Judy Rees and Olaf Lewitz – Clean Language For Agile Coaches


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Judy Rees and Olaf Lewitz – Clean Language For Agile Coaches

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AUTHOR Judy Rees and Olaf Lewitz


Clean Language is an inquiry process which helps people find clarity, fast, in a way that strengthens relationships, encourages transparent communication and enhances results in complex environments.

Agile is a method of working with teams to foster self-organization and fast, local decision making. Used by many IT organizations for 20+ years, it has more recently found application in many other industries.

Forward-thinking Agile coaches around the world have realised that David Grove’s Clean Language can be very useful to support what they do. It provides a simple framework for guiding people’s attention with questions, while effectively preventing you from getting drawn into their confusion. In this workshop, you’ll find out how.

Clean Language For Agile Coaches features recordings of a series of six 90-minute interactive online workshops led by Clean Language consultant Judy Rees, and Agile coach and facilitator, Olaf Lewitz.

Judy and Olaf combine their respective skills to offer a collaborative and playful programme to help you raise your game.

It’s designed for experienced Agile Coaches seeking to understand how the proven techniques of Clean Language can be combined with their existing abilities and skills to better serve their clients and colleagues.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop your enquiry skills so that you are better able to uncover the reality of what people are thinking and feeling —even when they start off confused. Useful in scoping, contracting, requirements-gathering and much more.
  • Learn to help somebody improve their own thinking, while you build rapport and relationship in an inherently respectful way. People will understand themselves better and feel understood by you – persuasive for peers, users, customers, bosses … anyone.
  • Learn to focus your own and other people’s attention on what matters. Neuroscience tells us that intention and attention are needed for lasting change in a human brain. With Clean Language, you help people discover and articulate what they want, and focus their attention on getting it.
  • Support groups in developing clearer thinking and clearer communication. The resulting transparency can create a system where feedback, learning and development are inevitable.
  • Develop advanced questioning and listening skills which you can use throughout any coaching relationship – and beyond.
Why should you attend?
“Thank you Olaf and Judy for introducing me to Clean Language – it’s like I’ve got a magic wand for generating creative conversations.” Richard Atherton, London
“A huge part of our job is about communication, collaboration and creating trust and safety. However what I typically see is huge amounts of expectation, assumption and judgement. Clean Language takes that away and replaces it with curiosity. That’s when change can finally happen.” Irene Kuhn, Germany
“[In this course] we experienced a deeper level of understanding regarding effective communication and the power that Clean Language can bring not just to conversations, but to Product Planning meetings, Daily Stand-Ups, Feedback, Retrospectives and all manner of other business activities.

 Clean Language for Agile Coaches is a course I can highly recommend to not just Agile Coaches, but anybody who works with or within an Agile Team.” Ash Sheikh, London

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