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Jay Morrison – RBC Certification Program

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Introducing Our All New RBC Curriculum!! What do 90% of all millionaires have in common? They generated their wealth through real estate investing. Now, YOU have an opportunity to do it too! Get Certified And Start BuildingYour Real Estate Portfolio! Learn everything you need to know in order to create the opportunity to live purposefully, build wealth, and obtain financial freedom by understanding the RBCs – Real Estate, Business, & Credit.
Jay Morrison, also known as “Mr. Real Estate” is a real estate investor, realtor, TV personality, entrepreneur, two time bestselling author, social activist and CEO and founder of the Jay Morrison Brands and the Jay Morrison Academy, a real estate investing school with a physical campus in Atlanta that offers online courses and mentorship.

Course Curriculum

New Student Orientation
PreviewIntroduction To The RBC’s
PreviewMeet Your Instructors
StartMindset & Accountability
Student Community & Resources
StartStudent Workbook
StartMentorship Call Schedule
StartPrivate Facebook Group
Real Estate (R) Course
PreviewLesson 1: Introduction / Philosophy On Real Estate
StartLesson 2: Real Estate Ownership Strategies
StartLesson 3: Real Estate And Credit
StartLesson 4: Real Estate Financing 101
StartLesson 5: Building Your Real Estate Team
StartLesson 6: Homeownership 101
Start7: Starting Your Investment Company
StartLesson 8: Branding Your Business
StartLesson 9: Lead Generation
StartLesson 10: Real Estate Wholesaling
StartLesson 11: Real Estate Buying And Flipping
StartLesson 12: Real Estate Buying And Holding
StartLesson 13: Homeownership Deal Evaluation
StartLesson 14: Wholesaling Deal Evaluation
StartLesson 15: Buy And Flip Deal Evaluation
StartLesson 16: Buy And Hold Deal Evaluation
StartLesson 17: Deal Negotiations
StartLesson 18: Creative Financing And Syndications
StartLesson 19: Project Management
StartLesson 20: New Construction Strategies
StartLesson 21: Tax Lien And Auction Strategy
StartLesson 22: Commercial Real Estate Strategies
StartLesson 23: Advanced Real Estate Tax and Exit Strategies
StartLesson 24: Advanced Capital Raising Strategies
Business (B) Course
PreviewLesson 1: Business Philosophy
StartLesson 2: Entrepreneurship 101
StartLesson 3: Identify Your Business Model
StartLesson 4: Market Research
StartLesson 5: Unique Selling Proposition
StartLesson 6: Consult Experts
StartLesson 7: Business Planning
StartLesson 8: Business Infrastructure
StartLesson 9: Financial Analysis
StartLesson 10: Corporate Veil Strategies
StartLesson 11: Partnership Strategies
StartLesson 12: Business (Legal) Formation 101
StartLesson 13: Business Credit and Funding
StartLesson 14: Building Your Team
StartLesson 15: Hiring and Onboarding (Human Resources)
StartLesson 16: Branding Yourself and Your Business
StartLesson 17: Marketing
StartLesson 18: Sales Strategy
StartLesson 19: Product Development
StartLesson 20: Customer Service
StartLesson 21: Tracking and Analytics
StartLesson 22: Financial Controls and Accounting
StartLesson 23: Automating and Scaling
StartLesson 24; Leveraging Your Business and Exit Strategy
Credit (C) Course
PreviewLesson 1: Credit Philosophy
StartLesson 2: Credit Score
StartLesson 3: Credit Score Myths
StartLesson 4: Major Credit Bureaus
StartLesson 5: Building Credit
StartLesson 6: Interest Rates
StartLesson 7: Debt To Income Ratio
StartLesson 8: Credit Types
StartLesson 9: Applying For Credit
StartLesson 10: Credit Card Management
StartLesson 11: Student Loans
StartLesson 12: Auto Financing and Leasing
StartLesson 13: Leveraging Credit
StartLesson 14: Business Credit Basics
StartLesson 15: Debt Settlement
StartLesson 16: Bankruptcy
StartLesson 17: Credit Delinquencies (Errors)
StartLesson 18: Collection Agencies
StartLesson 19: Bank Underwriting
StartLesson 20: Disputing
StartLesson 21: Identity Theft
StartLesson 22: Credit Monitoring
StartLesson 23: Credit Laws & Credit Terminology
StartLesson 24: The Power of Good Credit
Deal Room
StartSubmit A Deal
StartJoin Our Buyer’s List
Discussion Boards
StartReal Estate Q&A
StartBusiness Q&A
StartCredit Q&A
StartGeneral Discussion
Win An Amazon Gift Card
StartShare Your Feedback

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