh approach to the prayers and hymns you know so well. These prayers will guide you into a deep space of appreciation and connection.

I encourage you to say these prayers out loud. You will open to a beautiful ‘wise elder’ love within. The more you repeat these prayers, the more they become a living, breathing experience for you.

You’ll find that the lower ego gently fades away and you’ll feel deeply connected with spirit.

“Your Four Golden Blessings from Repetitive Prayer”

When you pray a repetitive prayer like the Rosary or a yogic mantra you automatically get these benefits:

• Clearing of the Aura

• Forgiveness (for simple understanding I am using this word, the prayers allow you to ‘forgive’ you and return to your natural higher vibratory rate.

• Connection with your own highest essence

• Connection to the Divine

Here is a taste of the richness that awaits you within Illumination:

What the Illumination package includes:

I’m delighted to share with you this beautiful combination of written and spoken word, accompanied by the heavenly sound of harp strings.

You’ll receive:

Ready for Illumination

    • The ‘Illumination Today’ Prayer Book – 12 beautiful prayers

Ready for Illumination

    • Guide for the Illumination book – explains how to use the prayers.

Ready for Illumination

  • 3 Audio CDs, each about 60 minutes long with the following prayers accompanied by gentle harp music:
    •  Joyous Mystery
    •  Challenging Mystery
    •  Glorious
  • Illumination Music CD with 8 original compositions of Celtic influence. These are the backing tracks for the prayers, so you can say the prayers yourself or simply listen to the music and allow it to trigger a deep state of connection.

Special offering for clergy and teachers.

Would You like to guide your students in this blissful process and use the day as a fundraiser? Illumination Today is perfect for seasonal retreat: (Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.)

If you are a spiritual leader and teacher, and you’d like to share this with your group I’ve created a special retreat guide that takes you step by step through the process (I’ll need more information about how this works)

What the teacher’s package includes:

7 heavenly Audio CD’s with Harp Strings gently guiding the flow of prayers

• The Joyous Mysteries

• The Challenging Mysteries

• The Glorious Mysteries

• The Joyous Mysteries (music only) Timed for the cycle of spoken prayers

• The Challenging Mysteries (music only)

• The Glorious Mysteries (music only)

• Illumination the Music (a CD of angelic harp strings to enjoy as you enter into private prayer and meditation, eight unique pieces about 3-4 minutes each.)


  • Illumination Foundations Guidebook; Going Deeper into the Mysteries – Created to help you experience deep, mystical aspects of these sacred energized prayers.

Your investment for the entire package:

I know you will love sharing this gift of illumination with your group.

‘Point my focused direction to contribution and depth, free from those actions that take me away from my highest expression of self.

You are the source of pure truth, power, grace and beauty. You are constant throughout the ages of human kind. Sealed in trust, faith and truth. Amen’

From the New Lord’s Prayer, Julie Renee

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