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Dancer's Footwork for Fighters

Johnny Nguyen – Dancer’s Footwork for Fighters

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Develop a slick explosive footwork for fighting. Hold your ground and throw punches with more power than ever before. Move with catlike agility and razor-sharp quickness. Develop rock hard muscles in your legs and core. Out move all your opponents!

I and my brother Brian (dance champion), share the secrets to dancers footwork training in this special 10-day intensive training program. 4 hours of instructional video and a 24-page workbook to improve your footwork skills.

Learn OVER 100 special footwork drills dancers use to develop core and leg strength, improve balance awareness, and move their feet with blinding speed, power, and precision!


Want amazing balance and slick footwork?

  • CATLIKE BALANCE – hold your ground with superior technique and stronger leg muscles!
  • FASTER FOOTWORK – attack and escape with blinding speed!
  • INCREASED PUNCHING POWER – stronger muscles and improved movement technique increases punching power!


Why would a fighter want to train like a dancer?

Dancers have the best balance and footwork of ANY ATHLETE in the world. They train 10 hours a day doing nothing but balance and footwork. Imagine a typical ballet dancer trained from the age of 4 for absolute perfection. By the time he is 18, he is leaping through the air, spinning on one foot, and making it look easy. Hours of stretching, brutal exercises, intense footwork drills, and superhuman displays of speed and power.

You may be shocked to know great boxers such as Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, and today’s Vasyl Lomachenko had a dance background. Mike Silver (boxing historian and author), mentioned in his popular book “The Arc of Boxing“, that the perfect body for a boxer was that of a dancer’s, with long smooth toned muscle. As a fighter, you might not care to wear tights and spin 10 times in a row, but you might want to know how dancers trained. What techniques did dancers use for such great balance? How did they develop those huge calves? What special footwork drills did they do all those years in training?

It’s no secret that classical dance training can be the hardest type of physical training in the world. A dancer’s body is completely sculpted from head to toe for smooth, powerful, and seemingly effortless movement.


Watch some videos of my former dance teachers:


The PROBLEM with typical boxing footwork drills

boxing footwork drills

The footwork drills you see in boxing gyms and MMA gyms today are flat out ineffective. The majority of them are too easy or simply not organized in any logical manner. Where are the drills for stretching? Where are the drills for developing balance awareness? And finally, where are the drills for developing muscle conditioning and coordination?

All you see now is shadowboxing, jump rope, ladder drills, cone drills, and maybe some hip-twisting running exercises and that’s it. Footwork drills nowadays are too simple, too boring, and STILL don’t teach fighters how to balance and move their bodies. There is no systematic way to develop and challenge their bodies to move better.


Today’s footwork drills are still missing:

  • Awareness drills – how to develop great balance awareness and control of your neutral axis.
  • Complete conditioning of the legs – not just calve muscles and agility drills (missing internal leg muscles)
  • Lack of slow motion work – to increase control and coordination, rather than simply raw speed & power
  • Do not target “footwork muscles” effectively


What’s in the “Dancer’s Footwork for Fighters” training program?

Fighting footwork drills

You’ll get access to a comprehensive 10-day training program with 4 hours of video. You’ll learn many new footwork techniques, exercises and drills each day to completely transform your lower body and improve your fighting footwork! This is a proven training routine used by dancers for generations.



You’ll finally have completely developed leg muscles for increased leg strength, coordination, and control throughout a wider range of motion. You’ll get access to an advanced training routine for superior balance awareness and rapid footwork skill development. You’ll develop a stronger and MORE FUNCTIONAL core to generate MORE POWER IN ALL BODY MOVEMENTS.

You’ll stand heavier, move faster, and punch harder!


Access to a dance champion’s knowledge

You will get access to one of the greatest resources in footwork training through my brother, Brian Nguyen, the USA TANGO CHAMPION. He has trained with the best in the world and won numerous dance competitions with his footwork skill and ability. He is a highly-regarded tango dancer and performer around the world. He charges over $100/hr for private lessons and is always booked in every city that he visits.

And Brian Nguyen will be sharing his secret drills and training methods in this special course. You will learn…NOT 10…NOT 20…but OVER 100 FOOTWORK DRILLS. Brian and I will start you off slow with the fundamental techniques and basic exercises (Days 1,2,3). Then work our way up to the more intense exercises (Days 4,5,6,7). And finally, we’ll finish with the impossible exercises (Days 7,8,9,10). You will get technical demonstrations and theoretical explanations every day.

*** See my brother Brian Nguyen’s dance performances – VIDEO 1 – VIDEO 2 ***


This special footwork training is HARD.

The drills and exercises are ridiculously hard, and painful. This course is not intended for the casual fighter. If you don’t even like jumping rope, this course is not for you! I recommend this training only for serious athletes or people with a rabid curiosity.

The average person won’t even get past DAY 5. If you’re looking for a challenge and really want to take your footwork to the next level, this will give you the best footwork in the gym!

The 100+ footwork drills range from simple, to complicated, to hard, to painful, to the impossible. Many of you reading this will NEVER be able to do all of them. But nonetheless, your footwork speed, precision, and agility will improve tremendously if you put in the work.

If you can survive these workouts,
fighting footwork will be easy.

fighting footwork

“Dancer’s Footwork for Fighters”

  • 4 HOURS of video — 240 minutes of instruction broken down into a 10-day training program. Learn the secret techniques and over 100+ special exercises to improve your fighting footwork!
  • 24-PAGE workbook— all the footwork drills, key balance tips and techniques, listed in a helpful PDF. Print it out, follow along, and make notes.
  • ALL YOU NEED IS SOCKS — it’s ideal to have dance shoes and a smooth floor but you can do many of these drills on any indoor surface with socks on.
  • THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT — no physical materials will be shipped. You will instantly receive a member login in your email after purchasing. The videos can be viewed from your computer, converted to iPad, or burned to DVD.


Boxing instructional download

Here’s what you get…

INTRO – equipment and warm-up

  • a rundown about OPTIONAL helpful equipment
  • how to use a stick and resistance bands for footwork training
  • how to maintain your body with a foam roller, stretching, foot massage ball

Day 1 – developing axis awareness

  • how to stand straight and find your neutral axis
  • increase core presence using hip & leg position
  • using the calves to connect to the ground
  • increase leg strength, sharpness, and coordination
  • strengthening the core while in movement
  • breathing technique for body movement
  • becoming heavy for balance

Day 2 – developing axis control

  • warming up the hips and calf muscles
  • moving your axis with balance
  • exercises for calf strengthening and feet coordination
  • holding the core while in the air (jumping exercises)
  • how to develop “active feet”
  • 2 simple tips to develop balance awareness (throughout your day / when you’re not training / outside of the gym)

Day 3 – basic body movement and feet activation

  • slow movement footwork techniques (increase body awareness)
  • using the heels to increase grounding and step strength
  • using the toes to increase control, changing direction and speed
  • how to turn the body with control, power, and relaxation
  • using the upper body to help the lower body

Day 4 – leg strengthening and hip stabilization

  • advanced slow movement footwork technique (increase strength & balance)
  • moving in geometric patterns (maintaining balance while pivoting)
  • staying heavy in movement
  • controlling weight change (to prevent falling)
  • stabilizing the hip during movements

Day 5 – feet and core strengthening

  • strengthening the “gripping muscles”
  • how to “lift” the body up and down (without losing the core)
  • footwork drills stressing the core
  • coordination jumping drills
  • using the core to move and stabilize your body

Day 6 – foot speed and explosive footwork

  • advanced footwork drills (speed, power, precision, core control)
  • raw speed drills (maximum speed footwork exercises)
  • explosive footwork drills (speed and power)
  • painful calf footwork exercises (working all sides of the calves)

Day 7 – leg strengthening, balance and coordination

  • one-legged footwork drills (strengthening the standing leg)
  • one-legged pivot drills (core and foot strengthening)
  • two-legged pivots (balance and coordination)

Day 8 – core strengthening, speed, and power

  • advanced pivoting drills (controlling the free leg during pivots)
  • slow pivoting drills (increase strength and control)
  • core-twisting exercises (insane core strength, speed, and power)
  • understanding how to use the core twist
  • the best kinds of core exercises

Day 9  – advanced balance and coordination

  • advanced core drills
  • advanced spinning drills

Day 10 – really REALLY HARD STUFF


PS: Got questions about this footwork guide? Leave a comment below or send me an email and I’ll answer it right away.

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Reader Interactions


    • Johnny N

      I miss you guys, too! This recent project has gotten me so busy that I focused all my energy and efforts into finishing it. 4 months of recording and editing but I’m glad it’s done with. More articles coming soon.

      Any suggestions for future posts? 🙂
      I’ve got more southpaw stuff on the way.

      • Mister T

        Glad to hear you’re gonna be posting some stuff aimed at southpaws, being a southpaw’s tricky in a gym full of right handers it always like I’m an endangered species haha can’t wait to see what you’ve got to say johnny 🙂

      • Tombeaux

        Yeah I figured you were working on a big project. I’d still like to see an inside fighting guide. I know that’s another big project, so it’ll probably take a while. Keep it up, bro.

        • Johnny N

          It’s a digital product, Ben. You’ll get instant access to the members area immediately after payment where you can download all the videos and ebook directly to your computer.

      • Ted F

        Hi Johnny,

        I’ve always watched your YouTube videos and love them.
        And honestly, I’m not even a trained boxer or fighter.
        I have studied martial arts when I was little, but now I’m into maintaining good health and exercising.
        I have been keeping up with what I’ve learned, but want to be able move more fluidly.
        As you know, some forms of martial arts tend to have stiff foot movement.
        I’m really interested in buying this, as I’ve practiced breakdancing as well. (I know, totally different from tango).
        And I believe dancing and fighting mesh very well, e.g. Bruce Lee.
        My question is, can a person like me (casual practitioner) utilize these drills?
        I really want to improve my overall balance, not just for fighting, but for any situation.

        • Johnny N

          Hi Ted,

          Thanks for stopping by. These drills can be useful for anybody looking to improve body movement and athletic coordination. They would be great for improving your balance and body mobility in ANY situation.


      • Allen

        The ancient Greeks use to say, if you can dance you can fight ! I thought about learning fencing as many martial artist but now that I found this I know how to proceed. Thanks

      • Zack

        Great website! I don’t plan on fighting anyone but I have to rebuild some balance and control in my lower legs due to nerve damage. Your footwork course seems to be exactly what I have been looking for! Pretty cool.

    • Salman

      Hey Johnny! I am actually a tango dancing boxer in nyc. In fact, I started tango and boxing at the same time (bout 9 months ago) and my balance is really great because of that. But I didn’t really know how to transition my dance skills to the ring. Sooo I’m really glad you brought this out! Whenever your in town, Ill take you out to the Milongas lol.

        • Salman

          lmao definitely the tango here is amazing, and the woman are just beautiful. My tango instructor, Carlos Canedo actually started boxing at 18 like me. But in the end he decided to tango professionally instead. I told him about your dancers for fighters series and he thinks it’ll make me a better dancer as well. Soo I guess its a win-win 🙂

          Thanks for teaming up with your brother!! oh and Tell Brian I said thanks and that he’s an extraordinary dancer!


    • Patrizia

      Can this be used for a woman who is athletic, but wants to improve the look and strength of her legs without adding bulk, but rather adding definition and lean muscle? Like dancers legs?

      • Johnny N

        Yes, these drills will tone and strengthen your legs for sure, Patrizia. Don’t over-do it with the really complex ones, though. The drills in the first 6 days should do the trick. 🙂

        • Patrizia

          Great! Which other program would you recommend for a female looking to improve physically?
          To achieve a musclular, yet super lean physique? I have done some kickboxing and the Sleektify program from Aerobox as well…I currently also do kettlebell workouts and lightweight movements also…
          Would the advanced program work to increase my fitness to the next level? Do you offer personal consultations as well?

  1. NVSemin

    Like the fact that you are trying to go beyond the traditions of the sport!
    However, my main criticism that your drills or the way you expose them, are not fundamentally grounded very well with regards to boxing. Your argument “do the drill, get better general balance, and then in boxing you will also have a better balance” is a bit naive

    • Johnny N

      These drills are meant to improve your overall athletic movement, especially footwork. With a better conditioned and coordinated body, your footwork will improve in ALL types of athletic activities, ESPECIALLY FIGHTING. Not only that, but I’ve selected only the best drills that will help increase fighting footwork. The drills I share here are far better and more effective than the current ones in boxing.

  2. John A

    Once upon a time, Bruce Lee was the Cha-Cha Champion of Hong Kong. Adapted his footwork from Muhammad Ali (studied the Ali vs Williams Fight) who adapted his from Flash Elorde… who stole it from his father, an Escrima champion.

    Glad to see you’re following in the footsteps of the greats with this.

    • Johnny N

      No worries, Victor. I’m sure this is a hard thing for many to grasp because it’s so different from everything out there but I’m proud of what I’m sharing because it beats the crap out of anything I’ve seen in the gym. But don’t you worry, I’ll keep the traditional footwork stuff going for free on Youtube! 🙂

      • steven shelton

        This makes perfect sense to me and i think im going to buy. Dancing will improve the fluidity of movements within the ring for sure. PLUS i had wanted to take up dancing recreationaly as it is, so this looks perfect. Your material is great and well thought out.

  3. Marc Aplin

    Sorry to hear the luke-warm response. My trainers have always said to me: footwork, footwork, footwork. You look at all the best boxers: Ali, Mayweather, Hopkins – all of them talk about footwork and being able to hit and not get hit (which is all about moving in and out – which is all about your feet).

    Jonny, for years I’ve wondered why on Earth there are so, so few DVDs or Books on footwork. You seem to get a little tiny drill in the back of a book saying: ‘take one step forwards and one step back. Repeat this for 3 minutes’. I’m always left thinking: ‘really?’ Seems completely pointless if you are making sure you are moving properly when on bags and pads.

    What you’ve produced looks incredible. I literally bought the advanced footwork DVD yesterday (about an hour before you announced this!) so I think I’m out of funds. But when I can afford this I’ll grab it and do a review for you (I’ve just started a website to review fight gear and DVDs).

    Keep up the good work, man. I appreciate the 4 months you’ve put into this and can’t wait to see it. Thank your brother too.

    • Johnny N

      I feel exactly the same as you do, Marc. There lacks a common method of developing great footwork in boxing. You can find endless books and videos on punching techniques and defense techniques but very few in the way of footwork. Very few people will even teach simple body movement such as “how to stand balanced” or “how to hold your balance”. You would think it’s natural and yet you see a wide disparity between the guys with good footwork and the ones with no footwork.

      The response has actually pretty great so far. Everyone has been quite supportive through personal emails, Facebook comments, and Youtube comments. I’m excited to see the early comments here in the next couple weeks after the first buyers have tried the workouts. Your opinion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the support! 🙂

  4. Jimmy

    I’m digging this, I think it’s perfect. I just don’t know if I want to spend $85 on it. Not trying to low ball you or anything, just my initial reaction. Maybe in a few days I’ll change my mind. Either way, great work and I hope I’m the only one feeling this way and you sell a lot.

    • Johnny N

      I appreciate your honest feedback, Jimmy!

      $84 is a high price compared to all the FREE stuff I put out but I think it’s far too low when you consider the value and work behind this program. I hunted down the best guys in the business…the legends in the world of dance and learned their techniques and training methods. My brother’s life is dedicated to his passion…same way I’ve dedicated myself to boxing. He paid $100-300/hr for private lessons for years to reach the level he’s at today. The amount of knowledge, expertise, quality and completion of information shared…there’s really nothing like it.

      I wanted to make the best footwork training program available for fighters and I’ve tried many MANY things to get that. There is nobody in boxing who moves like these guys and I’m so proud to be able to share it with my fellow fighters. Learning, writing down, organizing, recording, editing, it’s exhausting to structure an entire field of new information in your head when it comes time to sharing.

      $84 doesn’t seem like much when you consider all the knowledge, experience, drills, and benefits that you get from all this. That’s like paying 3 steak dinners for years of knowledge. You wouldn’t be able to find this level of information and explanation…in English…structured for fighters…anywhere else…at any price.

  5. David

    I buy into this dance theory just as I do in the gymnastics theory (both say it trains muscles to work together in balance). I don’t really mind how much Johnny prices his stuff (it’s his right) if he is the guy who got our respect for publishing the articles that got our respect (teaching us important fundamentals that are often skipped by others who focus on advanced stuff much less applicable). His delivery of information wow’d me more than any YouTube instuctor so far, that’s why I would consider buying Johnny’s DVD’s, and I usually don’t consider online purchases.

    But Johnny, you asked what new suggestions there are for new articles, but let’s not forget you promised us the standing core training article a long long time ago. I know you say some of them are in your footwork dvd and I’d buy it for that reason IF you hadn’t already promised to write an article on it. The issue here is moral obligation not legal obligation. So I’m still waiting for that article just to fill that void. I know you are always busy, but hope you will find time for it eventually.

    • Johnny N

      Hi David, I haven’t forgot my promises to the readers!
      (Although I’m not sure “moral obligation” is the right wording as I wouldn’t become an “immoral person” by not adhering to it.)

      The standing core training article is not forgotten. I’ve simply pushed it back in my priority list because I’m dreading the explanation part. It’s hard to explain what people don’t already kind of know, especially if it’s a completely new subject. It’s definitely in progress and will eventually be released one day.

      PS: I did however cover those exercises in this footwork training program. 😉

      • David

        I am so glad to hear you haven’t forgotten. And yea that is definitely the “wrong” meaning, I meant intrinsic values as opposed to man-made rules. I did not mean you would become immoral I meant that you weren’t tied down to an obligation so my only bet was that promise. Namely a few of your insightful articles have gotten my respect for you a long time ago already (compared to other online and even real life trainers) so not publishing one article would not have changed that opinion and I don’t want you to misunderstand. Personally, I need to speak out my mind because that’s always the best way to clear misunderstandings. I’m glad I did and I’m glad you responded so favorably.

  6. Beor

    Honestly im always highly skeptical of these things, but this entire website is proof of your knowledge…i have complete faith and will deffs buy it with my next pay this friday… whether it helps me personally or not im happy to support a great source of boxing information…keep fighting johnny and keep up the good work

  7. Lou

    Johnny – thanks a ton!
    You always put our great material and I bought the footwork package already.
    I am looking forward to it. You and your brother did an interesting and professional presentation.

    PS- I still have weight to lose , but have been losing it slowly – and- your “fighters diet” opened my eyes, I have changed about 75% of what I eat.

  8. Justin


    I was thinking of purchasing either your Advanced Boxing Program or the 10 day footwork program. I am really interested in footwork, but I would also like some instruction boxing from the Advanced Boxing Program. Unfortunately, I do not have the money to spare for both. So, to my question.

    How much footwork instruction (i.e. drills) in the Advanced Boxing Program?


    • Johnny N

      Great question, Justin.

      The Advanced Boxing Workshop has about 1.5 hours of footwork and 1.5 hours of power punching techniques. There are no basic boxing instructions in these videos, only “advanced techniques”.

      If you’re really interested in footwork, the Dancer’s Footwork for Fighters is a billion times more helpful…it has more structure. It’s got 4 hours of footage and goes over many many different kinds of drills. It’s a lot of material. The instruction in this is also more direct as I’m speaking to the camera, whereas in the ABW I’m paying attention to other people in the room and so my focus is not on you.

      Both products are very valuable and helpful but if your focus is footwork, get the Dancer’s Footwork for Fighting. I do think you should get both in the longterm.

      *EDIT—thanks for your purchase 🙂

  9. Leo

    I have just finished purchasing your new video and yes I have purchased all of your recent videos and guides. I am really looking forward to trying this new program of your as soon as I get off of work. Keep up the good work with providing us with top quality material.

  10. Shakeel

    How you doing Johnny

    Great post by the way, very interesting and different to the traditional boxing methods. I was just wondering if you could do an article on special training methods that different boxers use, for example, Kostya Tszyu’s tennis ball attached to his head by a string on a head band. I think it would be a great article and would to see the different unique methods that great and legendary boxers use.

    • Johnny N

      Oh man, I’ve seen and heard of so much unorthodox training methods over the years, that I could write a book. It’d be a great article series for sure. And I do love that Kostya Tszyu tennis ball thing.

      • Shakeel

        It would be great if you wrote an article on the best unorthodox training methods which would benefit boxers the most, just an idea…

        P.S. Scotland says hello

        And i was just wondering if Ricky Burns is known in America, if so, what do you think of him? And prediction on who wins if he and Adrien Broner fought?

  11. Gordon

    I’m a bit broke at the moment. When I get money, I’m definitely making the purchase. As for new articles, infighting against both orthodox and southpaw, more top ten tricks of other boxers, and fight breakdowns. Hail Johnny!

  12. Amanda

    Hi Johnny
    This looks interesting and will definitely purchase once funds become a bit more liquid! Hoping that it will help with my boxing/muay thai and also skiing (I freeski in the park with jumps and rails and also big mountain over moguls). Any thoughts on muscle development in girls running through these drills? Not sure if I’m so keen on thick chunky legs… 🙂

    • Johnny N

      You won’t get chunky legs, Amanda! You’d have to seriously over-do the workouts to become like that…and even then it’d take you months. I think you’ll be just fine. If anything, your legs will look better. 😉

  13. Beor

    Hey Johnny, as promised i bought the dancers footwork for fighter, and thought id have a look at advanced footwork and punching power as well =], i know you’ve set this up to be done on a day to day basis, but im teaching a class on tuesday, and was wondering if it would still be beneficial for the students if i took drills from various days and just smashed them together…. i dont normally teach so it would be more of an overview of the drills and then practicing for a few minutes before moving onto the next one rather than going in depth with it.

    • Johnny N

      Hey Beor,

      Thanks for the support! You’re welcome to mix and match in any way you feel is best. I understand that it’s hard to give people so many boring drills before you give them the fun ones. My philosophy goes, any training is better than no training. Your students should be able to benefit simply from the exposure to new things. I’m excited to see how it goes. Let me know how they do!

  14. storm

    Hi, What’s the exact name of your jump rope, please ? I can’t find it on your website, so would appreciate the info from you asap, Many thanx, and enjoyed watching you skipping ! : )

  15. Marqus

    Sup Johnny
    This looks like some great stuff to add to my training. Quick question… Since this is all digital, how does the down-loader work? Since my net is currently pretty terrible (drops frequently) I don’t have a consistent connection to download anything straight through. Is the down-loader like a torrent where you can continue where you left off downloading?

    • Johnny N

      Hi Marqus,

      The downloads are not in a torrent format currently but perhaps this is something I can look into for you. Maybe you can use a download manager so that the downloads can continue where you left off before the disconnect. I found this one in a google search (

      Maybe this will help? If not, we can find another way.

  16. Skeletor

    Hey Johnny good to have you back man!!! In your video you were sparring with a nice relaxed stance with hands at chest level, how do you get away with such a low guard when sparring or fighting and not letting someone jump all over you???

    • Johnny N

      Well first off, I knew what I was doing. There are many things going on. My hands were down but I was in aggressive mode, not so much defensive mode. So in aggressive mode, you’re always looking to trade rather than to defend. Also, the camera is higher up so my face will be more visible making it look like my hands are lower than they really are.

  17. Beor

    Just a partial review so far – ive been going through the videos one by one writing down what i can teach this coming tuesday, ive been doing them as i go so i can familiarize my body to the actual movements, and i can say that personally though i already use footwork alot in the way i spar,these movements work a whole different set of muscles, and my awareness of my balance has really improved thanks to this.

    Its a great program but just a few criticisms for next time johnny
    -some of exercises/drills could be explained in a bit more minute detail. sometimes im not sure if im supposed to be landing my foot on the toe, or just placing it down for example with crosses, or breaking it down so i know which leg starts, follows and ends. I know its just a small thing, but it saves me from having to watch the same segment over and over until i get what each body part is doing.
    -The PDF file would be nice if you had times on it, so we know where to skip to in regards to which drill.
    -A thorough explanation of how the drills help which aspect of footwork/boxing, sometimes i felt that i wasnt sure what the point of something was.
    -And lastly, the feet together stuff is really good in terms of the drills, but im a little scared of beginners developing the habit of closing their feet during a fight rather than using conventional shuffles.

    Overall it was worth the buy, and truly i appreciate all your hard work johnny and give my thanks to Brian as well.

    • Johnny N

      Thank you, Beor, for the great review. I can honestly say I didn’t expect to hear back from you this soon. Please give it a lil more time and you’ll see your footwork really transform. Don’t skip the exercises!

      About your helpful feedback:
      – landing on the toe vs heel – if we don’t mention which one, then you can do either, or if you want as a default, always step on the ball of the foot
      – adding time markers to the PDF worksheet – great idea!
      – an explanation of how the drills specifically help the boxing – we did that the end of each day…but did you mean for me to explain that at the end of every drill?
      – These footwork drills should not be developing bad habits. That’s like saying you’re afraid to skipping rope with your feet together because you’re afraid it’ll transfer into bad ring habits. It might be a logical concern but it’s highly unlikely and definitely not going to happen. These footwork drills are supposed be teaching you how to better use your body, not make you worse.

      • Beor

        thanks johnny,
        and yeah an explanation of how each drill helps would have been a helpful but for the most part you can kind of just tell from how the movement works. from my understanding least the first half are mostly balance orientated and keeping weight centered and not being thrown out.
        and your point on the habits thing makes sense

        • Johnny N

          I’d say a full explanation after every exercise is unnecessary. Think of it this way, the exercises all fit under a theme and we discussed that theme at the end of each day.

  18. endcole

    Ive purchased all your other courses and i do appreciate the effort that has went into this. But……im not feeling this one. Main reason being…you’d think if it all worked so well, then top coaches, trainers etc would introduce it.

    • Johnny N

      I can definitely understand your logic behind that. I originally thought that boxing’s been around so long that they would have figured out all the best training methods by now. Developing punches and footwork shouldn’t be too hard but for some reason, I found it severely lacking in footwork. It’s like coaches nowadays simply rely on the fighter’s natural talent instead of really developing footwork skills. There isn’t the same level of intricacies for footwork technique like there is for punching technique.

      I could easily say that boxers have the best (most functional) punches of any combat athlete or martial art. But I can’t say the same about their footwork. On average, tae kwon do fighters have better footwork. And it’s not hard to see why, they have tons of footwork drills, moving around on two feet, on one feet, it goes on and on. And then the ultimate discovery for me was seeing how dancers trained. After discovering hundreds of amazing footwork drills that dancers use EVERY DAY, it was obvious to me that boxers have a lot to learn from dancers training. You can watch the guys in my trailer video and see for yourself. But nonetheless, if the traditional stuff is what you prefer, I will gladly giving away all that for free on my Youtube channel.

      Oh and THANK YOU for buying my other courses. Your support is greatly appreciated. I respect your honest opinions very much. 🙂

  19. Siamak

    Hi Johnny,

    I’m just looking the day 3 of your videos..its amazing..keep up your good professional work. Thank you for your good work (Also your brother) As soon as i can see all of 10 videos, will write you more feedback.

  20. aztec chief

    hey there johnny,
    how is this different from your other dvd’s like “how to box in 10 days” and “advanced fighting techiques for footwork and punching power”? you must go over footwork in those i assume. i bet this is more concentrated on footwork but can the other dvd work as well?

    • Johnny N

      Hey Chief,

      How to Box in 10 Days focuses on the fundamentals of boxing technique. Great for beginners.

      Advanced Boxing Workshop – advanced punching techniques and fighting footwork techniques and some footwork training drills. 1 hour of punching techniques and 1 hour of footwork techniques.

      Dancer’s Footwork for Fighters – a whole 10-day program with 100+ drills and exercises. The footwork here is far more intense than the one in the Advanced Boxing Workshop.

      Does this help make it a little more clear for you? I understand it can be a bit confusing.

  21. Christian

    Hi, Johnny

    I’m from Brazil, how coud buying your “Dancer’s Footwork for Fighters”? using internacional visa?

    Johnny, thanks for your site, it is really a Lord’s gift for me.

    • Johnny N

      Hi Christian,

      Thank you for the compliments. You should definitely be able to purchase with an international visa. Give it a try and let me know if you have problems.

      • Candace

        I downloaded the first 6 of your series and have until the rest of the month to get the last few…but I have misplaced the link and there is no login area is there? DOH.

        • Johnny N

          Hi Candace,

          Please check your email (in the inbox or also the SPAM folder) for the login details which are automatically sent after you purchase. With the login details you can log into the members area and download the videos again. Let me know if you don’t find it.


  22. Lee

    The footwork drills are awesome. No buyer’s remorse whatsoever. Even the drills that are near impossible or just plain impossible (for me) are worthwhile because they give you something new to think about; perfect way to breathe a little life into repetitive, often monotonous gym sessions. Johnny and his brother offer lots of cool conceptual stuff to go along with the drills which help viewers visualize how to approach each exercise (love the thing about imagining the ground is constantly rising and you have to keep it level with each step).

    So, yeah. It’s good. Buy it. No more lazy feet for you.

  23. Steve

    I just started to download the Dancer’s Footwork program.
    Thank you and thanks for your great video instruction on your site.
    Continue the great videos and explanations.
    You are a martial arts thinker.

  24. Patrick

    Hey Johnny,

    I really like the exercises in the dancers footwork. I believe this is what I needed to step my game to the next level. I already feel like I am way slicker and I can give angles to opponents better. I haven’t sparred since I have started doing the dancers footwork but when I shadow box I feel great. I also wanted to tell you that the foot gripping stuff is an awesome workout. I really like it because it makes my legs feel really strong. I have been doing it every day since then.

    I am so happy about the dancers footwork. Thanks man, you did a great job on this one. BTW the freestyle spins at the end is some of the baddest stuff I have ever seen. Unbelievable footwork. Man do I wish I can do that stuff!! Flat out awesome !!

  25. Harpa

    Hei there Johnny!

    I am a beginner in kick boxing, and I sometimes take some boxing lessons too. What I find difficult is that the two trainers contradict each other in various ways. Thats why I started searching for addittional info on the internet, but even here there are so many contradictions. What I want is to become stronger in my punches and kicks, and leaner and faster. Any recommendations of which videos are best for that purpose in relation to kick boxing?

    Thanx a lot!

  26. Erik


    I would like to thank you and your brother for taking the time to make this video series.

    As I am sure you know very well, gyms are full of people who walk in and start banging on a heavy bag, some coaches aren’t much better…

    This is exactly the sort of thing that makes a decent fighter smooth. Exactly what I have been looking for.

    Maybe I like this video series so much because my Father was a clunky Marine and my Mother was a member of the Martha Graham dance company, lol..

    It’s perfect for me, 1/2 fighter, 1.2 dancer!

    All the best and good luck with everything,

    PS: I will be sure to send a video of my next fight so you can see your principles in application!

  27. Jamie

    Hi Johnny,

    I just brought your fighters dance guide and I also purchased your diet guide earlier. Really looking forward to getting into it. You are the best teacher I’ve come across in any field and I’m not exaggerating!

    I’m really enjoying it so far. Obviously you don’t just do something once and be great at it so I’m taking my time and at least getting the hang of each drill and practicing them regularly. To be honest I already have a good foundation with my footwork and I didn’t find it too difficult to do or pick up any of the exercises in the first 5 days. But this is what I was after and I already really feel the difference. The movement, the balance and the flow all seems better to me.

    The more advanced parts were so tricky and quick that I often found myself repeating it often to find out how you were doing things. Not that I didn’t end up getting it. Obviously havn’t finished yet but yeah definetly very impressed, as I expected to be being a regular reader of your website. Please keep it up.


  28. Jonathan

    Hi Johnny, I’m a past customer and bought it just now! Anyways, your instructional videos have been a huge help. There’s just nothing else like it on the web!
    Thank you,

  29. Steve

    I am getting along well with the Dancer’s Footwork videos.
    I downloaded the Pivot video first because I am very interested in how to pivot.
    I have studied Yang tai chi for about 15 years and have never mastered the pivot, or even been comfortable with it.

    The instruction you and your brother provide is excellent. I especially like the way you put text on the screen to reinforce the visuals. I would have to study the video to be able to put it into practice, so at this point I cannot give you a progress report. I am 70 years old, have studied martial arts all my life.

    I thank you for your time and for the effort you have put into Dancer’s Footwork.

  30. Erik Wesley

    To anyone who thinks that this dance-y stuff is for sissies: You will get knocked out by someone more open minded and disciplined in no time. Floyd Mayweather was on Dancing Wit the Stars, and Sugar Ray Robinson used to dance with Gene Kelly. This stuff works and it works well. The Nguyen brothers know what they are talking about. Take the time and do these drills. Besides, they make a great warm-up anyhow.

    Johnny: I realize this is a boxing site, and more than respect the sanctity of the sport. I was wondering however, if you could post a short video or even a few lines about how to safely punch into the clinch. This is obviously not the most primary boxing skill, but would be extremely valuable for MMA fighters with a boxing background.

    All the best!

  31. Adam

    Hey Man!

    I just bought the advanced footwork and punching power video 2 days ago. I always gotten beat up by my trainer who only throws powerhits, But sudenly i became so much faster, so he cant hit me with them any more, and every time he hit me ones i get him twice! Thank you so much.
    I am going to my 15 fight in 1 month, so i hope i can learn some footwork from this video!

    I know you are busy, but i hope you can make some more southpaw stuff 🙂

    Peace out from Denmark:)

  32. Audrey

    I’m buying this new footwork guide. I do both boxing and dancing, so this knowledge can only be valuable for both these fields.

  33. PJ L

    Thanks Johnny for the video, I want be sure to get my absolute basics down before going for anything too fancy so I currently work on footwork, balance as well as getting better with my basic punches.

    They certainly highlighted areas that I was lacking in terms of balance and coordination, I really liked it and now use some of them during down times as well as warm up when I’m training.

    I’d like to thank you and your brother for this video series.

  34. Newton P

    Any testimonies and success stories from this?

    I’m on the fence.

    What’s the time commitment required? I’m in the office for a majority of my day and then have to study at night. Typically i only have 1 or 2 hours a night. Will this training series dominate my time? I’d still like to do 1 hour of boxing/sparring 4-5 times a week.

    • Johnny N

      Hi Newton,

      You can read past testimonials from others in this comment section. There are more than a few.

      The success stories are still coming in slowly as it’s only been out for a month and it’s a 10-day program. I imagine the difficulty might have had a few people repeating certain days but then again that speaks to the level of training provided.

      1 or 2 hours a night will be enough. You don’t have to rush through this. It’s better if you repeat it and take your time. I designed this as a 10-day program but you could easily repeat it for 2 months to really give your body the time to adapt and develop new muscles. Any effort that you put into this will be better than nothing. I’m confident your footwork will improve if you take this seriously.

  35. Aidan

    Hi Johnny. I’ve been through the first four days of material and I notice that my posture overall has greatly improved, especially while sitting. My footwork is much more refined, as I am lighter on my feet and notice that balance is being fine tuned. So far, its been great. I’m very happy that I made this purchase. I’ll let you know more when the time comes, if you want.

  36. Tanc

    Hey Johnny. I am usually not buying online courses but I have been a faithful reader for a long time and I simply trust your ideas(and has worked fine so far on my boxe). On top of that I have a female friend who’s a tango instructor(and very far from being a boxer) and she bought this course. She told me it’s equally effective for dancers.. so I’m looking forward to begin. Cheers and keep it up Johnny Boy!!!

  37. Ralphy Ruiz

    Not sure often you respond to these comments but man great job on the Dancers footwork videos. I purchased it last week, haven’t had time to do all of them yet but definitely great stuff!

  38. PJ L

    Hey Johnny,

    So far its helped a lot with my positioning as well as setting attacks from angles with pivots.

    Still highlights my legs need more work so more exercises on the calves and more are still underway.
    I also train in Muay Thai so it was really useful for sparring dealing with people who like to charge forward.

    I also took a look at your video on throwing hooks, it helped a lot. No more pain on shoulders and more power now its a case of making sure my fist is in a proper position to not hurt my wrist.

    The videos have been great so far, making as much use as possible.


  39. Ralph Ruiz

    I been a personal trainer for almost 8 years now training people of all age groups and lifestyles from retired senior citizens to active pro athletes. Balance and stability is perhaps the most important thing in achieving an optimal level of fitness and athletic performance. I’ve always focused on making sure that everyone works on this area before even attempting anything else in the gym. This program is GOLD! The exercises in this video targets the key element of balance which is kinetic balance. many people can stand on one leg without a balance problem which is great but how often do you actually stand still in a boxing ring, or any other sports activity? I did just a few exercises on this dvd religiously and now I can literally dance in the ring switching from orthodox to southpaw without missing a beat! Very devastating stuff for my opponents LOL. For anyone who has any doubts about this dvd or any doubts on how effective these drills are look up Arnold Schwarzenegger doing ballet. Obviously Arnold isn’t a boxer but those ballet drills improved his strength, balance and stability thus improving his lifting abilities lifting his way into legendary status! Good job Johnny! keep up the good work, I can’t wait to see what else you have cooking. 🙂

    • Johnny N

      Thanks for this, Ralph! I’m very glad you enjoyed the exercises. There are so many challenging ones in there and it’s near impossible to really do them PERFECTLY.

  40. Brett

    Hey Johnny,

    Just getting through the first few tapes, great stuff! I think they reinforce and put into perspective a lot of the lessons and principles from the Advanced Boxing Workshop series.

    The drills have greatly improved my balance and posture. I’m still recovering from a fractured pelvis earlier in the year that has limited my mobility and balance. This coupled with the fact that I’m already pretty muscular (not competitive bodybuilder big, more athletic type-I work in the fitness industry) with some pelvic tilt has really thrown my balance forward.
    The drills really help my boxing, as well as my general posture. I am starting to hit faster and harder, with less effort.

    I’ll post up on the site once I get through some more of the series. I hope you’re having another workshop. I’m out in Boston, but travel every month or two out West (usually LA, Anaheim, or Vegas) and could get out to the LA area from any of these locations.

    Keep the info coming,

  41. Rajinder

    Hi Johnny,

    The footwork DVD is great. Only watched the whole thing through once in one sitting.

    I have been out of the game for 7 months so as of next week I will be returning to the gym and following you and your brothers guidance on these drills…. Give me a few weeks and I will happily give you some feedback.

    One other thing, you completed these videos in the past but for only Mayweather and Pacquiao… & these videos are gold dust!!! I would happily pay to have a collection of these types of analysis including past and present stars from the likes of Roy Jones Jr to Klitschko’s. These really give a great deal of insight into styles, as you can see a direct breakdown of moves and can adopt them to your own arsenal of attack and defense!! Boxer tendency’s are a great way to show the result of a rehearsed skill to define ones movement and fight flow.


  42. Stéphane

    Hello Johnny

    First of all, thanks for publishing your work on the net.
    May I say a bit about me ? I’m French and I live in the south of France. I practice the French boxing( called in original version : “Boxe Française” or « Savate » aka BF). BF uses fists and feet.
    I was searching for cours and tips on boxing generally to improve my practice and specially in footworks and I must confess that footworks, as made by boxers( in France, we say « english boxing » for boxing only with fists), always impress me : quick, unpredictable, stable. I was specially impressed by Mohamed Ali , heavy weight and so « light » . Naturally I don’t omit the move aspect in boxe : head movement, body movement and so on. My strong belief is that the foundation, the root, is to master displacements. I’m fascinated by Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire and I totally agree with the Gene’s point of view about considering that all sports are dance. The short video on internet with Ray Sugar Robinson and Gene is very interesting about that.

    Come on now to you website. I found that the tutos I saw are well thought out, and that there is a real reflection and knowledge behind them. They let me improve my skill. So When I saw that you sell cours about dance and boxing, and when I saw Gene with Robinson in the demo, I knew that I found what I searching for. And I’m not really the kind of man to buy on the net !

    So I watched the video you’ve made : I find it professional and well done with very good advices. Now I’m happy to be more self confident about what I was thinking about moves and displacements. Few years ago, I practiced for two years Tai chi chuan and I find a lot of similitudes : back straight, a rope going to the sky that “get out of the head », always be stable when you walk, grip the ground, the head drive the movement and so many things (funny to see that there are some same concepts in Yoga).
    In your video, points that very interested me were Spin and Pivots , because of all legs movements in BF.

    About the improvement in my technics or in my leg muscle development, I can say nothing at present because, and I’m sure you know it, it’s in fact a very long work. When you wrote « day 1 : posture » and « Day 9 : Spins » , I know perfectly well that, in fact, it’s more « month 1 : posture » and « month 9 : spins” (I’m sure I’m below the reality). Really, I’ve got work for years and your cours is a fundamental work and I know that before buy your cours. But there is no doubt that there will be improvement in moving, in muscle or in stability.

    I think the best is to contact you again in a few months when I put your cours into practice.

    Just keep it up !
    Best regards.

  43. Alexander

    Hi Johnny,

    I have been looking at your site for a while now, and it feels a bit like you have become my personal coach so nice to finally touch base.

    I have not yet completed the dancers footwork programme yet. I have completed the first four days. The reason I have not yet worked through it is that I originally purchased this in the lead up to my first fight. Its not amateurs, but what we call over here in the UK “White collar boxing”.

    I wasn’t looking for something to miraculously transform my footwork ready for fight night in a matter of weeks, but instead just anything that may give me a bit of a head start when it came to my footwork.

    I have to say though that the strength and quickness in my footwork improved almost after just one day. Before starting a new lesson, I would go over all the exercises I had learnt on previous days before starting the new lesson. Already, I am genuinely starting to notice the results.

    Anyway, my fight is coming up this Friday, and as i got closer, I felt I needed to concentrate my training time on conditioning rather than technique so have put the training programme down until after fight night.

    I will give full feedback when I finish the course, but what i can say is that from the first 4 lessons alone, my balance, and strength in my footwork has definitely improved. I do believe it is vital to go over previous exercises before you start a new lesson. That would be my tip for everyone using the programme, take the time to do the previous days’ exercises before a new lesson, and you will get very quick results.

    The programme has given me more confidence in the strength of my legs and footwork in general which is going to be great going into the fight.

    And lastly, it was really cool to be able to “hang out” with you and Bryan, which is what I felt like i was doing after a while.

    I am really really enjoying the programme, and I love the way that you and Bryan teach it, and I really mean that. I think its great.

    I will be in touch when I finish the programme.

    Take care.

    Kind Regards.


  44. John

    Dear Johnny,

    My awareness of my moves is higher. I feel perhaps with stronger leg muscles. I learned a lot on balance. The best thing I learned from the exercises is my awareness of my moves so far.

    Best regards,

  45. Harry

    I know this is dancing drills meant for fighting, but how do you think this will translate to actual dancing skills for a guy with two left feet? I’ve been putting off dance classes for months, but want to learn eventually to pass on to my daughter, and I think this might be the key since I planned on getting back into boxing within this month

    • Johnny N

      It really depends on the type of dancing your doing but this type of training is more for leg strengthening, coordination, balance, and control. Whereas to be a dancer, you also need rhythm and flow. Having two left feet sounds more like a rhythm problem than a conditioning problem. My videos might help but I think you’re better off with actual dance classes.

      • Harry

        Wouldn’t coordination make it much easier to develop rhythm? I always thought two left feet was just bad coordination

        • Johnny N

          I wouldn’t say that coordination develops rhythm so much as that coordination is a minimum requirement for being able to develop rhythm. You have to be able to move your body in order to move it to a rhythm.

  46. Steve

    Here are my impressions of the dance footwork dvds after viewing all ten days.

    You guys are amazing, as instructors,as demonstrators,and as performers.

    Didn’t know there was so much to learn about the core, pivots, and footwork.

    I would recommend that all martial artists, whatever their style, view, study, and practice these movements to improve their balance, develop their core and legs, and enhance their footwork.

    Thank you for making the videos for all of us.

    All the best.

  47. saber khan

    hey johnny, just wanted to check out the advanced footwork series, pick up a few pointers.. dunno how big these are yet but got a few free days, why not learn a little something eh 🙂 is this stuff diff from the dancers’ footwork bit ? or is it somewhat similiar material ? hope u dont mind while i take credit for any tricks i pick up in front of my students 😉

    • Johnny N

      Good to hear from you, man! Let me know what you pick up? Lots of good stuff in there. 🙂

      As for the dancer’s footwork, that’s way wayyyyyy more intense and none of that stuff is shared in the Advanced Boxing Workshop. It’s a totally different kind of footwork drills. I highly recommend if you get the chance. It’ll humble just about anybody.

  48. Timothy

    Super awesome product. I love your website. I train muay thai in manhattan with Kru Phil nurse, and this product is excellent for kickboxing, with the taller posture and feet closer together.

    Thanks a lot

  49. Tazmanian

    Hey Johnny , i have been reading your articles regularly for a while now and i have learned a lot from them.

    Your combination of theory and practice almost seem based on a scientific approach.

    After 1.5 yrs reading your articles for free i felt you deserved the money even without me buying anything really.

    The Dancers footwork for boxer’s was an offer i simply couldn’t refuse.

    It is a great concept and it shows how seriously you take the Art / Science of Boxing.

    I will be studying the lessons and will drop some feedback sooner or later.

    Many thanks for your hard work.

  50. Justin

    Just started boxing about a month and a half ago. Maybe it’s just because I’m new but I haven’t done any footwork drills at my gym and I defiantly haven’t been taught all the little finer points such as posture, coordination, leg awareness, you know stuff like that. So it really was an easy decision to buy this.

    Well after day 2 I already notice better balance, stronger legs and hips (no more hip pain when pivoting) I’m lighter on my feet, and overall more aware of my movement. And this is just after the first two videos. Now it’s not like I’m dancing around like Muhammad Ali all of a sudden but there’s defiantly some improvement. Ill most defiantly put another review up once I finish the program which I expect will take longer than the 10 days. It makes me excited just thinking about going into the gym all slick and everything!

    I can’t speak for all the videos but so far the first two videos have been presented well and Johnny and Brian are thorough in their explanations and describing of the workouts.

    The $84 is completely worth it. Especially to a new boxer who isn’t being trained in footwork. I’m not saying that if you take boxing seriously you’ll buy these videos, I’m saying if you take boxing seriously the information and drills on these videos are invaluable. So based off of doin just the first two DVDS i highly recommend this. Big thanks to Johnny and Brian for putting this together.

  51. Zachary

    Hi Johnny,

    I only just recently downloaded the “Dancer’s Footwork for Fighters” training program the other day. I went through the day one exercises yesterday, and I plan on starting day two today. So far with just the day one content I am extremely happy with my purchase.

    I have read many older martial arts text that talk about directing your energy and being ground and rooted in your movement. Those concepts always seemed a little abstract with the explanation and illustrations provided. The instructions and information that you and your brother provided really made those concepts click for me. I am really looking forward to going over the rest of the content. After I completely cover the rest of the program I would be more than happy to provide a more in-depth feedback and post a testimonial on your site.

    Your website has been the one of the most important things that has inspired me to continue my pursuit of boxing. Thank you for making such a great resource and keep up the great work!

    Zachary Marion

    • Johnny N

      Sure…you could do that, it’s always a good idea to do your own research. But you might also run into hundreds of exercises that don’t apply to fighters. It would take you a lot of trial and error to figure out which exercises should come first, and then how to put your own footwork program together. You’ll save some money but spend a lot more time figuring things out on your own. And there’s a good chance you might still be doing them wrong (because you don’t know which areas of technique to emphasize) and miss out on the benefits anyway.

  52. Eddie


    Hi there! I am a wrestling coach at the high school and youth levels and help teach wrestling tactics to MMA fighters. Like some of the other posters, we find lots of references to footwork, but little in the way of helping athletes develop that smoothness in practical terms.

    I have actually been looking for something that would help me use dance to apply to our sport. I think this is a great idea.

    Questions: Is this instructional tailored to the needs of a fighter? How about to a wrestler that must maintain a lower stance and still be able to pick up one’s feet?

    Thank you!

    • Johnny N

      Hi Eddie,

      This instructional is especially tailored to fighters. It doesn’t matter if you want a lower stance or higher stance, the drills here will develop stronger and more coordinated legs regardless of what you want to do with them. For as long as you’re still on your feet and need balance, speed, power, and coordination, these drills will take you to the next level.


  53. Simon

    Hi Johnny,

    The training program is great.

    I did 8 days in a row and did a new lesson each day. I have still to do lessons 9 and 10. I did them during my vacation over New Year so I want to repeat it all now and include 9 and 10.

    I found the sessions of 30 minutes were exactly right. I was able to focus and concentrate on the new moves and exercises for that amount of time and it was easy to fit into the day. If I had time and energy left I repeated the lesson from the day before or worked on some of the more complicated moves.

    The explanations were very clear and I had no difficulty following the program. I found the emphasis on what muscles to focus on particularly useful and noticed a big difference in how I engaged my core to move. I also felt a big increase in calf, foot and core strength over the 8 days and this carried over to any other movement activities I do.

    I am now trying to distil my favourite moves and exercises into short daily routines so I can mix them into my other workouts and training. The Workbook that you provided has been very helpful for this and also the tips to make things more challenging (closing your eyes for example).

    I’m actually practising Wing Chun and the focus on posture, keeping weight low and engaging the core have translated perfectly for this art. I need to practise the footwork drills more to feel the full benefit as I still find my feet freeze a bit when my mind is focussing on my hands. With more practise I hope that my feet will require less thought and start to move more quickly.

    I have also been adapting my running style to barefoot running and again the information on posture and muscle engagement when stepping had a direct application and benefit to my running.

    I’m trying hard to think of counstructive criticism where you could improve thge program, but struggling to find anything. The duration of each session, the film angles, the explanations, the demonstrations, the comprehensive information (posture, concept of heavy movement, engaging core, breathing etc) were all spot on.

    Thanks for the program, I feel it was money well invested in my training and development and I enjoyed it thoroughly too. I should probably have done some of it in private as my kids now mimic me by walking around with a broom handle down their backs and lampoon my walk!

    K rgds,

  54. Albert Vasquez cabana

    Hey lost my your email could you send me another one to watch the videos I paid, dance footwork for fighters. Thx .

  55. Hugo Diaz

    What’s up man! First of all I want to say thanks so much I’ve learned so much from the internet, especially you in particular, it means a lot thanks (and keep doing what you’re doing)!

  56. James B

    Since I already purchased the boxing 10 day set, I thought the dancers footwork for boxers would be a good supplementary set. I have taken kickboxing and karate classes, but I don’t remember footwork ever being described or taught like I saw it in the 10 day course. Of course, traditional karate movement does not seem real practical. You certainly don’t see anyone sparring like that with footwork like that use in the forms.

  57. Alberto v

    Hey Johnny, I’m just too exited to try the new training , just started taking classes too … Hoping to start your new training soon to become a pro . “Dancing for fighters”

    Thx Johnny .

  58. Timothy

    Hey Johnny,

    I’ve been taking it slow moving through the tapes because of some stress fractures in my metatarsals. Threw a few too many round kicks while catching my feet and not my shins 🙁

    Nevertheless I’ve been focusing on refining my game overall and have been going through this whole paradigm shift with my posture trying to maintain a taller neutral axis even before I saw your tapes. Which is great because I was already primed to adopt your great system of exercises that makes it much easier to develop the right muscles, coordination and awareness. It has also helped to me to conceptualize more clearly what I’m trying to accomplish. My legs and feet have been sore from all the exercises. The perfect way to rehab them to start training harder again and getting back on the old jump rope. Overall I feel a lot heavier (more grounded) yet taller and more mobile.

    Fancy footwork is important in kickboxing but not as much as it is in boxing. Nevertheless some extra mobility is always nice, but most importantly staying tall and intimidating, balanced and graceful is vital for getting your kicks off quicker in combinations and with less telegraphing. I even feel like the taller, straiter legged and closer feet posture of tango and ballet dancers is much more up the alley of Muay Thai. I have really been trying to get back to a more traditional Muay Thai stance as opposed the the mma stance I’ve developed over the years training with a lot of mma guys.

    Also I feel like I am able to breathe better and relax more which leads to better overall responsiveness. Going to keep working through the tapes I’ll update you again in the future and write up a testimonial. It takes me a long time to process these types of things but I make sure I get it down right. Plus I’m just a busy guy and can spread myself real thin sometimes. Nevertheless I love your site again. And i would love to give back to the Muay Thai world as you have to the boxing world and perhaps create an expert Muay Thai type of website.

    Timothy Silva

  59. Colin

    Hi Johnny,

    I’ve only watched the first 3 days of your program and have been practising the exercises daily for a week now.

    I’m a fencer and am looking to get better balance and control with my footwork.

    After a week my awareness of my footwork and balance has increased big time. And as a result my confidence in my footwork has increased too. This might sound strange but it feels like I’m starting to get a similar feeling of control in my feet to the feeling of control I have with my hands!

    And in terms of muscle development the strength, flexibility and feeling in my lower legs and around the hips/groin/butt have increased too.

    So my feedback in these early stages is “two thumbs up”. I look forward to getting through the whole program – have some comps coming up and am tapering off my training so it may take a week or three to complete.




  60. Mikael

    Hi Johnny!

    Do you ship this dvd to Europe? To Finland to be more specific, because i would love to get this as a part of my training program 🙂

    • Johnny N

      Hi Mikael,

      This is a digital instructional series! So you can download the videos immediately after purchasing. Thanks for asking! And yes, the drills will definitely add a new kick to your training program.


  61. Glenn P.

    Hey, y’all. I just want to say a big thanks to Johnny for helping me with the videos. Seems I had a codec problem and he walked me through the solution. That’s awesome customer service. Thanks, man. You’ve made my workouts interesting again.


  62. Roger Guevara-Flores

    I’m strongly considering buying this by tomorrow. I have an ectomorph body type and I was wondering if this could be my primary leg workout in conditioning and bulking a little in the area? I was at a ballet last year, and couldn’t help but recognize the great, lower body physique the males owned. That’s my idea behind my question.

    • Johnny N

      These workouts will definitely conditioning your lower body and core muscles very well, Roger. If you like what you saw in ballet training, there’s a ton more of that here. This will be perfect for you.

  63. Chad F.

    Hey Johnny,

    I purchased this product a couple weeks ago and have been rabidly absorbing all the techniques / drills you and your brother have put together.

    A bit about me: I’m a 1st degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. (Basically, a kickboxer). I’m 44 years old and had been plateauing with my fighting skills, particularly when it came to fighting the higher belts in my system: 2nd degree and up. I had difficulty breathing, leaning forward, and was being caught flat-footed much of the time over habits that I, quite frankly, wasn’t aware that I was doing. Although my mentors and I would work on single situational drills to address certain problems in my technique, it was only getting marginally better.

    That is, until I started perusing your web site. I started with your boxing tips on breathing techniques with blocking. By itself, that helped tremendously. Then I downloaded your dancer’s package…

    Right now, I’m only on day #4/5. I’ve been doing posture / walking drills, plus supplementing the program by running with skelly toed shoes to enforce movement on the balls of my feet. I’ve been slowly absorbing your lessons and adapting it to my preferred fighting style.

    Let me put it to you this way – my fighting ability has been night and day since I’ve started on your lesson plan. I’m no longer getting winded. Every time I get attacked, I have a good answer for countering – much of it involves a simple shuffle of my feet (call it a dance step by simply twisting my hips in the opposite direction + shuffling feet accordingly). More often than not, I find myself to be in an excellent position to either counter attack or evade the opponent if there’s not an opportune opening. Your program has made me much more aware of my body’s footwork and I’m putting in the reps to make every technique I do to be executed without thought.

    I have you (and your brother) to thank for putting me on this path. I’m very grateful. THANK YOU !

  64. Matt T

    To Johnny,
    First off, I would like to thank you and your brother. You two put together a very nice product that contains lots of information that does not simply apply to fighting but to everyday movement and balance. It really gets you to notice your body and how it moves and is positioned throughout the day.
    Second, onto the meat and potatoes, what changes have I noticed? I should mention that I train Kickboxing and Grappling, so I am not a pure boxer. I have been taking the program slow, spending 2-3 days on each program day. I am recovering from a knee injury, so I have been progressing slowly in order to keep from injuring anything with new movements. I have noticed a lighter feeling while moving. Just doing the footwork that I usually do during my classes, I have noticed sharper direction changes and I feel that I use less energy to move around. My calves definitely feel different. Maybe not to the touch or by looking, but they have more spring to them and tire less quickly. As I said, I am progressing slowly. When I get through the program, I can give you a better idea of the full extent of noticeable changes, but what I have mentioned, is what I have noticed thus far.
    In closing, Thank you again for all the work you do. Not just on this DVD but your whole site and videos. It is really awesome when people are willing to share their knowledge, opinions, and talents to a wide community. Also, I will let you know how the program goes once I finish it.


  65. Robbie I

    hi johnny i`m using your advise for rugby training for my son it will probably help being evasive in offence, have you got any advice on how to combat 13 year old polynesian kids the size of adults destroying all before them on the footy field, only joking i will get back to you as it is only preseason stages, after looking over the footage i believe he will benefit greatly with the dancing knowledge talk to you later

  66. Glenn

    Hi, Johnny:

    I LOVE the videos.

    On background: I’m a 52-year-old guy with amazing foot speed and nearly zero boxing experience (although I have been working the heavy bag, focusing on footwork, balance, and thrust rather than pounding). I’ve been doing this work over the winter in order to condition my piriformis muscles for my most preferred sport, disc golf. I have to tell you, I’ve been loving this conditioning so much, I’m thinking of taking my learning to the next level. That’s why I purchased the videos.

    I really LOVE what you’ve done here and I want to support you with this purchase as you support me with the teaching. Again, loving this combination of dance and sweet science. Thank you.


    • Johnny N

      Hi Troy,

      Sorry for the slow reply, as I’m currently on vacation. The videos are large to help you see all the details. It would be several gigabytes worth of space.

    • Johnny N

      Hi Jeff,

      Physical DVD’s are not an economical means right now as I do not sell enough volume to make the cost of producing and shipping DVD’s reasonable. I would have to produce custom DVD’s/box-covers, store them and ship them out which is also quite expensive for overseas customers (and then there’s the cost of items lost or damaged in shipping). It is the same reason why I sell ebooks rather than printed paper books…it really comes down to cost and convenience (not only for me, but for customers).

      Going the digital route so far has made it the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way for me to deliver boxing instruction to my fans and customers. Of course, you are always welcome to burn the videos onto DVD discs yourself if you wish to view them on DVD players or watch at a friend’s house, etc.

  67. Joe Lacroix

    Just picked up Dancers footwork for fighters, looking forward to seeing what I can do with it and how far I can make it. Thanks again for all of the effort you put into helping the boxing community!

  68. Jordan

    Hey Johnny,

    I’ve been practicing the principles from the first 2 days and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my confidence, footwork, and head movement due to my new understanding of my “center”. I now understand one of the huge differences between me and the pros I’ve spared with is their relaxation and use of their center of gravity. My legs have gotten very toned from doing the exerciese! Which I’m very glad about.

    Your program has been a blast of knowledge. I’ll give you a more detailed review once I finish the program. Keep up the great work!


  69. Michel

    Hi Johnny,

    -I have finished day 7 today so I’m not completly finished with the drill but me and also my coach noticed big improvement in my footwork. Already after I finished day 2 I immediatly saw the difference, mainly that I was standing on my toes all the time, while punching, moving etc. Before I always tried to do that but I was never able to do it. I always ended up standing there flat footed or moving with my heels first. After these two days I was just moving on my toes without even paying attention to it, it just became automatical. Another big plus is that with all this footwork I became much more fluent with everything punches, slipping etc. I have done balance exercices before which my girlfriend who does gymnastics gave me, these also helped me a lot before and made it a little easier for me to master some exercices from this drill because my balance muscles were already developed, but still my balance improved also with this drill.
    -The changes I noticed in my leg muscles is that it feels much more natural to stand and move on my toes. I don’t get tired when I move a lot during sparring because these drills also strengthen your calves and your leg muscles.
    -My only question is how should I keep doing the exercices after I’m done with day 10, should I just keep on doing the drills again from day 1 to day 10 or mix em up?
    -I’ve definitly learned a lot with this drill and I’m not even completely finished! The money is absolutly worth it to buy this drill, it is even cheap if you consider how much you can learn from this and how much work you and your brother put into this.
    -The only recommendation I have is that you could write behind every exercice how many reps you should do or for how long, for the rest it is done very good and easy to understand.

    To conclude I want to say thank you very much to you and your brother for this great drill, it helped me a lot and I hope that my review is helpful to others.
    I’m looking forward to my next fight this saturday so that I can see the difference compared to my last fight 3 weeks ago. I even consider to go to tango classes during offseason if I can find anything here in Luxembourg.

    Thanks again!


  70. Craig

    Your balance drills are quite simply superb and I will be using them in coaching our Elite level boxers here in England.

  71. Wayne

    Hi Johnny,

    thanks for posting up all the video on youtube, is extremely helpful for beginner.

    To be honest , after I bought you footwork trainer video, I watched it and train abit with it and left it there for a short while.

    After a few weeks later, I keep working on your other drills( you tube) everyday and got a chance to join the fight team in my gym. After i join the fight team I realize how important the calfs muscle is in fighting and sparring compare to just doing heavy bag work without any external pressure.

    So now I am back to all your dancer footwork drilll everyday. especially day 2, the drill is awesome, crawling with the toe only just burn the calf, quads and adductors!! I finally understand is very useful and helpful. hopefully will get stronger each day!! thanks.

    I will purchase your advance technique soon. 😉
    thanks johnny


  72. Jonathan Heah


    Just purchased the product and did not receive the email regarding my login, also checked my spam folder but still no email. Help!

    Thank you.

  73. Ruben Olbera

    Im 16 and I want to be a skilled fighter, defenseman, and quck with a little power but i know im too skinny
    So my body gets damaged easily.. and I need balance to even attempt to fight
    in a ring or anywhere please email me I would be extremely greatful to hear from a proffesional

  74. Jonathan

    So if you had to choose which dances would have the best translation to fighting what would the top 5 be in order? From what I’ve gathered so far: Tango, Ballet, and Cha-Cha. What about Capoeira, would this type of footwork give better or less functionality in actual fighting?

  75. Tom

    Hi. I just ordered the dancers footwork for fighters videos. After I paid I redirected to a download site. I was able to download the lower resolution day 1 video but then my browser wend crazy with pop up ads. Pretty sure there’s a virus on your site. I had to reinstall the browser and I can’t get back to download the rest of the videos (also not sure if it’s safe to). I never got an email with the download info – already checked the junk box but it’s not there either.

    Hoping to get this worked out soon

    • Johnny N

      Hi Tom,

      I’ve never heard of the spam pop-up problem. Please try a different browser like Chrome or Firefox and tell me if you still have the problem. Also…please contact me directly via email for a faster response. And I’ll be able to ask you more sensitive questions and reset your account if need be.


  76. Tom

    Just wanted to let you know everything’s working great and I no longer have any issues. I respectively give a few comment for your considerations.
    1. I’m only through day 4 so keep that in mind.
    2. I’m a seasoned martial artist, not a boxer
    3. The emphasis on balance and finding your center (balance point) mimics the higher level martial arts such as Aikido, Taijiquan, Baguazhang.
    4. The exercises given in day 1 and 2 are not only a great starting point for finding balance but also great for people who suffer from foot, ankle, and knee injuries.
    5. Exercise 3 of day 3 is absolutely aligned with aikido applications although they do it two different ways. When they do it as you do in the video (with the upper body maintaining a focused direction), this would be considered a “spring loaded position” (energy collected in your spine like a spring) that is ready to execute a technique. If you allow the upper body to turn more in the direction of movement, this would be considered as releasing the springs energy to execute a technique.
    6. In day 3, square and triangle walking, is absolutely analogous to the circle walking exercises of the internal martial art of Baguazhang (although the circle size your using is smaller). With your upper body maintaining a direction towards the center of movement, one would say that the spring (energy in the spine) in loaded and ready to execute a technique.
    7. In day 4, the cat walk, projection walk, and running walk show the basis behind the footwork of Taijiquan except they might rotate on their heel instead of the ball of the foot as a way of transferring power or changing direction.

    Overall I’m really enjoying your work, As an idea for a sequel, you might first show a 30-45 minute daily workout routine based on the exercises given in this series followed by an explanation of various techniques that take advantage of the foot work shown.

    Thanks again and good luck,
    Tom Yuschak

    • Johnny N

      Thank you for the feedback, Tom. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the drills. We’ve definitely considered doing a sequel with harder drills, different drills, and deeper explanations. My level of footwork skill is also much higher now than it was 2 years ago. 🙂

  77. Mica

    I bought it for my girls who play court sports. It has been phenomenal! We are just on day 5 but the difference in their balance and mobility is remarkable. Posture is a big factor in success with their sports, I am glad to say that there will less falling forward or backward diminishing their power when striking the ball! It has helped them with positioning, quicker first step explosiveness, and teaching how to be heavy is something no coach has been able to teach them yet although all of them want the effect you have been able to teach in just a few short hours. Thank you and we look forward to the next 5 days if training!

    Satisfied Mom

      • alex

        ok, thanks

        I’ve been boxing for a couple yrs. My footwork has always needed improvement. Do you think taking a salsa class at my local JC would help and transfer over to boxing? if I can’t get the dvd now

        • Johnny N

          I’ve never done salsa so I can’t speak on it but I think salsa works more on hip movement rather than raw leg & foot strength. And it’s more rhythm and groove rather than balance and coordination. The drills in here are more used by classical dancers such as ballet. It’s a whole different range of movement than salsa.

  78. alex

    interesting, I did not know that. I figured salsa would good because my coach also talks about finding your “rhythm”. Maybe he didn’t mean it literally lol. thanks Johnny

  79. Kevin

    Hey Johnny! I just finished all 8 days and am going to redo all of them again, they really are killers! They already made a LOT of improvement in the way I stand, move, and box. I can feel the improvement in my balance when I throw punches while moving in shadowboxing and sparring as well as leg speed and precision, and also my punching power! I was surprised myself to see how they’re getting more snap and power after doing all the core twisting exercises you showed and I’m sure I’ll get even more if I continue doing those exercises. Those $84 are worth it just like you told me, I’m glad I purchased your program!

    I’d be happy if you could help me by giving more information regarding those drills such as how they apply when you box, you did explain some of them but some are left unexplained. Although I already felt the results, I’m sure I’ll gain more skills and knowledge when I understand how to apply them in a fight, be it for punching or moving in and out of range.

    Overall I’m really happy with this product, it really is awesome and worth the money! Thanks a lot Johnny, keep up the great work!

    Kevin S

  80. Dennis Gearon

    I’m a Salsa dance looking to improve movement and positioning. Can I get some kind of sample privately? Beginning, middle, and end or something like that?

    • Johnny N

      Hi Dennis,

      This instructional was not meant for Salsa dancers. I would advise you not to buy this. You would probably do better looking up salsa drills on Youtube.


  81. Simeon

    Greetings Johnny,
    It is rare to find such quality information and time given so freely. I truly appreciate your passion for learning and teaching. I recently purchased the dancers footwork for fighters.

    I have started my first day video and I am thoroughly excited with the material. More often than not it is easy to overlook such simple yet infinitely important details when moving. I believe that the information that you and your brother provide is well organized and relatable, thus giving the student a smooth learning platform.

    Thank you for your time,
    Simeon H

  82. Jürgen

    Hi Johnny,

    I didn’t start the practice, but glimpsed through the videos, well done, love your engagement and like this very unique approach!

    Best wishes,


  83. Frank Banner

    I was wondering if there would be a price drop being as the instructional is 2 years old.
    60 and I would be sold, but to cough up $84 with no money back guarantee if its not for me or some sort of like trial video posted up with like a 5 min workout video showing us you guys do the basics dude. Other then that man it looks amazing and I love footwork and have been trying to practice it myself. I have injured my calves here and there doing it mimicing Ali and Pep hahaha

    • Johnny N

      Hi Frank,

      I have a lot of pride for my work and priced the course at the very lowest that I could without feeling like I’m disrespecting myself. I know the price can seem high for many and I could have easily turned out something less valuable and charged less and sold more copies of it. But instead, I decided to put as much heart and work as I could into it because my ultimate goal is to improve fighters’ footwork.

      At the end of the day, how much is it worth to you to develop a new level of balance, footwork, power…hit harder, avoid punches? I think for the right individual who really needs it, the knowledge is invaluable and perhaps even priceless. You’re not paying $84 for a bunch of videos, what you’re really paying for is the years of knowledge I spent and the blood, sweat, tears, trial and error to know what I know now.

      I do not offer a money back guarantee because I believe that anyone who genuinely wants to learn something new will appreciate it. In the past when I had a moneyback guarantee, several people tried to take advantage of that which really turned me off to the whole idea. There is nothing like this out there for fighters, that much I can guarantee.

      My recommendation to you…don’t buy it. I give out so much stuff for free and if money is a true concern to you, please continue to take advantage of my free resources on the website and Youtube. I’ve put out tons of information there year after year and will not charge you a single cent to benefit from it.

      Thank you for being upfront and honest with me.

      • Frank Banner

        Thanks for you response. Money isn’t the issue its just I have done the same. I guess its kinda like the same thing but opposite. I have ordered dozens of stuff in the past and it made me really skeptical about buying online without a assured refund of some sort, but as a business man my self I do see where you stance is what it is on the price. If it were me i would probably heavily consider the same. Honesty brings understanding dude, but I do plan on buying it just off of how honest and straight forward you were with me.

  84. violeta

    Hi! It took me two months to get to day 8, but because I’m putting a lot of interest in the videos, and integrating the drills in my (home) training. I will know if it has an effect in my boxing when I go back to the gym. But meanwhile, it is very entertaining because I get progress in a single session, and it stays.
    Some tips are impressively helpful, like “to get balance, use your whole body equally”. That activated my ability to stand still on one leg with closed eyes!
    To me it is the little tips about which parts of the body I have to use, and which I don’t, what makes for great advances.

    Now I’m going to buy your “Advanced Boxing Workshop”, where hopefully you explain which muscles work for each thing… In any case, I have faith it will be good.

    Thanks a lot for your work!

  85. Mystearica Fende

    I can’t afford it right now, but I will buy it when I can. ‘Cause If I’m gonna buy it, then I may have to spend more than 5,000 rupees…its India…

    Eh, I’m going off-topic. What I had to ask is…can we stand/go around on our toes for 9+hours a day regularly as a replacement for the workout the dvd/cd offers? (For me, the number changes to 15 at holidays)

    Just asked. I had been doing this since I started boxing…

    Uh…wait. Recorrection: I know that this won’t serve so well as a choice for a replacement for the workout. So…can we use it as an introductory preparation for our legs so that they can handle it?

    • Mystearica Fende

      Uh…another question…can we use it to improve balance for other types for martial arts? I have been trying to learn baguazhang with just a videogame and the internet as a source…(and I know that I will most definitely fail in this one)

    • Johnny N

      Standing around on your toes is not going to be a very good substitute for everything we teach in that video. 🙂

      If you want to pre-condition your legs beforehand, I suggest you look up free ballet training videos on Youtube and start there. And yes, it will help with your overall balance and athletic ability no matter what sport you choose.

  86. Tom M


    Thanks for making this training available. Are there any physical or skill prerequisites before starting this training? I couldn’t find this explicitly answered. Been training boxing (and other martial arts) for years as a HW, and (still) can’t skip rope for more than a minute without tripping up. Was hoping this would be an alternate way to develop qualities like fw, balance, core, etc.

  87. Jay

    Hey Johnny, I bought these awhile back but the laptop I had them on just broke on me and it’s been awhile since my purchase so I don’t remember much about it except the email I used. These videos were very very helpful so i was just wondering the best way to go about getting the videos again would be? Appreciate it man.

  88. Tom

    I want to buy this dvd but Can you make paypal account creation optional. I don’t want to have to sign up for paypal to buy this.

  89. G. Wang

    Hi Johnny, i’m a new boxing fan from China. Though it is tough to review your youtube video because of government regulation (LOL), I have to say it’s the best website about boxing ever met!

    My question is, I want to purchase Dancer’s Footwork for Fighters lecture, am I then have to download the lecture through a FTP server or something else? Is there a way I can test if I could access the resource without being banned by Chinese internet?

    • Johnny N


      Welcome to the site. If you can get to my domain, you should be able to access the members area. If this is a major problem for you….hmmm, I’m not really not sure.


    • Johnny N

      Hi Minski,

      You should have received your login immediately after purchasing. Can you check your spam folder and tell me if you see it in there? You can also contact me directly for a faster response.


  90. dean

    I just wanted to say DFFF was awesome. Before I started boxing i actually suffered a pretty serious ankle injury and couldnt walk for a couple months. Boxing was difficult at first because it was hard to distribute weight on an ankle that had been recently broken. I also struggled with things I would have been able to easily do prior to the injury such as basic footwork, sidestepping, pivots, etc. However after doing the drills you and your brother demonstrated it really helped to strengthen my ankle as well as my entire lower body and core. My stand up game has definitely grown leaps and bounds since then.

    The only suggestion I could make is to have different camera angles instead of having one straight shot through the whole instruction. An angle of you maybe holding the camera directly over your brothers feet while he demonstrates proper footwork, etc would really help or even slowing down some of the drills in slow motion. Some of the workouts were definitely new to me so having them taught with different camera angles (close-ups, etc) and slow motion for the really key critical steps would go a long way. A lot of the time I would have to rewind and re-watch multiple times before getting the entire range of motions down. A small adjustment to make but as I have recently learned with my boxing game sometimes its all the small adjustments that make the most difference in the ring.

    Overall I thought it was an excellent and well thought out and thorough learning experience and I cant wait to see what you come out with next. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  91. Darryn


    I think your “Dancer’s Footwork For Fighters,” is great. I was intrigued because I recently got into salsa dancing and I have noticed it has helped me in my fight training. I love the sport of boxing but in the particular area I’m currently in kickboxing schools are the norm. So that is what I am currently taking.

    Due to a recent sparring scenario where one of the instructors punched a hole in my eardrum I have been taking some necessary recovery time from that. So my feedback on how the drills have improved my sparring will have to wait. It shouldn’t be much longer. I’ve given it about three weeks and the pain has gone away but the hearing ability is not 100% yet so for this reason I am giving it another week.

    However, I have noticed my dancing has gotten smoother since I began using your product and that’s definitely a start. Back when started with the Latin dances I noticed I was better at evasion. Not just with punches and kicks but even the grappling/wrestling. I feel like I could anticipate the movement of my opponent. The subtle weight changes and body fluctuation become more apparent to me. However this may be something derived strictly from dance maneuvers with a partner.

    Regardless I am still excited to fully exploit the benefits of your program. And like I said my dancing feels smoother now and I’m excited and almost certain that my movement will me more efficient when I spar again.

    Thanks for everything.



  92. Jamie

    Mate, I’ve just finished day 2 of your dancers footwork for fighters program and my legs are killing me haha already moving around a lot better than before.

    Cheers heaps for that!

  93. Michael

    Hey Johnny!

    I’ve always had terrible posture and balance and never knew exactly how to go about correcting it, so when I watched the first day and all the different ways little things were affecting it (pevlic disposition, head position, shoulders) I knew exactly how to start correcting what has always been a huge problem for me.

    The little exercises in day 1 made me aware of so much, and I found out through doing them I was leaning and lurching off center much more than I thought.

    I’m putting off going forward to to the other days ’cause I’m a bigger guy and I kinda need to lose weight and get used to skipping, but thus far the series has paid for itself. But I’ll give an update when I do.

    Your youtube series is awesome by the way… your video on right-cross has stopped me from falling forward and losing balance. They’re great for teaching how to THINK about boxing, in terms of commuting all the different ideas conceptually, they’re no.1 on youtube imho.

    Thanks, and keep up the great content!


  94. Diego

    is this program mobile friendly? Really interested in the dancers footwork for fighters program. .. but my comp got fried so i was wondering if i could do the program from my phone (android )

    • Johnny N

      I’m sorry, Diego. This program is best viewed on a computer. You could technically download it from a computer and then compress the file and put it on your phone but you would still have to do all that stuff from a computer first. Maybe you can use a friend’s computer?

  95. Tim

    hi, I have been having some medical problems and haven’t started the program. I did watch the first video and I’m excited to begin. I really like your website and youtube channel. I’m 54 and love learning to be a better boxer.

    • Johnny N

      Hi Bob,

      I’m a small one-man shop so I don’t have printed DVD’s or anything like that. If I did, it would probably add $30-40 to the cost and take 4-6 weeks to ship (much longer and more expensive for international) which could drastically affect my sales. You are however welcome to burn the video files onto DVD yourself. If you are however interested in paying an increased rate, I could keep that option in mind for future potential buyers.


    • Johnny N

      It’s a digital product. Nothing is shipped out. Right after you pay, you get instant access to download the videos to your computer and you can start watching right away.

  96. Nick

    Hi Johnny

    I’m really enjoying the videos – its a good program. Footwork, balance, mobility etc are often seen as instinctive or something that just comes with time. So I really like how you demystify what the key components of footwork are and build a systematic program of exercises and drills that explicitly develop these. The drills flow well both building on those on the specific day and from previous days – I’m often surprised that I’m actually able to do them! Which testifies to the thought that’s gone into planning the sessions – so well done to you and your brother that even an uncoordinated guy like me can manage some quite tricky moves!

    I’ll write a more detailed review once I’ve finished the program.

    I love your videos – any new ones on the horizon?

    Best wishes

  97. Josh


    Interestingly enough, I purchased your program to improve my Tango. When I realized the teachers and advanced students took/taught classes specifically focused on technique I went out and looked for drills to improve technical mastery. Surprisingly, while there are 101 courses on steps (giro, sacada etc), despite it’s value there aren’t a lot of courses for that. For me, this is just further demonstration of the deep parallels between dance and combat, that I purchased a footwork program for fighting that is really just a set of Tango drills, to improve my Tango. I mean some NFL linemen study ballet to improve their balance and footwork. Not to say I’m not interested in improving my fighting. As I’ve spent more time in Tango, I fight and fly dfferently.

    Balance and internal state is key in skydiving and fighting. I do move faster, smoother, and am more conscious of my balance. Further, because I have to sense and respond to my partner’s balance, position without looking, I’ll spend much of my fight training with my eyes closed, on the dummy, heavy bag, shadowboxing etc without needing to see in order to hit and block. For me this is huge. After a lifetime personally and professionally training for combat I want to continue to sharpen my edge but am growing tired of spending time at the forge and grindstone if you will. This has been a great way to sharpen without focusing on a martial perspective.

    My Tango instructor has seen your program as well and is a huge fan. Naples, Italy is one of the main contributors to Tango’s development. The community is huge here and my school is set in a gallery built for the last king of Italy and milongas are run out of the main ballroom. So yeah, I don’t have much in the way of criticism, it’s a great program.


  98. The Terminator

    Hey Johnny been following your site since 2012 its been invaluable to my boxing. So before I started going to a gym I tried to learn how to box using videos and mainly your site. It sort of worked but I developed some pretty bad habits and my back would kill me.

    I don’t know exactly what I was doing wrong but I bought the Dancers Footwork for Fighters and it helped tremendously, can’t even begin to tell you man. Gave me the confidence to join at a gym and all of those bullshit habits I had that were destroying my body went away. This was back in late 13/early 14. Thanks

  99. Jason

    I’m currently on day 7 of the program, and it is already well worth the money. There is clearly a lot of quality and care put into the program, and most of the exercises can be increased in difficulty meaning you will be seeing progress for a very long time. I have no fighting background, and I bought this program for other reasons, but I was so impressed that I went ahead and bought the beginner’s 10 day boxing program as well. Thanks man, keep up the good work.

  100. Justin

    Great program. If you are anything like I was and you couldnt get your punches and/or stance to feel right then these DVDs are a lifesaver, man. The exercises here really help you to feel the correct muscles to use, not only during fighting but in life in genera’ (walking, running, jumping, etc,) The thing that usually concerns me about DVD instruction is that a lot of times the instructor doesnt explain proper form enough or common mistakes to avoid, Johnny and his bro do a great job at that and theres no need to worry about that here. The $84 price tag here really is justified, and I dont say that often cause Im a cheap bastard. But you can tell this program wasnt just a money grab theres A LOT of good stuff here. Can’t believe this stuff isn’t in all boxing gyms.

    My personal thanks to Johnny and Brian here. Before this DVD when I would throw punches I wasn’t pivoting properly as I wasn,t aware of the proper muscles to be using, causing much back pain. Now I can feel those muscles to use and it has potentially saved me from a life full of future back problems. So a real big “you guys kick a$$” to Johnny and Brian!

  101. Stuart

    Hi Johnny,

    I’m actually a tennis player rather than a boxer.
    I came across your course by accident whilst looking for ways to develop ‘Federer-like’ footwork (people say he ‘floats’ across the tennis court which reminded me of Ali’s famous line).
    I’m only part-way through the course as I like spend time on each of the exercises to make sure I’ve mastered it, rather than rushing on to the next thing.
    But so far course it is what I had hoped for – it’s given me lots of interesting exercises to try.
    I can’t say it has improved my tennis footwork just yet – but I think over time it will definitely help

    All the best

  102. Philip S

    I LOVE all of the information you’ve put in this book. I can’t express how happy I am with the results I’ve gotten so far.
    Ive gone from 196lbs to 182 in a matter of weeks. I’ve always been a very good athlete, but I’ve never had a consistent diet. Now I’ve groundwork for an extremely healthy life style all thanks to you man!
    I haven’t changed a thing in my workout routine but now the pounds are just flying off. I’ve got a whole lot more energy throughout my day, especially when I wake up (I’m actually energized in the morning now)
    I’m so glad that I made the investment on your book and now I’m even helping my brother manage his weight with the info I’ve collected from your book.
    The best part is that none of it was hard at all. I thought having a strict life style would suck, but honestly I couldn’t be happier!
    I actually feel like all of my goals are achievable now.
    My current goal is to get down to 170, and even after, I’d love to get down to the 135-145 range. Everyone around me has commented on how I’ve slimed up so fast, which just fuels me with all kinds of confidence and motivation.
    Thank you so much Johnny for making my goals reachable now.

    Stay on the rise friend,

  103. Daniel

    Johnny Hi and thank you so much for this email!

    I have been practicing the exercises on day 1 and day 2 which is posture and advance posture and I have realized few things:

    1. This goes well with my recent interest in isometric, its been 2 years that I have been a fan of isometric, I am enjoying the calf raises, I find that my shoulder naturally wants to go up as well but like you said in the video, keep the shoulders down while feeling the thighs and leg muscles tense which I do when I put earnest effort on each rep. One calf raise is something I need to work on though…

    2. Second part is the leg point, its a difficult exercise not so much in a term of muscle burn but rather it requires me to not move my hips or pelvis or as you referred to as sagging which is something I catch myself doing. I find that on the leg point I hear a cracking joint on the hips but it goes away and I feel much better and more mobile. Naturally this happens due to unused movement/lack of flexibility. The challenge for me is to not move my hips and not tilt back or side to side but I also shouldn’t overthink it either which a personal flaw of mine.

    3. Here is what I want to do with the DVD, my goal is to stay on day 1 and day 2 and keep drilling the exercise until I become very proficient at them. I feel that if I move on to day 3,4,5 etc… without mastering day 1 and day 2 then I would just diminish my enthusiasm because my curiosity is satisfied and I end up spoiling my self. So in order to keep myself focus on your videos. My goal is to just get the posture exercises down and once that happens then as a reward, I will move on to day 3 and so on and so forth in order to get the full benefits of the exercises and get in to the habit of maximizing whatever it is I am doing in life.

    Now in regards to my training background, I started training boxing on and off in 2007 to 2012 but took 4 years off. I started again in October at contenders boxing in Vancouver B.C before that I have trained a good amount with Tony Pep who is a great boxer and a person as well. I also started sparring again two weeks ago and my cardio is really bad so it was hard for me to notice what I am learning your videos due to bad cardio (at the moment). However I will say this, I feel that I can pivot way smoother and that when I used to pivot and the front and back leg are in a better position from the feel of it.

    I have been practicing your videos with great vigor though an immediate need for cardio training has created a bit of distraction though my plan is for sure is to develop an exceptional footwork. ( this is my ultimate goal ever since I started training in boxing)

    Best Regards

  104. Denny

    All I can say; is that love it, as far as day TWO, I know and move like it is something I have been ,for awhile waiting to achieve. I am almost certain and have earned so much more resting sessions just knowing it is my possesion

  105. Shawn Mc Fadden

    Here are my thoughts, so far the videos are great my legs are stronger, I move with more fluency and rhythm when I’m shadowboxing. I can walk on the balls of my feet faster than most of my coworkers can walk normal when I’m at work haha!! My pivoting has got 100% better I’m not getting caught by them younger guys on the side of the jaw because they’re like lightning anymore lol at least not as much , it is been wonderful for me because I’m a little older and fighting in the Masters division , so it’s been a great help .

    • Johnny N

      Hi Ryan,
      You can buy it by clicking the “ADD TO CART” button that is on this page. I do not offer this in DVD form right now, it is only available as a digital download. Since there is nothing to ship out, you’ll get access to it right away.

  106. Damian

    Hi Johnny, i recently found your website and have enjoyed reading your articles theres a ton of good stuff on here. Im interested in the dancers footwork but my leg and hip flexibility isnt great, will that stop me from getting the most out of the program or will following it make my flexibility better? Cheers

  107. Abdo

    Hey johnny

    iam planing to get this soon just waiting to get my vacation soon in order to focus and get the 100% out of it I have question , are we going to be able to preform this slick foot movement in the trailer or is it broken down in the videos??

    • Johnny N

      I would say this isn’t the right program for that. Running faster requires more running conditioning and running technique. This is more like fine-footwork conditioning and coordination. It CAN improve your running speed but it’s not designed for that.

  108. Stoyan


    Thank for your method, I use the e-mail of my mother
    I’m Stoyan Vassilev and helped me a lot for the Sweet science.I’m fifteen and I want make the sport of Boxing my life, your method helped me a lot, I feel more grounded, my legs feel lighter, and I’m trying to improve my every-days walking. My legs feels much stronger than before I’ve learned a lot from your site and your method. I feel like those exercises are much better than the agity-ladder exercises that we use in basketball and football as you said. I’ll do the Dancer’s Footwork for Fighter’s again and again, but my only problem was the day 9 and 10, because of my socks and of the ground that wasn’t enough slippery so it was hard to do the spins exercises. I feel I got better body movement and I feel heavier when I walk or when I box. The core work out helped me to rotate faster when I punch I can feel my core muscles twisting faster than before. I can feel my legs coordination improved, my calfs feels stronger and my balance improved so much too.

    Thanks again and sorry if I forgot some of the stuff that was important and that must have helped me

    -Stoyan V.

  109. Alex


    Iam about to buy this program. I Just have a few questions before i do so.
    I know i always have to jump rope and run ect. But if i do this program is it good enogh to replace it for my pylo leg exersices? And Willl it help me improve my posture so i can improve my technique?

    • Johnny N

      Hi Alex,

      The drills here are for coordination and strengthening your fine-motor controls. Plyo leg exercises and jump rope are still necessary since that’s a different kind of conditioning. The program will definitely improve your posture.

  110. jim

    Can your techniques help some one with zero athletics abilities? I’m supper slow and a total klutz. I’ve tried a boxing gym, and even when I paid for a year in advance (no kidding), my coach completely gave up on me.

    • Johnny N

      Yes, these drills can help anyone. And will help you develop that coordination. If you’re a complete beginner, I suggest starting with the “How to Box in 10 Days” course.

  111. Bryan

    Hey johnny I’m looking into the program and I was wondering if on the days with the advance footwork if I can’t complete the exercises what exercises can I do instead or is that specified in the program.

    • Johnny N

      Hi Bryan, the point of the program is for you to do the exact exercises I shared to get the full benefits. Anything that I felt would have been useful or relevant as a substitute would have already been part of the original program. I guess you could substitute with anything you want but then you’re missing the point. If something is too hard, then you need to return to the previous day.

  112. The Terminator

    Im loving this stuff man! Feeling parts of my body I had no control of before, everytime I do the drills I’m like “damn where the hell did those muscles come from?” You and your bro kick ass, I give my thanks to both of you. I really do appreciate it regardless man. Take it easy.

  113. ALVARO

    Dear Johnny:
    I´m glad to see that you have taken a look out of the boxing box. The abilities a dancer has are very useful for developing a footwork style suited for boxing. Being a Tango dancer myself I have known your brother´s accomplishments long before knowing you. I congratulate both of you for your search for excellence.
    There´s something I wold like to suggest about dancing and boxing: when dancing Argentine Tango the leader has not only to take care of his “footwork”, he also has to improvise according to the music, his follow, the couple relationship and the situation on the dance floor. I think you may identify with these aspects because same thing happens in a boxing ring. There´s more still while dancing: if you really are dancing Tango you have to always surprise your partner in a way that its natural for her to follow and not trying to guess what comes next (using a strong lead called “marca”), eventually she lets go of herself and surrenders to the man´s lead. This, I think is paramount for boxing: how do you lead the fight in a way that it is natural for your opponent to be receiving your punches and eventually surrender (losing the fight,by the way). I know women are programmed, if you may, to surrender to the enchantment of the Tango dance (and the Tango dancer), but, aren´t man proggrammed to surrender to the spell of the sweet science? I think so… one can lead the oppnent into losing a fight as if its a natural thing to happen.

    • Johnny N

      Yes, they can, Dorian. But also…these exercises work the muscles in a much more different way. Far more control and coordination, not only strength and speed.

  114. Ramon

    Hey Johnny,

    The program is great. I’m still working it into my routine. I’m far more aware of my balance. I don’t think I’ve gotten far enough into it to really connect everything I’ve learned. I’m still really working at day 1, and I feel like I’m going to continue working on day 1 until I feel more sure footed.

    A lot of times when I’ve got my boxing shoes on and I’m in front of the bag or mitts, I feel disconnected. My lower body and upper body aren’t working together. I feel heavy, but not in the good way. I had a car accident years ago where I was rear-ended and my lower back has been problematic ever since. Core exercise and therapy have helped but I’m still working on it. It’s like there’s a wedge in between my lower back and the rest of my back. I feel it more when I start to rotate, but if I’m getting this right, my upper body shouldn’t be doing so much of the pivoting while my lower body stays in one place. I’m trying to pivot on both feet so I can stay open. I don’t feel more powerful on the bag, but I’m not moving at high speed. I’m still getting used to the motion. It leaves me feeling more connected.

    Right now my calves get tired. I feel the tension throughout my body so I’m focusing on strengthening my lower body, relaxing more, and increasing my awareness even further.

    I really, really, really, really get it when you wrote about how important balance is. With balance I’d be faster AND more powerful. It’s like there are all these tools at my disposal but they’re not well connected because I’m moving really inefficiently. I can slowly feel that changing over time.


  115. SANTIAGO “Sweet Daddy Luigi” SANCHEZ 🙂

    For these footwork drills would they work on carpet? I don’t have any flat wood or tile in my house could you do this with shoes(I have altra shoes those flat ones that let your toes spread out more) on carpet? or is it better to just do them barefoot on carpet?

    • Johnny N

      Hi Santiago, carpet would be less than ideal but can work if you can find some shoes that will let you pivot on carpet without hurting your knees and ankles. Maybe some worn out shoes or ones that don’t have as much grip would be great. I definitely wouldn’t recommend barefoot for the pivoting ones but for the non-pivoting exercises, barefoot is great.

  116. SANTIAGO “Sweet Daddy Luigi” SANCHEZ 🙂

    Also can you use this as training consistently? Do you do this 10 days straight or is it you spend a couple days on day 4 until you can master that and head to day 5 and so on and once you’re done with the ten days how would you fit it into training maybe doing footwork drills 2-3 times a week how frequent would you recommend ?

    • Johnny N

      Yes, you can use this program forever. There are many great drills that I still do today. I recommend for you to do it straight through all 10 days the very first time. Then revisit what you need. After that you pick the most helpful exercises and make them a part of your regular training routine. There are so many great drills to choose from.

  117. Hector


    The ad mentions that there are 4 hours of video. Does this mean that each “day session” contain around 40mins of training material?


    • Johnny N

      Hi Hector…
      Some days have more, some days have less. Also…4 hours = 240 mins. 40mins x 10 days = 400 mins. So the average is about 24 mins. But for sure the workout will take around 45-90 mins (or more) depending on how thorough you want to be.

  118. Jonathan


    Managed to go through the Dancer’s footwork and the advanced guide to boxing and all the videos are great! Managed to make a few necessary adjustments to my boxing footwork as well as remain lighter on my feet, but definitely finding it hard to complete all the drills in one session.

    Much appreciated. If you’re ever in SE Asia (Malaysia or Singapore) and hosting a boxing boot camp do let me know. Thanks, Johnny!


  119. Luis

    Hey Johnny,

    I have really enjoyed the footwork video, and it has definitely opened my eyes to areas of physical development that were a mystery to me before hand. I feel that some improvement could be made in the video with a bit of editing and scripting, but I understand that you and your brother are not technical producers. The content, however, was invaluable.

    Best of luck, thanks for doing what you do,
    – Luis

  120. Corey

    I’m actually a Muay Thai fighter and freestyle martial artist. So I take things from boxing. The best parts >:)

    Your dancers footwork for fighters, and the articles you post, absolutely invaluable. Can’t put a price on that information. I’ve watched day 1 and 2, about 20 times.

    It taught me good posture, balance. REAL BALANCE, haha. How to have a heavy stance, by adjusting my body weight over the heels of my feet. Which in turn gives me a stronger connection with the ground.

    Applied some of the balance and weight distribution concepts into my stance and movement to improve my punching, for my last fight from the Dancers Footwork for Fighters (Day 1). I consciously, tried to maintain balance when i threw punches in this fight, and it felt and looked awesome.

    Works amazingly well, can feel the difference on the pads, shadow boxing, sparring, bag and in the ring.



  121. David

    Hi, I would like to share my quick recent learning experience from watching Johnny’s Dancer’s Footwork for Fighters videos. Now even though I haven’t master the drills in the videos, I can honestly say that the drills and exercises helped a lot and hopefully little by little I’ll be just as half as good as Johnny and his brother Brian.

    Over the past few weeks, the biggest improvement that I notice was with my lower body awareness which was key in being more stable and having more coordination. Those two key element translated into being more efficient with my footwork and being more grounded while throwing combinations.

    The instructions in the videos for the most part are easy to understand and it can be easy or difficult to execute depending on the difficulty of the exercise or drills.

    In a nutshell, I highly recommend purchasing Johnny’s Dancer’s Footwork for Fighters .

    Oh yeah Johnny, I have a question in regard with the foot gripping exercise. You mention that your suppose to grip the floor as if your feet are hands, however I find my self sliding on my heel and toe and I’m not sure if that is the correct method of performing the drill.

    • Johnny N

      Hi David, so glad to hear about your progress. In regards to the foot gripping exercise, yes, you ARE sliding along the ground. The difference between just shoving your feet along the ground and “foot gripping” is that you’re actively engaging your toes (the way you would wrap your fingers around a bar). Let me know if that explanation helps. if not, you can email me and I’ll be more than happy to explain in higher detail there.

      • David

        Hi Johnny, that makes sense, lol although I am kind of slow. I’ll email you hoping if you can explain it to me in more of a detail explanation.

  122. tommy

    hi johnny, does this program contain any BOXING drills besides the footwork drills, like from a boxing stance or along with punches?

    • Johnny N

      Hi Tommy, this program doesn’t have any boxing-specific drills. There may be a few footwork drills that are similar to what boxers do, but nothing from a boxing stance or along with punches. The program is meant to develop your overall balance, axis awareness, coordination, and leg strength in the ways that most benefit fighters. If you’re looking for boxing footwork movements (pivot, in-and-out, pendulum step, etc), you can get that from my free Youtube videos.

  123. Babra


    The dancers footwork for fighters is awesome! I have learned alot from it, thank you for creating it. My posture was not good to start with and I didnt know how to fix it, I tried so many things without any improvement. I have been working alot on the exercises from your videos.

    Since I am not a boxer I was really intrested to buy this product. As I said before I have been studying video 1-3 and focusing on that first beacuse I noticed it became alot harder and my posture/basics could not keep up when I started to do the more complex footwork drills. But I will get there.

    Generally I have learned alot from you and I am very greatfull to what you are doing.
    I am actually playing squash on the world tour and after I started to watch your youtube clips and even read some tips from your website I have improved alot. At first I thought boxing and squash was completly diffrent but there is so much that I have learned from boxing and I use it in my squash.


  124. Daevejacques(Dj)

    Hey johnny i had bought your videos for advanced footwork for fighter a while ago, im talking a couple years, and i am having trouble logining in i cant remember my password or the email, i could of swore it was the email: [email protected] but every time i try and reset my password it keeps saying that the email is wrong but i know that it has to be that one, if you dont believe me i can try and show you proof that i was able to down load 6 of the videos from the dancers footwork for fighters guide.

    • Johnny N

      Hi Daeve, I resent your login. Please let me know if you receive it. If not, please email me directly for a faster response and I’ll take care of you ASAP. Don’t worry…you get lifetime access once you’ve purchased a product. It’s yours forever!

  125. Daevejacques(Dj)

    i think it may have something to do with the fact that youve changed somethings and the website and added different kinds of membership, i just dont want to have to pay $80 again for it when ive already done so

  126. Anonymous

    I’ve been training in martial arts my whole life and dancing has been a great secret technique shared through out many styles. I believe its the missing link in the modern world right now. I’m glad I’ve invested in these dance videos, dancing is one of the best ways to truly advance in martial arts.
    In Iran, their wrestlers (Zoorkhaneh) are not aloud to fight until they learn to dance.

    In thailand, the fighters must show a sign of respect by doing their traditional dance. When its time to do battle you can still hear the music in the background.

    The style in Brazil “Capoeria” is a dancing fighting style.
    Maybe it’s time for all fighters to become pro dancers. Thanks for the Info Johnny!

  127. Albie

    Thanks champ! I’ve bought the dancer’s footwork and also read til page 20 of ur website. What u r doing is great!

  128. Alex

    I’ve really enjoyed the DVDs although with my other training and current schedule, I’ve worked through about day 5. My plan is to go through the entirety of the program and then obviously, come back and keep repeating until I can get the moves down. Footwork is indeed better tho. Leg muscle development has been great but I also do a lot of squats and jump rope. The biggest thing I can say is the mental awareness. I still have much balance to develop physically, but mentally, I am now constantly thinking of my axis and about staying on balance through all movements. I’ve gotten several positive comments at my gym on the lightness and nimbleness of my footwork. Much of this is due to the DVDs and the awareness from therein. I am not sure what I could recommend as improvement. Very concise, clear and to the point, yet leaves tons of practice for one to personally develop. I will definitely leave you a nice follow-up testimonial in the comments section here when I finish. Thanks for all your help. Thanks to your bro as well! You guys are great.

    Alex Y.

  129. Chris

    Hello Johnny
    WOW i finally got thru now downloading everything so i got em all!! Thank you so much I have to say i have boxed for 30 plus years and i teach filipino boxing and other martial arts but i have always loved boxing most! Its inspiring to see what your doing and learn from the great boxing information you are putting out!! Your uppercut leaning on the same side of the uppercut blows me away I LOVE IT!! My teacher the late Ted Luc used to do it and i could never figure out how he was doing it!! Now i know!! Thanks to you i am forever grateful!! Keep up the awesome work i will definitely buy anything you put out in the future!! =)
    All my best

  130. Mihailo

    Hey Johnny 🙂 I bought some of your products,and I find it to be amazing..Dancer’s footwork is one of the best things I have ever spend my money on,it completely transformed me as a boxer and an athlete..

  131. Bacon

    Hi Johnny,

    I’m curious if you ever had done Yoga or incorporated some yoga exercises into your routine for improving balance and footwork?

  132. SouthPaw68

    The dance moves workouts have been amazing. Had a foot injury that has gone on for about two years now and the exercises are helping to dramatically reduce foot and ankle pain it created. Realizing the injury was most likely caused by underdeveloped: foot and calf muscles. Also interesting that basic things having nothing to do with boxing like walking through crowds in rush hour has gotten much easier because I now realize I can move my hips independently of my upper torso or use my feet to push and pull through tight spaces LOL.

    I would love to know more about rehabilitative work. I have two injuries. One is a pain I get when I put a lot of weight/pressure on my 2nd and 3rd toe ( the ones next to my big toe ) on my left foot. This makes things tough being a southpaw but as I said calf raises from the dance footwork videos ( the ones where you don’t lift from your toes but rather from the center of your foot and your calf has really made a huge difference.

    Also about 2 months back as I was learning how to jump rope I got to the point where I was hopping on one foot at a time. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my left Achilles heel tendon. I couldn’t do much for about week and months later its still apparent that I hurt it. Once again (dance footwork ) calf raises, pulling and pushing with my feet while I walk and balance work has helped a lot.

    I realized from all of this that I never really learned how to use my joints, feet, legs, torso, and core. I spent most of my life just moving through space without giving any thought to the choices I was making about how to do that. Your videos have made me aware of how much choice I have. If you want to share anything about how to help the injuries I mentioned, that would be great. I’m also going to continue to work on the dance footwork videos. I’m nowhere near finished. They’re tough!

  133. Iván

    I’m pretty interested in footwork and I’m considering to buy the “Dancer’s footwork for fighters” but I’m also considering the premium membership. What would you do? Will you add more content related to boxing footwork available to premium members?

    • Johnny N

      Hi Ivan,

      Both are great options but the premium membership definitely covers many more things and has plenty more goodies and opportunities to improve. I’m definitely invested and have already added more videos related to footwork inside of the membership video library as we speak, with lots more to come. Do let me know if you have any other questions.

      “Dancer’s Footwork for Fighters” is great if all you want is a complete set of footwork drills (going from easy to impossible) to improve your body’s overall balance and footwork. The GOLD membership is if you want access to all my courses, like “SECRETS to Punching Power” and all the other stuff as well as stuff I make in the future. You can learn more about the membership here if you haven’t already seen it:

    • Johnny N

      I honestly wouldn’t know since I’ve never tried it. I imagine if you’ve been able to do it with other downloaded video files in the past, I don’t see why mine wouldn’t let you do the same.

  134. hamster

    Ooh, this is very enticing, but pricey. I already have How to Box in 10 days. Any idea if I can get a small discount for this or gold membership?

    • Johnny N

      Hi, my friend. I’m actually looking to raise the price on GOLD membership very soon so this will be the last chance to get it at the current price. I never do any discounts for my courses. Thanks for asking!

  135. MS

    If I danced for 12 years and currently tango, do you think I will benefit from this product? I am trying to work on my shadowboxing at home as there is no Krav gym or anywhere to spar nearby.

  136. Ross

    Hi Johnny,
    With this program are there any boxing/fighting specific drills or techniques? As far as connecting them to strategy or punches as well?


  137. Alexi

    Hi Johnny,

    I am very interested in purchasing your training program, however, I would first like to know if I may have lifelong access to the videos after purchase or does my access to the material expire after a certain trial period ? Thanks for your support.


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