Jeff Glover – Dirty Darcing


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Jeff Glover – Dirty Darcing

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Submit from anywhere with these weird chokes made up by the innovative and creative ADCC medalist Jeff Glover.

  • Learn the best ways to lock up and finish the darce choke with Jeff’s special variations, including the darce, the marce, and the farce.
  • Now, you can learn this crazy style (and why it really works) from the man who proved it himself, Jeff Glover.
  • Now is your chance to learn these moves that he invented and perfected himself, so you can add them to your game and surprise your next training partner.
  • With entries into these air-tight submissions from top, bottom, standing, even from other submissions, you’ll be finishing more people faster than ever, without burning out your arms squeezing.
  • Become more dangerous from everywhere

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