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Joel Erway – Webinar Accelerator 2.0

Price: $997
Sale:  $99

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Joel hooked us up with a special offer…

– Normally $1,997, we’re saving $1,000! Our price is $997 for lifetime access to the training and Slide Sell software.

In addition to everything Joel provides, we are hosting a special private section in Copy Chief dedicated to Webinar Accelerator 2.0 where you can…

– Follow along with me and the team as we create our first Copy Chief Webinar. (Not a Copy Chief Member? We’ll give you access to the private forum so you can follow along and brainstorm with us if you want.)

– Build your first Webinar Accelerator script along with us. We’ll hold each other accountable and give feedback as we go.

– Join the Teardown call with Joel where he’ll critique and tweak our webinar script and slides.

– BONUS training: How to land high-end webinar projects. Joel’s standard price was $25,000, and he was paid as much as $40,000 to write webinar scripts. He is the guy Russell Brunson hires to review his own webinar scripts. Joel’s company gets $7,500 + $2,500/mo to create webinars. Joel is creating a special training just for us to show us how he lands the big deals, where to find the best prospects, and how to price your services.

The Simple 3 Step System to Writing Million Dollar Sales Webinars …in ANY niche

Well be going over…

The exact strategy we’ve used to build webinars that have generated $466,000+ in revenue in just 6 months
Generated $105,000 in new sales from cold traffic in just 7 days…
How one student has used this method to generate $100,000 per month
Another student used to generate $75,000 in new revenue in just 6 days






You struggle because…

You don’t have a predictable and reliable source of NEW business

You’re tired of chasing after and begging people for business…

+ It completely RUINS your image and positioning and you wish there was a better way to grow your business…

You don’t have enough quality ideal prospects contacting you, consistently…

+ You’re tired of sitting behind your computer all day… grinding and doing everything you can to succeed

+ You’re running off of determination, dedication, and motivation

You’re Not Alone!

You’re also going to Learn…

How to leverage webinars to create a predictable source of new business and scale beyond 6 figures

The proven 3-step sales webinar method that has generated millions of dollars… and how to use it to create YOUR webinar (Or your client’s)

How a man on the street can help you position yourself as an EXPERT in vour marketplace without testimonials

How to read your prospects mind and understand them on a deeper level… so they write your webinars for you

How to grab HOT prospects who are either going to you or your competition for a solution, and turn them into customers FAST

Founder of The Webinar Agency 8 years delivering sales presentations Opened a brand-new market to $2Million in sales per year by age 26.

2015 consulted to create multiple 7-figure webinars

1,400% increase in 2 weeks (7-figures)
$105,000 in 7 days (7-figures)
More than $ioMillion in revenue generated since 2015
Lost markets look for a leader

+ Your business will GROW FASTER

+ You will be in the spotlight

+ People will be attracted to you

Let’s Get Started…

The Simple 3 Step System to Writing Million Dollar Sales Webinars… in ANY niche

Rule #1: The Instant ROI Webinar – How to make $3.50 back for every $1 you spend on advertising
Rule #2: The Expert’s Method For Massive Webinar Conversion – How to write Psychological Content that sells before you ever make an offer
Rule #3: The Perfect Offer – How to create a surge of buyers with the perfect offer… without being salesy
What happens when you do these “marketing funnels” wrong…?

Takes forever to set up
Too many points of failure
Too many different types of prospects, most not ready to buy
Those who ARE ready to buy are forced to jump through “hoops” (and are mostly lost)
AIL Sales Effectiveness Comes Down To The ‘Temperature” Of Your Prospect.

Hot Prospects vs. Cold Prospects

Hot prospects have:

Need for your offer / solution Need to fix it now (or very soon) Authority to make the buying decision

Budget to make purchase

Cold is the opposite

How do we talk to only those who are ready to buy NOW?

TIME and COMMITMENT are the two most important elements in converting a cold prospect to a hot prospect and buyer.

Why This Is Good For You

You’U be abLe to quickly warm your audience up from cold to hot when they spend time with you

You’Ll eliminate technical overwhelm with complex funnels so you can become ultra profitable with your marketing

Your customers come to YOU in MASSES…

It’s Time To Join Now

The Webinar Acclerator v2.0

Everything you need to create, write, and build a sales webinar to help impact the masses for your business

+ 1 year access to Slide Sell

+ Bonus #1: The Powerfull Webinar Funnel

+ Bonus #2: Unlimited Webinar Traffic+Scaling

+ Bonus #3: High-Ticket Phone Closing Scripts

+ Bonus #4: The Ultimate Webinar Vault

+ 2-Part Risk Free Guarantee – Get paid to complete the program

+ Unadvertised Bonuses for Copy Chief Members

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