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Jess Lively – Awareness At Home

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From the past seven years, I’ve been helping people worldwide access the peaceful guidance and clarity that is within us all: Within our intuition.

Over the years, the #1 question I receive (before or after) people try accessing their intuition is:

“How can I tell the difference between the voice of my ego and intuition?”

Awareness at Home is designed to do just that.

While I have had the blessing of many live retreat experience with spiritual teachers, like Eckhart Tolle and Buddhist monks… from places like the Scottish Highlands to the beaches of Costa Rica…

I have been very aware that not everyone’s lives are flexible enough (at the moment at least) to invest the same amount of time, travel, and money into such experiences.

So I’ve designed this in-home retreat to give you a chance to do the same introspective guidance from your own home, your own life, and on your own schedule. If the desire for clarity, peace, and the awareness between the voice of ego and intuition is something you are looking to discover, or simply deepen.

I ask that you consult your your intuition to see if Awareness At Home is the right fit for you.



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