Josh Flagg – Million Dollar Listing Challenge [Real Estate]


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Josh Flagg – Million Dollar Listing Challenge [Real Estate]

Josh Flagg – Million Dollar Listing Challenge [Real Estate]

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Discover how this famous million dollar real estate agent can PROGRAM his success habits into your mindset in just minutes a day… and increase your sales price so you earn $30,000-$50,000+ PER commissions in less time than you’re working right now

The Million Dollar Listing Challenge is a 6-month learning experience designed to help you increase your commissions by 10 times or more, in a fraction of the time you’re working now.

Step 1 is to CHANGE what you’re doing and use leverage to sell higher priced listings in the luxury real estate market. 

I learned early on in my career that the happiest, highest earning realtors focus on luxury real estate and listing $500,000 homes and above. When you list higher priced homes… you’re rewarded with more commissions without any extra work. 

My Million Dollar Listing Challenge Can Almost GUARANTEE Success!

Step 1: First, my 10 week Masterclass shows you how to make 6-7 figures each year

Step one.. I’ll immerse you in my 10-week online Luxury Real Estate Masterclass… which is THE foundation for setting up a million dollar luxury real estate business. 

This 10-week course provides the same exact knowledge and skill set that has made me a millionaire selling real estate. The Masterclass is 2 hours of actionable content, based around techniques and secrets that million dollar realtors use to list and sell homes priced from the $500,000s all the way up to $100,000,000. 

By mastering the Luxury Real Estate market… you’ll find yourself listing $2 million, $4 million, $5 million dollar homes. But more importantly, your commissions go from $5,000…

To $30,000 to $50,000 PER Commission!

And you’re doing it just as easy or EASIER as what you’re making now.

After all, if you’re selling real estate for a living, doesn’t it make more sense to sell 10 to 15 high end, luxury homes that earn you a half million dollars in commissions? 

When selling homes under $500,000… you’re working harder than you have to. When you’re making $5,000 by selling a $200,000 home… you gotta sell a ton to make a decent living.

I’ll show you the path to make $50,000 to $100,000 a month or $1 to $2 million a year by selling higher end luxury real estate.

Even if you just sell 10-15 homes a year… 

That’s $500,000 a Year in Commissions!

This 10 week course gives you videos, downloadable worksheets, interactive quizzes, and extensive training to become a million dollar agent in the luxury market.

Imagine how much easier life is when earning $30,000 to $50,000 or more per commission and 6 to 7 figures a year? By following the steps that I’m using to make more than a million dollars a year in commissions… you can too. You’ll do it in HALF the time you’re working now.

Believe me, I’ve sold over $1.5 BILLION dollars’ worth of real estate in the last 10 years. I’ve been a million dollar earner the whole time. But in the 10 years I’ve been selling luxury real estate and making millions a year… I learned that KNOWLEDGE wasn’t enough. 

I Want to Help Realtors with TRANSFORMATION

The key to becoming a million dollar realtor is learning the knowledge and skill set you need to know and then PUTTING IT INTO PRACTICE!

The best way to keep improving each day is by getting daily success strategies and applying them into your routine. These daily reminders take MINUTES… but give you the constant reinforcement to keep you learning and taking action.

That’s why the Million Dollar Listing Challenge is so effective.

It’s not just about giving you knowledge. It literally PROGRAMS my habits to you so you’re continuously taking the same million dollar action steps I take. After all, if you take a certain action step each and every day, for 21 days… it becomes HABIT.

I’ll help you make earning $30,000 to $50,000 commissions a HABIT. This 6-month program starts with the 10-week masterclass so you get the knowledge and 7 important traits of a million dollar real estate agent.


Step 2: Use my mobile companion app to make knowledge HABIT… programming success right into your mindset


You Are A Millionaire 

With the Million Dollar Listing Challenge, you’ll get a mobile companion app that gives you tips to review the course and also apply what you’ve learned for 100 days. (6 months total).

That means you don’t just learn the information… the mobile app gives you bite-sized chunks of knowledge you can apply in minutes a day. You learn, DO, and program this into your mind as a habit… to the point you start doing this stuff automatically. 

With the daily success tips… you don’t have to spend hours to learn THE most important stuff. The mobile app immerses you in the MOST important steps, helping you apply the knowledge that matters most.

The app reminds you visually what action steps you need to take to make it habit. The messages take minutes to read and apply, but inspire and motivate you along the way.

You’ll learn, retain, and implement this important knowledge faster and easier… allowing you to DO what million dollar agents do to sell million dollar listings.

So You Can Live the Million Dollar Lifestyle!

Developing new habits are how you change your business and your life. I promise, if you take my daily action steps of a Millionaire Agent until they’re habit…. you’ll enjoy a million dollar real estate business faster and easier.

Step 3: Use the Million Dollar Listing Challenge to COMPETE against other Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agent

You need something to keep that fire lit under your butt. If not, it’s too easy to fall back into your comfort zone and NOT take the steps needed.

As you complete the course… your mobile app becomes your daily habit builder that installs the habits and belief you need to break into the luxury market successfully.

I’ve found the best way to motivate is to COMPETE against other luxury real estate agents. As you learn the knowledge and skills that transform your business AND you compete against other realtors to see who can sell their first and most million dollar properties in 6 months.

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You Get Even More Momentum and Results!

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