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Jerry Norton - SCH Profit System

Jerry Norton – SCH Profit System

Price : $997
Just pay : $92

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I made $5000 by selling the house the day after I picked it up! I remember when I first learned about your system and how scared I was to take a chance that it would work for me. My wife says to write that she appreciates the fact that you believed in me even when I had trouble believing in myself.

– Jon Seitz, Raleigh, NC

I used the agreements and just filled in the blanks like you told me to. I’ve spent more time filling out forms to buy a car than I did writing up this deal. Total profits from my first deal are $13,844.00. I just added up the hours putting this together and I don’t even have 8 hours invested. I’ll let you do the math, but I’m fairly certain that this pays better than my $7.70 an hour job at the ski shop.

– Dan Harrington, Cleveland, OH

We got Jerry’s wholesaling system and with all of the automation tools and systems, we finally had the confidence to go forward in a big way. To my surprise, we have made over $130,000 wholesaling deals in less than 6 months using Jerry’s system. We already bought a new home and we even saved $21,000 on our house because of what we learned from Jerry. THANK YOU JERRY!

– Jackie Roberts, Memphis, TN

Norton Shopping Guarantee

  • Crash Course Wholesaling Training™: our step-by-step training for analyzing, negotiating, structuring and flipping deals for $3k to $10k profits each. ($997 value)
  • Off Market Deal Finder Software Package™: Includes a scraper tool for finding motivated sellers and under-priced property finder software!
    ($1,000+ value)
  • Instant Deal Analyzer Software™: Tells you exactly what your offer and buy price should be! (iPhone app included) ($97 value)
  • Pre-written Contracts, Forms, and Agreements for all 50 states. ($97 value)
  • Jerry’s Proof of Funds: You get an unlimited number of verifiable Proof of Funds (customized to you) so you can make offers on deals!
    ($997 value)
  • Local Cash Buyer Look-Up Tool: Gives you instant access to qualified, local cash buyers to flip your deals to. ($1,000 value)
  • Unlimited LLC Flipper Kits: Jerry will cover the cost of an unlimited number of LLC Flipper Kits for you! Includes single member LLC setup, LLC assignment and operating agreements (fees paid by Jerry!)… ($10,000+ value!)
  • BONUS: Quick Start Coaching Program: You’ll get coaching from one of Jerry’s expert coaches to answer your questions, keep you motivated, and help you close your first SCH deal. ($997 value)
  • BONUS: Cash Buyer Training which shows you the top 5 ways to build a huge buyer’s list.
    ($397 value)
  • BONUS: Fix & Flip Riches Training which shows you how to make $25k to $50k per deal fixing and flipping houses. ($997 value)
  • and much, MUCH more…
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