John Bradshaw – Homecoming Seminar


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John Bradshaw – Homecoming Seminar

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HOMECOMING: The Inner Child Workshop

John Bradshaw

LIFE CHANGING 7 1/2 Hour Intensive Workshop

Psychologist, philosopher, counselor, theologian, and teacher, John Bradshaw, is also an Emmy nominated talk show host. John Bradshaw has touched and forever changed millions of lives through his best-selling books, seminars, workshops, and seven widely acclaimed PBS series. John Bradshaw has received National acclaim for his inner child workshop and has help heal millions.

In this wonderful and enlightening workshop, HOMECOMING: The Inner Child Workshop, John Bradshawleads participants in a journey of self-discovery or their child within. Through a series of lectures, meditations and group exercises, John Bradshaw helps you access childhood memories and heal painful wounds left by unmet developmental needs. Workshop participants explore their childhood relationships with their parenting sources and siblings and they identify obstructions in their current lives that may result from those relationships. This is one of the most powerful workshops you will ever participate in.

This series, HOMECOMING: The Inner Child Workshop, is one of many live recordings of John Bradshawincluding lectures, seminars and workshops, that can be found in our extensive library.

Over 2.5 million professionals and laypersons have attended John Bradshaw’s workshops, lectures, and speeches. John Bradshaw is a well-respected primary figure in the contemporary self-help movement, and was elected by his peers of professional therapists as ‘One of the 100 Most Influential Writers on Emotional Health in the Twentieth Century.’

Many of his books are New York Times #1 Best Sellers. John’s works are published in 42 languages. All over the world, corporations, institutions, treatment centers, therapists, and counselors use the theories and therapies presented in his workshops

HOMECOMINGThe Inner Child Workshopwith John Bradshaw, is recommended for personal, academic and public libraries and those searching for innovative ways to deal with loss, the roots of addiction and provides extraordinary methods for self discovery and healing.

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