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John Ryan – The Bliss Technique 10 Day Program

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For a moment, put any morals you may have aside and do this ‘Thought experiment’ with me.

I want you to imagine this beautiful escort is available to you right now.

And for women, imagine now the man of your desires.

A man of deadly charm. See him clearly.

You simply have to pick up the phone ….and she/he is yours.

posed by model

Play along with me here and…really enjoy this woman’s beauty now. Or the man’s charm.

She’s yours.

All yours.


One call.

And she is in your room.

She wants you to make love to her.

To rise to the occasion.

To satisfy her…….

She wants to give herself totally to you – because you are the
client .

“Well, Not NOW, Maybe, Next Time?”

Yet, why the hesitation?

Why the reluctance to ring and face her? Him?

If you’re feeling hesitant, right now, don’t feel too bad.

You are not alone.

In 2003, as part of a TV documentary in Holland, a group of 20 men were offered all the pleasures and services of a similar group of beautiful women – and all turned it down….

Yes, EVERYONE of them.


We both know.


The same fear, to a greater or lesser extent that every man feels when he/she has to perform.

The same fear every woman feels as she is about to reveal and open herself to her man.

All Pleasure- Blocked!

We are all capable of experiencing infinite pleasure…….

But we are so concerned, so worried, so anxious about what ‘OTHER PEOPLE ‘ think of ‘us’ that we freeze……

Like ICE.

And this fear causes all the cells of our bodies…….

To constrict,

To narrow,

To tighten,

To contract

And to compress…….

And totally block out and hinder the flow of blood and energy throughout our bodies.

And the flow of blood and energy becomes a mere trickle…..

So we can’t arouse an erection or feel any sensations at all in our ‘deaden’ body.

We make love in our heads, not in our bodies, and feel little.

The Ecstasy Of A Deep Tissue Massage

Now, here’s another experiment you can do.

Tomorrow, book yourself a deep tissue massage or Thai massage.

When you arrive, remove your clothing, lie down and try to surrender yourself fully to the massage.

And see and monitor closely how you feel.


Now: A proper massage should be ecstatic.

Your whole body should pulsate, tingle with pleasure.

Down to your fingertips!

Streams of pleasure should wash over you- healing, renewing and regenerating you.

Your bloodstream should be saturated with a cascade of the body’s natural happy hormones -endorphins.


The truth is most of us will feel very little of this.


Again, deep down, we will be too tense.

Too self-focused.


We will be too-uptight to fully relax and really surrender to each moment of the massage.

So this tension, this ‘trying’ will block, squeeze, and restrict the energy in our body and……..

Again, we feel very little.

And when that happens……. we might blame the masseuse or think we haven’t found the right kind of massage that suits us yet.

But the fact remains: We FEEL little or nothing……..

Look Within!

That’s why, as we mentioned we all feel life is passing us by.

Or hasn’t started yet.

You see, we’re here to experience.

To experience the indescribable nature and pleasure of the ENERGY of life in our bodies now.

We all think it’s all the ‘exotic’ holidays we have missed out on that make us feel life has left us behind.

Or all the glamorous parties we were never invited to.

Or the far-flung ‘adventures’ that never happened.

But it is not true.

STRIP everything away and look deeper – and you’ll see a different story.

In truth, what we all really want to experience (and think we have missed) is the pleasure of this life force coursing through every cell of our bodies in absolute union with another person. Unity consciousness

Most of us believe we can only experience this force through sexual orgasm, which we can – but the truth is, we must first experience and enjoy it in our own bodies first.

This is the mistake we have made.

Only then we can FULLY enjoy and access it with others.

Otherwise, nothing or little will happen.

You won’t feel anything, if first you can’t feel it in yourself.

If you can’t ‘get it on with yourself’ – if you can’t totally relax and feel the incredible pleasure of the sexual energy streaming through your body when you are relaxed and on your own, what chance is there you will feel it when you are tense, anxious and self-conscious with others?


Look Within!

All the time the problem was within us.

Not the other person

All our lives, we have been….

  • Blocking
  • Freezing 
  • And restricting ourselves so TIGHTLY….. that, we never felt anything.

Now is the time……by relaxing into our own being … start to let go.

To unblock ourselves.

To unfreeze ourselves.

First, when are on our own.

And then, when we are relaxed and intimate with a person we like.

To do this, we must never forget that the energy, the pleasure is within us. 

Deeksha Kiara Windrider 
expresses it beautifully:

‘We are joy-filled beings all the way to the core.

You know, when you really look at the bio-chemistry, you will see that the human organism is designed for the ongoing experience of joy, pleasure, bliss. 

What’s an endorphin? What are the skin and the senses? A fragrant, yellow-bursting flower?

There’s no escaping it: We are set up for bliss. But look at us. We’ve missed; we’ve totally missed the mark’.

We have missed the mark! because we have forgotten that we are responsible for how much of this energy we will let ourselves experience.

The other person can help us to access this energy in ourselves, but if we can’t relax and let go enough, we will still feel nothing, no matter how beautiful or alluring the other person is.

Chris Griscom
 emphasizes this point again and again in her extraordinary book, ‘Ecstasy is a new frequency’:

She writes:

There is nobody out there influencing the body but you.

Until you can own your body, forget what anybody else is going to do for you…..”

“In the past, we thought, “Well, my problem is this wife that I have been with for 20 years. I’m bored.” We thought we could find the stimulus in a new being. It’s not there. We found that out…….”

“You can make love to a different person every day, and you will still feel unfulfilled, and you will not be orgasmic…….”

“The stimulus is not out there in the other person, and it doesn’t matter how beautiful the body, or how well you do the technique. That’s irrelevant.

The energy, as it moves is moving in you……”

This is the key.

We have to learn how to feel this extraordinary, exquisite ENERGY in our OWN bodies first when we are on our own….. without the pressure, tension, and self-consciousness of others present.

Let’s be honest again.

If we can’t feel it coursing through our bodies when we are relaxed and on our own, what chance is there we will feel this ENERGY when we are present and self-conscious with others?

The Bliss Technique is only a simple tool to ALLOW us to experience (not talk about or compare theories about) BUT TO actually EXPERIENCE that energy, that force NOW…….in our own bodies first

That is why we turn to this simple Bliss Technique.

It is only a technique or tool to help us to CLEAR our system of the blockages that prevent us from EXPERIENCING, in our everyday life, our underlying nature of bliss.

So when you practice the Bliss Technique, these states of bliss, joy and peace are very real states of being.

Not imaginary or fantasy.

They are real states, each of which has a very specific and observable effect on your physiology and brain wave coherence. 

As you practice, your body would begin to release higher levels of endorphins.

Endorphin are the natural hormone secreted by the pituitary gland that science has now linked to a person’s pleasure level and to the experience of unconditional joy.

The Bliss Technique is a simple technique that cause your body to naturally and organically produce unlimited amounts of THESE natural feel-good chemicals, endorphins.

First in you – and then in your partner, whose body will start to align with yours and begin producing the chemical onrush!

So, life need not pass us by.

It is always within grasp. Even right NOW.

This moment, you have the EXACT SAME biological and neurological circuitry as any other human being who is capable of experiencing all the ecstatic frequencies of this energy, from the highest to the lowest – this very moment.

It is available to you right now.

The truth is: Our nervous systems have been set up for unlimitedness.

(The Full Bliss Technique Program is an Internet product only. All the books and CDs above can be instantly downloaded onto your computer in 3 minutes. No waiting. No delay. You can start practicing right away)

Experience The Differences For Yourself In 10 Days

e 10 Day Program -FREE with the Bliss Technique

After you have mastered the basic techniques of this meditative practice and can feel this extraordinary, healing ENERGY streaming through your OWN body when you are on our own………

I want you to move on………and learn how you can experience this orgasmic energy when you are with another person so that both of you can feel this orgasmic energy streaming through your bodies together as one.

In fact, this is your greatest gift to your partner.

Try it out for 10 days after you have mastered the main Bliss Technique !

Each day, read and reflect on one module, listen to my tape, guding you into this state and practice and then…..

Just practice.

Practice a little bit every day.

Put aside all expectations or goals.

Don’t try or want to achieve any specific effects….just allow yourself to experience what ever happens.

Day 1 Module 1

In Day 1, we’ll explore the ultimate intimacy we all want. Sex is the ultimateintimacy between two people. It was designed to be the greatest spiritual experience of a biological being.
People who do not have orgasms cannot really relax, and if you cannot relax, then you are missing out on the many multisensory pleasures of life. No one owes you an orgasm if you have been unable to discover for yourself your body’s own orgasmic pleasure.

Day 2 Module 2

When we are about to enter an intimate sexual situation, most of us can feel a nervous fear and anxiety gradually seep into our bodies.

It is a jittery, fidgety, stomach-tingling, anxious nervousness that begins to restrict, narrow, and freeze your body so that only a tiny trickle of blood –the conduit of your life-force and vitality can flow freely to your erotic organs.

So, in this situation you will experience a weak or even no erection at all.

Or, as a woman, you will feel little or nothing. No tingles. No sensations. No contractions. Your nerve circuitry will feel dead. Lifeless.

When we are sexually excited and totally relaxed, our body produces a whole cascade of delicious hormones, especially oxytocin – ‘tiny living beings of pleasure’ – that stream into our bloodstream to be distributed to every part of our body.

But when we are in a state of fear and tension, everything is blocked and restricted so we feel little or none of the flow of these ecstatic energies.

To-day, we’ll learn how to unblock the feards that stop us from feeling these energies..

Day 3 Module 3

Today you’ll learn why ecstasy is a new frequency, the vibration of a new frequency. We’ll learn that 0ur sexual energy is usually the only place in our lives where we come anywhere close to ecstasy or rapture because we feel that pulsation, that electromagnetic charge that is part of our own creation. It is the essence of our being.

Day 4 Module 4

Today, you’ll remove and relax away the blockages, so that the energy and the blood will flow again and burst forth in a huge explosion of power and feeling.
In the Bliss Technique, everything we have done so far has been focused on removing, and on releasing this fear and chronic tension from your body……
Remember, the problem is not in your body. If you can achieve an erection, or, as a woman, self-pleasure yourself to noticeable heights of pleasure and sensation – the problem is not physiological.
Your body is not the problem, just this chronic tension and fear that closes your body so you feel nothing.

In fact, the problem is even more specific: you are not fully present IN YOUR body. You do not live in the present moment.

Day 5 Module 5

Today, we’ll practice a simpe secret that will release all your latent sexual energies. The secret lies in remembering how you really felt when you stopped trying to feel the bliss energy? When you stopped wanting to feel CERTAIN things and not others……when you just allowed the life-force in your body to respond without judgment or censure? Remember how much more open and relaxed you felt?

This is the key to letting this orgasmic energy flow, not different sexual positions or popping pills.

Today, we’ll also learn there is nothing wrong with using different positions, but if there is no ecstatic, red-hot ENERGY and FEELING behind your action, using all these different positions will still leave you feeling equally cold and empty.

Real sex is all FEELING. All about energy. It’s all about getting out of your mind, out of your head and into the ENERGY.

Day 6 Module 6

Today, you’re going to ALLOW yourself to FEEL an ABUNDANCE of this marvellous, orgasmic energy surging through you so that you can effortlessly lift up your partner’s body to this same ecstatic sexual frequency. To do this you need fully present. FULLY conscious with another person. You’ll need to learn how to achieve this closeness, this intimacy, this connection.

If you can achieve no deep connection, no deep feeling will be involved – and so your body won’t be triggered into producing an abundance of glorious, delicious hormones, especially oxytocin, to saturate your bloodstream.

Do you know why a shared meal is a popular starting point for sex in human beings? Scientists have discovered that oxytocin, the hormone of coupling and togetherness flows almost as easily during an enjoyable meal as during sex and subsequent orgasm

At the end of the day, it’s all boils down to one thing: If you can’t let go enough, relax enough and let yourself be fully present, then you won’t feel anything. Nor will your partner. 

Day 7 Module 7

Today, we’ll show you how to put Barry Long’s wisdom into practice when he said: “You don’t have to worry about ‘feeling like making love’. That’s an emotional distraction. The bodies love to make love. The part of you that feels like it or doesn’t feellike it is the problem, the emotional monitor, the self that gets in the way. Leave it to the bodies and they will make love. Stay out of it as much as you can.

Today, I’ll ask you to remember a vital truth: When your body is relaxed, open and at ease, it knows how to make love – perfectly! It knows PERFECTLY how to produce an abundance of sexually ecstatic, bliss hormones, to saturate your body…….if you will just get out of the way and let it…..It can do all those things with perfect, intelligent precision…… it also knows how to make love perfectly…if you can learn how to get out of its way!

Day 8 Module 8

Today, I’ll going to ask you to simply focus on staying fully present in your body and watch what happens. A gentle, soft choice-less watching. I’ll ask you not to put ANY limits on this pleasure as it rises in you. I want to realize that the more you can hold this gentle, open attitude…as you practice, the more of this energy you will allow in and experience. The key is to drop all mental limits you might have as to what is possible to experience.

The energy is limitless – so will be YOUR experience.

‘A man cannot give you an orgasm. A man cannot give you something that is already yours. Women have assumed for too long that men are naturally-born ‘sexperts’. If you have not done so, now is time for you to claim rightful ownership of your sexuality’

Day 9 Module 9

Today’s Module will introduce you to the ‘ the no-orgasm Rule! The famous research team, Masters and Johnson have a simple ‘no orgasm rule ‘ in their therapeutic work for couples who want to experience more pleasure in their love-making. The essence of their technique as employed at the Reproductive Biology Research Foundation in St Louis is that each couple is instructed to go to bed, attempt to enjoy each other, but strictly avoid any effort towards orgasm or any position that might lead to it. They are to have no end-goal in mind, nothing they are aiming for – just to enjoy and appreciate each sensation
as it arises.

And the results are astounding. Over 70% of all couples, where one or both have not had an orgasm in years- often achieve climax within two weeks after starting the program. The explanation, according to Dr. Masters is that anxiety about orgasm is the principle cause of failure and once the anxiety is removed, the natural happens by itself, spontaneously!

Day 10 Module 10

Today, I will ask you to perform this experiment: In your mind pretend you are having sex but imagine it is a total failure! Yes, a complete disaster! Really do everything you can to make sure that nothing ‘rises’ to the occasion! Demand, literally command your penis not to get involved. To be totally unresponsive. To remain as soft as a feather, no matter what! As a woman, command your body to be totally unresponsive. Immune to any feeling. To let nothing cause the slightest pleasant sensation in you. Ban any energetic sensations or contractions that may start to tingle in one sensual connection in any part of your body. Try to make it a ‘total failure’. Even Celebrate everything going wrong. We’ll realize the the Secret to Success – is to love failure! It sounds mad, but if you can’t learn to love failure, you’ll never succeed at anything.
We will never truly enjoy sex as long as we continue to take ourselves and sex SO seriously.

As we have seen, our entire lack of enjoyment from sex comes from our acute self-consciousness. Our ultra-sensitive concern with WHAT other people might think of us. But we must always remember that we are not ALONE: Virtually everybody suffers from the same fear.

Today, I’ll also ask you to change your old view of sex. It has nothing to do with ‘performing’. It’s all about exchanging subtle, delicious, joyous energies with each other. Sex is…… just two people relaxing, letting go and melding into each other for a moment of time, for a brief respite from the energy of the daily world.

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