John Cochran & Jeff Watson – Wholesale Reformation


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John Cochran & Jeff Watson – Wholesale Reformation


John Cochran & Jeff Watson – Wholesale Reformation

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Wholesaling Is By Far The Best Exit Strategy For Real Estate Investors Who Want To Make Big Profits With Low Risk… In The Matter Of Days

But there’s a MAJOR problem…99% of Investors are wholesaling illegally and you may be breaking the law flipping houses and you don’t even know it. Heck most gurus are wholesaling wrong (if they’re still active in the business) and are teaching students incomplete strategies because they don’t even know how to wholesale legally. This puts you and your family in deep danger that can result in a felony, MAJOR fines and even jail time.

YES you read that right, you could be committing a felony when you wholesale a piece of Real Estate because of incomplete strategies that you’ve been taught from others. That means you cannot vote, own a firearm, apply for any Government grant etc. You lose a lot of your rights as a citizen by having a felony on your record and by the way… it stays with you for life so good luck applying for a job after you get hit with the hefty wholesaling fines when you get caught doing it illegally.

“The Best Way To Get Out Of Trouble Is To Never Get Into Trouble

– Jeff Watson

Real Estate Investing is the only business where you can make $5,000 $10,000 $25,000 even $50,000+ in the matter of days and most investors do it by wholesaling but you better become compliant and learn to wholesale the legal way.

That’s why we created Wholesale Reformation

To teach the truth and complete version of wholesaling a piece of Real Estate to put power in investors hands rather than have the power taken away from doing this very profitable business the dangerous and illegal way.

Why Wholesale Reformation?

A disturbing new trend is occurring across multiple states. Wholesalers who are doing business improperly and do not know it are now facing criminal prosecutions. If you are actively engaged in wholesaling or are trying to wholesale real estate, you need to be aware of what you legally can and cannot do.

Authentic Wholesaling Methods

There are way too many myths and misconceptions out there on the internet and elsewhere about wholesaling. Time and again, a wholesaler or guru who teaches wholesaling will come to me and say, “But I heard you could do this,” or “Someone taught me that I could do it this way.” My response is, “That’s not the law, that’s not what you are legally allowed to do, and you need to learn how to do it legally using valid contracts that are correctly made.”

Accurate Contracts

Learning how to use valid real estate contracts is the most important thing a wholesaler can do. Many wholesalers act in such a way as to make their contracts invalid. Important elements of contract law are the intent and capacity of the parties who enter into the contract. If you are unaware of the law and these principles, you are jeopardizing yourself and your financial future.

Essential Legal Knowledge

You can learn the answers to important questions and supplement your knowledge regarding wholesaling by adding Flip Right to your knowledge base. Flip Right will teach you the essential principles that you need to know in order to legally wholesale real estate.

Real Estate U

The Wholesale Reformation Live Training Classes

  1. Intro Call (The Kickoff)
    • 15,000 ft view of wholesaling “The Legal Way”
  2. Getting Free Deals (Part 1 We cover 2 strategies we use daily to get the best deals for $0)
  3. Getting Free Deals (Part 2 We cover 2 more strategies we use daily to get the best deals for $0)
  4. Paid ways to bring in seller leads that nobody can get but you
  5. The Combo Motivated Seller
    • Bringing in motivated sellers that have multiple levels of motivation
    • How to find sellers with 2-5 levels of motivation and HAVE to sell
  6. When To Assign & When To Double Close Your Wholesale Deals
  7. Assigning Deals (The Legal Way)
    • What is assigning
    • The deals you can assign
    • The deals you can’t assign
    • Your new assignable contract (Explained in detail)
  8. Double Closing Deals (The Legal Way)
    • What is double closing
    • When you should be double closing your deals
    • How to find the funding to double close (HINT: We have it for you)
  9. The Biggest Mistakes The Biggest Names Are Making
    • Real examples of what the “Guru’s” are teaching that are flat out wrong
    • Real examples of what to stop doing immediately
    • What to do if you know you’ve wholesaled illegally to erase yourself
  10. What to do if you know you’ve wholesaled illegally to erase yourself
    • Done 4 you examples of how to legally market your wholesale deals
    • How to find cash buyers
  11. Generate Cash, Accumulate Wealth and How To Keep Both
  12. How To Completely Transform Your Wholesaling Business Into A Machine
  13. How To Make Your 1st $100,000 Wholesaling In 30 Days or Less


Real Estate U

Bonuses Included With Wholesaling Reformation

  1. 2 videos teaching the basics about asset protection
    • Entity formation and selection
    • Taxation that is designed to be used by investors to lower your taxes
    • How to protect your assets and do business in a better, smarter way
  2. Training on how to substantially increase your profit in any wholesale deal by making a few subtle changes to the typical Purchase and Sales Agreement a wholesaler would use to sell or assign a piece of property. Those savvy adjustments can practically double the month that a wholesaler would make by acting like a Real Estate Investor instead of just a quick flipper
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