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Josh Macin – VIP Detox Coaching
Josh Macin – VIP Detox Coaching


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Do You Know these Three Invisible Threats that are Destroying Your Health Every Day and how to get rid of them safely?

keep reading to discover what they are and what you can do about them!
Let me ask you a question:
• Do you feel like you lack energy and focus during the day?
• Are you not getting the gains you’re looking for in the gym?
• Is it a constant struggle figuring out what to eat and what to avoid just to stay healthy?
…if so, then read on to discover how you can be part of a new program dedicated to getting you healthier and fitter than you’ve ever been in your life!
But first, let me introduce myself…
My name’s Josh Macin,
In 2012, I held 2 major Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu championships, had a high-paying sales job, a cool apartment and a beautiful girlfriend. I had an internet business teaching guys how to crush online dating, and for all external appearances, it would seem like I ‘had it all’ in life.
Within the space of a few months, without any apparent reason, my mental and physical health deteriorated to the point where I was taking huge doses of anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs and pain medication…and became suicidal.
I quickly realised that Western medicine and psychology didn’t have a single answer for what I (and millions of people around the world like me) was suffering from. In fact, all they did was plaster over symptoms and never address the root cause.
I dedicated the next few years to a spiritual quest, spending over $100,000 on everything from vipassana meditation retreats, over 20 ayahuasca ceremonies, ketamine, and anything else I could research that might cure my constant anxiety, depression and pain.
I gained profound insights into the nature of human consciousness, how interconnected we all are with nature and the planet, and finally realised the root cause of all the mental anguish I had suffered through:
I finally figured out what the mainstream media, medical doctors and psychiatrists wont tell you…
We are all being poisoned every single day!
Now, I don’t say this to shock or scare you. I simple feel it’s time you were told the truth about what’s going on in the world, and why your health is suffering as a result.
The fact is, there are three major causes of the vast majority of illnesses – whether it’s chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, and even depression.
These three causes aren’t in the medical textbooks. They’re not taught to doctors or psychiatrists. Even so-called ‘holistic’ health media rarely discuss them in depth. Yet, these three killers act silently and in tandem to destroy your immune system, remove the good nutrients from your body, and incapacitate your body’s natural mechanisms for removing toxins.
Cause #1 – Toxic Load from Chemicals
A 2013 study conducted by the Environmental Working Group showed that women in the US had concentrations of industrial flame retardant (known as ‘PBDEs’) over 40 times higher than established safe limits in their breast milk. How did it get there?
Unfortunately, PBDEs are just one of over 100,000 novel industrial chemicals that have been created since the 1950s – and they’re literally everywhere. They’re in your drinking water (along with pharmaceutical drugs that don’t get filtered out), they’re in your skin and hair-care products, and they’re in your food and its packaging.
While it’s true that our bodies do have mechanisms to break down and remove the toxins that exist in our natural environment, none of these new chemicals are natural. Your body simply doesn’t have the means to get rid of all these chemicals (none of which have ever been tested together to see what the cumulative effects are!)
And if you think a “5-day juice cleanse” is going to do the trick, I have bad news for you. All those cleanses are good at is removing the money from your wallet! Juice ‘detoxes’ don’t remove any toxins – in fact, the high sugar content means they’re more likely to increase the chances you fall victim to our next cause on the list…
Cause #2 – Parasites
I know, it sounds crazy! But I lived my whole life in New Jersey, eating normal western food like everyone else, and yet when I started truly cleansing my body, I found I had been infested with all kinds of parasites!
Parasites come in many forms, but fundamentally they’re all doing the same thing to without you realising – leeching away all the nutrients you’re eating every day, and excreting their toxins back into your bloodstream.
The problem is this: even if you eat ultra-clean and healthy every day, all you’re doing is feeding your parasites super organic healthy nutrients! And, every single over-the-counter parasite cleanse you can get online does absolutely nothing.
Cause #3 – Heavy Metals
The turning point that allowed me to come back from the brink of suicide and overwhelming toxicity and get my life back was when I realised the root cause of my depression was nothing more complicated than mercury in my dental fillings.
More than ever in human history, we are being bombarded by heavy metals. Combinations of mercury and aluminium are in almost all vaccinesadministering a load considered toxic for a 350lbs man directly into the bloodsteam of children, multiple times from birth through teenage.
Even if you survive or refuse vaccinations, our oceans are so polluted that you’ll find toxic levels of mercury in all seafood, especially tuna. And this morning you probably applied toxic aluminium to your lymph nodes – by spraying or rolling on your deodorant.

“So what can I actually do about all of this Josh?”

Hopefully after learning the truth about these 3 major causes of illness, you want to do something about it. And I salute you for that!
You do need to deal with each one of these causes. But, I warn you right now (having come close to death trying to solve this stuff on my own) – you must to do it in the right order, in the right way. Doing anything out of sequence could lead to flooding your already compromised liver with toxic levels of heavy metals and could actually make you even sicker, if not kill you.
I’d love to tell you there was a quick-fix solution or magic pill that would solve all of these issues overnight. Hell, if I figured that out…I’d be a billionaire already!
The fact is – I can’t hand you one single, simple and easy pill, drink or supplement to just make all these problems go away. But, I’ve put together a program that I believe is the next best thing…

Here’s how it works

After years doing all the research and spending over $100,000 fixing my own body and mind from total shutdown, I’ve put all my learnings into a complete 3-month detox coaching program that’s practically guaranteed to bring you to a state of optimum health & wellness:

What You Get

When you register, I’ll personally reveal to you the fine details of overall gut healing, parasite killing, nutrient replenishing and metal & toxin chelation.
This is the same protocol I personally developed and used to cure myself and restore balance and harmony to my body and mind.
Register today to get your over $4,000 discount as an Infinite Man Academy attendee (my coaching is currently $5,000.00 and I’m no longer accepting any more 1:1 clients)

Program Benefits

  • Detailed breakdown of your personalized supplements and detox plan (VIP only)
  • Lifetime access to your 7 video coaching modules showing you every step in the process, what to take and when
  • Unlimited support on the online private members facebook group (VIP only)
  • Explanation of ancient healing modalities…and which ones to implement for life-changing benefits
  • Detailed action plan for lifestyle changes and avoiding toxicity…as well as elixir, superfood infusion, suppository and diet recipes and supplements
  • 1:1 Skype consultation with Josh (VIP only – first 5 buyers!)


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