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Jason Teteak – Conquer Your Fears

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What To Expect From Jason’s

Conquer Your Fear Public Speaking Bundle

– Become a noticeably better speaker right away.
– Discover how to be yourself and not come off as nervous.
– Feel confident about Q & A sessions or impromptu talks.
– Find your authentic stage presence.
– Learn to look professional — even in (very!) stressful situations.
– Learn at your own pace.

After Completing This Program, You Will Be Able To:

Increase Your Level of Influence and Career Opportunities
Do you believe that the way people perceive you has an impact on your professional life? While you may see your public speaking fears as just being a nuisance, people may be seeing something completely different. BUT, where you are now, does not have to be where you will end up…

After taking our Conquer Your Fear Program you’ll learn the techniques that’ll have you being an influencer in your field. Long gone will be the days that your fear wins. Let your skills and talents START propelling you to that next level!

Look Confident Every Time You Speak
It’s not enough to feel confident (and YOU WILL once you’ve completed our program) BUT you also need to look it. Unfortunately, people can make harsh and quick decisions based on your mannerisms when you’re up on stage. SO it is important you look the part of a confident and in control speaker.

Our program will give you the building blocks to transform yourself from “fidgeting” to CALM, COOL & COLLECTED. DO THIS– and you’ll start winning over your audience and earn the credibility that it turns out is oh so important for both your personal and professional life.

Handle Difficult Audience Members or Situations
Bottom line…If you don’t feel confident in yourself and your abilities it’s really easy to find yourself in front of an unruly audience or in really AWKWARD situations. The ability to squash problems before they escalate is CLUTCH!

After taking our Conquer Your Fear Program you’ll be learning the ART & SCIENCE of handling undesirable situations and all that fear that comes along with it. Our techniques will help you manage apathetic, negative and despondent participants so they don’t throw you off your game.

Create Impact Through Live or Virtual Delivery
It’s all about wowing them! YES, an informative presentation is necessary. BUT more likely than not, it won’t be enough to truly make the IMPACT that you NEED to make.

The Conquer Your Fear Program will give you the techniques you need to get the instant wow factor—to create and deliver an amazing presentation, gain your audiences respect, and earn their applause! You’ll be one step closer to becoming the rock star public speaker you’ve always dreamed of!

The Conquer Your Fear Bundle Includes…

Course One: Calm: Phobic to Epic
Overcome your fear of public speaking and stay calm and in control in front of every audience.

Course Two: Five: Give an Amazing Five Minute Presentation
Inspire and motivate more people to fulfill their dreams and goals by taking your five minute presentations to the next level.
Course Three: Presto: Get the Instant Wow Factor For Your Next Presentation
Learn everything you need to know before, during, and after a presentation to make sure the audience walks away from the presentation saying, “Wow, that was an amazing presentation.”
Course Four: Archetype: 9-Step Recipe to Unlock the Power of Your Natural Presentation Style
Be entertaining and make your audience feel comfortable and relaxed using your natural style.
Course Five: Opener: The Power of a Great Start
Boost your sales, credibility, and confidence in front of a crowd, a boardroom, or a sales call with a killer presentation opener.

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