Jeddah Mali – Seeds of Enlightenment


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Jeddah Mali – Seeds of Enlightenment

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Course 1 in the Changing the Paradigm

Close your eyes while sitting in a relaxed environment. You’ll experience how every alteration in your thoughts affects your awareness, the energy all around. Layer after layer of resistance will dissipate. Limitations will fall by the wayside. Restricting beliefs about your life and everything in it disintegrate. Automatically. With no effort.

Acclaimed Spiritual Master, Jeddah Mali guides and teaches you all of this and more, in real time. As she speaks, you experience what she means immediately in meditation. You can now get the first volume of Jeddah’s teachings in an unmatched collection of eight exquisite meditations called Seeds of Enlightenment. It is truly unlike anything you have ever experienced.

  • Introduction
    Prepare you for your journey
  • PDF Guide booklet
    A 24 page reference booklet to get you started and enhance your journey
  • Meditation 1
    Conscious Awareness in the Present Moment
  • Meditation 2
    Intention and Feedback
  • Meditation 3
    Overcoming Limitation
  • Meditation 4
    Energy Centers
  • Meditation 5
    Energy Bodies
  • Meditation 6
    Trust and Surrender
  • Meditation 7
    Changing the Paradigm
  • Meditation 8
    Benevolent Intelligence

You’ll learn…

  • How the universe operates
  • How every alteration in your thoughts affects your awareness; change your thoughts, change your world
  • Why the Law of Attraction works and you’ll go much deeper
  • How to achieve true freedom and contentment so thorough and pervasive that it settles peaceably through every cell of your body for all time
  • That you are truly a “spiritual being having a human experience” instead of a “human being having a spiritual experience”

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