Jason Hornung – 7-Figure Agency Blueprint


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Jason Hornung – 7-Figure Agency Blueprint

Price: $1997

EXTREMELY LIMITED: This Special Edition of 7-Figure Agency Blueprint will promptly be removed from the market after 155 spots are claimed…
Now You Can Get EVERYTHING You Need to…
Land Your FIRST $2,500 Month Client in 30 Days, Nail $10,000 Month Within 90 Days, and Hit 6 Figures MONTHLY RECURRING INCOME in as Little as 1 Year… Running Your Own Lifestyle Friendly Digital Marketing Agency… All WITHOUT Spending One Cent in Startup Ads…
…With Your 7-Figure Agency Blueprint and the ONLY COMPLETE Operations Manual of Its Kind in Your Hands… You Can Start in Your Spare-Time and Enjoy a RELIABLE Extra Income with One or Two Clients Who Each Pay You $2,500+ EVERY MONTH (Go Full-Time Whenever You’re Ready)…

Here’s what you’re getting: Instant access to the digital, SPECIAL EDITION of 7-Figure Agency Blueprint, with all the bonuses below (for a short time).

First you’ll start with…

  • Your 0 to 7-Figures Plan of Attack: Once you login to the training… You’ll have the fully laid out A-B-C marketing plan of how I bootstrapped my own agency from nearly $0 to over 7-figures a year, with NO AD SPEND.With it, you’ll see exactly how to get 1 to 2 clients paying you $2,500+ every single month, within your FIRST 30 DAYS or less. (I’ll show you the paid ads to use AFTER you’re at $10K months and have plenty of money to work with.)Wherever you’re at right now in the client-getting process (starting from ground zero, or if you’ve already been doing this a while) you’ll have multiple paths to get as many $2,500+ per month deals as you want, on anybudget.With your marketing plan in your hands, it’s time for you to get…
  • Your 1st Client Who Pays You $2,500 per Month: As you see how just easy it is to take on new clients with this system in your hands… You may find yourself jumping out of bed in the morning to add another $2,500+ to your monthly income, whenever you want.And you DON’T need to be a salesman or a social butterfly to make this happen!See, you’ll have my PROVEN sales scripts at your fingertips… so if you can follow along, step-by-step and ask simple questions, you’ll easily be able to land clients EVEN if you don’t have any sales skills right now. All it takes is a few phone calls.
  • (This process also shows you how to avoid NIGHTMARE clients too… saving you from many costly and stressful headaches and hassles.)
  • Scale from $2.5K to $5K to $10K and UP: With your new $2,500 per month client in the books, happy and ready to let you bring in new leads and sales for them… You’ll now put them through our simple, step-by-step ONBOARDING PROCESS.This process shows you, A-to-Z, how to pick the ideal advertising strategy for each new client you bring onboard, without wasting countless hours agonizing over what to do. That way, you can launch one successful campaign after another and scale up your income FAST.No need to worry about what the best price is for your services either. With access to the 7-Figure Blueprint, you’ll have our operations guide to show you how to ETHICALLY price your services for maximum profits.As you use these processes and checklists in your own agency, you’ll see it won’t take you very many clients to get from $2,500 to $10,000 months… WITHOUT having to work yourself to the bone or sacrificing family time.

    Yes, as your client portfolio and income increases… You’ll find you work A LOT less, not more.

    To make all this happen, you’ll need to…

  • Get a Team of A-PLAYERS to Do the Agency Work for YOU: With your agency and income growing at the rate it is… it’s time to bring top A-PLAYERS onto your team to do the agency work FOR YOU, so you can focus on other things.With a talented and motivated crew who now works INyour business…You can work ONit and help it grow – part-time – rather than having to “wash the dishes” and have your head down in the daily job duties 24/7/365.You’ll work just 1 to 2 hours a day, max…This puts you in the King’s Chair of your agency and your family’s income. Your lifestyle biz is now set-up. Your team is running the whole enchilada – all the daily operations – FOR YOU… You just sit back and collect the cash. 🙂
  • See How I Manage My Own Agency with 4 Hours a Week: Now that you’ve got your All-star team, doing the work for you… You’ll manage your agency with ease using the COMPLETE daily management and operations procedures that we use in our own 7-Figure Agency.You’ll see how to manage your vendors, employees, and everything else involved in making a 6-7 figure agency work. Plus you’ll look over my shoulders as I point out to you the easy-to-miss pitfalls you’ll need to avoid like the plague.For instance, we’ll show you how we have things automagically set up so we never have to worry about paying our taxes on time, or making sure our vendors and employees are paid, and much more.These are all the same systems and processes that allow me to work just 4-hours per week on my own agency, and earn over 7-figures a year. I hold nothing back here… You’re getting all of my agency’s secrets today.
  • Scale from $10,000 per Month to $100,000 per Month: Now that you’ve got consistent and reliable income rolling in month after month, you’ll be able to take your profits and invest them to grow your agency even bigger, if you’d like.You’ll have access to the same strategies I’ve used to create financial securityfor me and my family over the last couple of years.For example, you’ll see how my family and I have eaten very well and been able to travel to some beautiful spots together… All while our income and agency kept building momentum and growing like a snowball rolling down a mountain.You’ll also see how I’ve been able to safely sock away nearly $1,000,000 in cashover the last 18 months… And how you can do the same thing for yourself too, if that’s what you want.

    Oh, and you won’t have to cut back on nice meals or Starbucks lattes, either. 🙂

    PLUS, you’re also getting…

BONUS 1: Lifetime Access to My 3-Day Live FB Results Accelerator Workshop:
Right now, you’ll get access to my HIGHLY advanced FB Ads training I’ve not ever shared anywhere else but here. (Attendees paid $5,000 to be there.)
With this training at your fingertips, you’ll be armed with all the FB Strategy you need to get your clients’ plenty of leads and sales(Especially when coupled with Bonus Five) wherever you’re at in your FB Ads experience.
The tactics and skills you’ll have from this workshop WILL help you run your agency more dependably and consistently, so you can keep bringing in income month after month.

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BONUS 2: Get Our $5,000 Agency Contract:

Our Attorneys have put together a near bulletproof contract for you to use in your agency… With it, you’ll save yourself $5K today – which is what I invested to have this contract created – and potentially avoid ever even getting to a costly, time-sucking lawsuit or legal issue of any kind.
You’re able to copy it, edit it, and even take it to your Attorney to review and modify for your business if you want. That way, you can be fully protected from any possible legal “issues” or hairy situations if they ever do arise.
Remember, you’ll only need 4 to 5 clients to be up to $10,000 months…
Plus, our onboarding process screens out the “problem and drama” clients. So, you shouldn’t have any issues based on our experience, but now you can be fully protected just in case.
You may just call this your sleep well at night contract, because your business and income stays protected from the wolves!

BONUS 3: Sales Call Scripts And Live Recordings:

Pop in some earbuds as you listen in on the first 5 live-recorded sales conversations, because 3 of them ending up as new clients!
You’ll also listen in on two calls that did not end up as clients, so you can see what works, and how it’s no big deal if they’re not a fit for your agency.
In fact… it’s a good thing, because with these questions and scripts at your disposal, you can be selective about only taking on the ideal type of clients you’ll want to work with.
As you’re listening, the calls may cause a breath of fresh air to come over you as you realize that if you can have a conversation, and ask a few questions… you can easily make these calls and gain new clients who are glad to pay you your first fee to start.

BONUS 4: Our Private Agency Email Templates, Checklists, And Process Maps:

You’ll get everything we do and use inside our own Ad Agency. Whenever you catch yourself saying, “I need to create this… or … I have to figure this out somehow…” we’ve likely been there and done that, and have a documented process already here and ready for you to use.
And if for some reason you ever still feel stuck, that’s why you’re also getting…

BONUS 5: 60 Days Access To The Secret Order Of Traffic & Conversion Mastermind:

You’re going to be added to our very active and supportive Facebook Group, that’s normally $97 per month to join. Right now, it’s over 600 members strong, so you’ll be fully supported every step of the way. If you have any questions just ask!
There’s successful Agency Owners I’ve coached that are inside this paid-members only group right now.
And there’s nothing you can face that we can’t step in and help you with. With our support, you’ll never be stuck or left without expert help, right when you need it.
BONUS 6: 1 FREE Ticket To 3 Day LIVE Workshop (LIMITED)

Lastly, you’ll also get free tickets to a live event I’m doing in Las Vegas in partnership with Kevin Nations and his wife, Melissa.

Kevin and Melissa are the business growth consultants that I’ve used to TRIPLE my annual revenues from $1,000,000 to over $3,000,000 in less than 24 months.
While, you’re here you’ll see exactly how to increase your lifetime customer value AND sell more of the leads you’ll get from following 7FAB…
While spending LESS time growing your business, not more.
Oh, and also… Your ticket does NOT expire and can be used for ANY future version of this event.

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