Joey Yap – Grow Rich With Bazi 2019 (ADVANCED)


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Joey Yap – Grow Rich With Bazi 2019 (ADVANCED)

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Joey Yap - Grow Rich With Bazi 2019 (ADVANCED)

This is what you’ll get
when you enroll for the Grow Rich with BaZi 2019:

BaZi on-the-go Cheat Sheets worth $300
These 5 cheat sheets are easy to refer and designed to be the ONE PLACE to make a quick reference.
BaZi Insights Part 1 & 2 worth $2,000
The BaZi Insights is a standalone program. It is a complete walk-through of real-life BaZi applications, solutions and results. You’ll discover in-depth explanations and a careful dissection of these techniques.
BaZi Group Coaching Calls worth $1,000
This is where you get all your questions regarding the program answered by Team Joey Yap and trained Coaches.
One year access to the Destiny Explorer worth $1,200
You’ll get access to the Destiny Explorer throughout the entire journey with us.12 months of unrestricted use of the Destiny Explorer.

Plus you will get these extra bonuses

Two (2) Platinum Priority Tickets the Grow Rich with BaZi Live 2019 + Secret Day 4 worth $13,000

The ADVANCED TIER package gives you TWO PLATINUM ($13,000 value) tickets with VIP access that’ll put you closer to all the action. In addition to that, Advanced Tier students get access to a Secret Day 4 too!
BaZi Practitioner Certification worth $1,000
Get certified by The Joey Yap Group before going into professional practice. Or do it just to prove your mettle.

The Grow Rich With BaZi Advanced Tier 2019 is an all-new program created by Dato’ Joey Yap and the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. It consists of 10 all-new modules that are aimed at understanding the ancient BaZi classics and distilling it for modern and practical use.

These subjects in the BaZi Advanced Tier will be an important tool in any practitioner’s arsenal, and are highly recommended for anyone seeking to use BaZi, even for experienced students. They can be accessed anywhere on any device at any time once all the modules are released, and will be available for a lifetime.

Your Instructor

Joey Yap
JOEY YAP is the world’s #1 authority in Feng Shui & Chinese Metaphysics. He’s the bestselling author of 179 books and speaks to 50,000 people every year at his live events. He sold more than 4.6 million copies of his books in 7 different languages.

He is well known for his results-oriented, real world approach to Feng Shui, BaZi, Face Reading, Yi Jing and Qi Men Dun Jia. He has brought success to thousands of people including prominent world figures, iconic business leaders as well as the everyday people around the globe.

Joey is also the CEO of a multimillion dollar and fast-growing enterprise. He’s the chief Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics consultant for some of the world’s most iconic buildings and his work has been featured on CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg.

Over the last 20 years, Joey has transformed the world’s understanding of Chinese Metaphysics and its acceptance within the mainstream public sphere. Now, his legion of clientele and social media followers – 1.8 million at the time of writing – relentlessly pursue their personal goals with greater clarity thanks to Joey’s teachings.

Course Curriculum

Getting ed

Before you , plot your chart (0:37)

Core Modules

Module 0 – Welcome (5:55)

Module 1 – Wealth Capacity (51:00)
Module 2 – Expanding Capacity
Module 3 – Amplifying Your Value
Module 4 – Raising Capital
Module 5 – Resources
Module 6 – Awakening Hidden Talents
Module 7 – People Management
Module 8 – Strategic Alliances
Module 9 – BaZi Career Options
Module 10 – Investments
Module 11 – Creating and Managing Change
Module 12 – Innovation
Advanced Tier Modules

Module 13 – Deep Diving The 10 Gods (Part 1)

Module 14 – Deep Diving The 10 Gods (Part 2)
Module 15 – The Chaotic Balance Method
Module 16 – The Shifting Palace Method (Upper Scroll)
Module 17 – The Shifting Palace Method (Lower Scroll)
Module 18 – Metamorphosis
Module 19 – Synastry
Module 20 – Dynamic Analytics: Annual Forecasting (Auxiliary Stars)
Module 21 – Dynamic Analytics: Monthly Forecasting (Auxiliary Stars)
Module 22 – Horary BaZi Astrology

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