John Carter & Hubert Senters – 3-Day Day Trading Seminar Online CD


John Carter & Hubert Senters – 3-Day Day Trading Seminar Online CD (August 2004) (

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John Carter & Hubert Senters – 3-Day Day Trading Seminar Online CD (August 2004)1

3-Day Emini and Stocks Online Trading Seminar for Intraday and Swing Traders


This sold out 2004 day trading seminar for intraday and swing traders was held by professional traders John Carter and Hubert Senters online. Now, the entire 22 hour day trading seminar is on 1 CD with live audio and video recording. It also includes live updating charts and Live-Trading executed during the seminar.

What is covered in this day trading seminar:

  • Learn the same 12 day trading setups we use everyday
  • 80% win ratios — live trading results, not just back-testing
  • Major focus on mini Dow Futures as well as ES, NQ, ER, Bonds and the Euro Currency
  • Set ups for swing trades and day trades
  • Learn the strategies we use for individual accounts as well as managed funds
  • Learn to exploit specific market conditions to your advantage — every day of the week
  • Learn how to take advantage of Single Stock Futures Learn how we use pit noise
  • Watch us trade the stock index futures and bonds–Live
  • Watch us read the market internals live and develop a trading bias for the day
  • Learn to create a fully developed trading plan

Other Highlights in this day trading seminar:

  • Easy trading pace– no need to trade 30 times a day
  • Includes training on mini-sized stock index futures, bonds, and Single Stock Futures.
  • Plus a strategy geared specifically for the slow afternoon sessions
  • Takes advantage of today’s markets with the highest and most consistent volatility
  • Gives you a complete daily plan with a goal of 80% successful trades
  • Short learning curve for mini contract, futures traders
  • Includes 1 day of live trading– see how it all ties together
  • Instruction includes 3 plays that feed off volatility
  • Receive a step by step outline to create your daily trading business plan
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