Jason Capital – 7 Dark Side Mind Tricks + 3 More Dark Side Mind Tricks



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Jason Capital – 7 Dark Side Mind Tricks + 3 More Dark Side Mind Tricks

Jason Capital – 7 Dark Side Mind Tricks + 3 More Dark Side Mind Tricks

Price : $116
Just pay : $40
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The 7 Dark Side Mind Tricks JC Reveals
ONLY To $10,000 A Day Clients..

Here’s just a taste of that power that’s inside:

$97 Value

Dark Side Mind-Trick #1:
2 Steps To Mind Control
– Commitment and consistency 101. How to leverage the work of Dr. Cialdini to get people to things for you and love you for it, without them even realizing it (please check in with your moral compass)..– How the Chinese during WWII brainwashed Americans to follow them, and how you can use the same triggers to get your friends to agree with everything that you say from this point on..The sneaky little trick to rewarding people’s behavior properly, and on the flip side, how to STOP someone from doing something that you hate without being a dick about it..

– How companies like Apple train their employees to be so loyal to the brand, and how you too can do the same inside your own business, your social group, and your family members..

– JC’s Dinner Stratagem. The key to having her let YOU pick where to eat dinner and what to do that night AND have her pay for it (it’s not even remotely close to what you think..)

– How to use your anger to your advantage in any confrontation, regardless if it’s with a hot girl, a business associate, or if you think you’re a class “Nice Guy” who doesn’t like conflict..

– Cult’s aren’t real, right? WRONG. An inside look at how huge companies are creating cult-like customers and how you can do the same inside your chosen niche with 5 simple words..

  • $97 Value
    Dark Side Mind-Trick #2:
    The Mood Maximizer
    – How to effortlessly boost your memory by up to 200% in less than 9 seconds so that you’re always alert, can memorize things on the spot, and never forget a pesky detail again.. – The Female Mind Descrambled. The easiest way to make her feel like you “understand her” in 30 seconds or less so that you create an inseparable bond of trust right from the get go..– How to calm someone down the CORRECT way (and how to do without creating any more resistance toward the sale and the close. For all my business guys out there, pay attention).. – The FBI’s number body language trick. How to effortlessly close more sales, get more women, and have more influence in your life with a simple body language technique..– How to effortlessly create rapport and connection with a woman you just met..

    – Harvey Specter’s #1 trick for leveraging the power of body language and tonality in order to start doing business on YOUR terms, rather than falling prey to the customer’s rules..

    – Why everything you’ve been taught about “mirroring” body language is actually causing you to LOSE sales, LOSE connections with women, and LOSE trust with friends and family..

  • $97 Value
    Dark Side Mind-Trick #3:
    Creating A Tornado of Desire
    – How to get her to do anal, even if it’s her first time.. – Loss Aversion Explained. How to leverage this powerful psychological bias with clients and business partners for more equity, higher pay, and more vacation days throughout the year..– How to instantly get girls to agree to going out with you, even when they don’t feel like it at first (Impt Note: This works just as well on stubborn friends who are don’t want to go out)..– What a Youtube account with over 3 million followers can tell you about gaining a bigger audience, coming off as more trustworthy, and how you can grow your own business faster..– How JC was able to gain his VERY FIRST client, and how you too can plant seeds in a potential client’s mind in order to pay you for your services (starting as soon as TONIGHT)..

    – Mental Imagery 101. How to persuade clients to pay you massive gobs of money..

    – One of JC’s favorite sex books for becoming a Greek God in the sheets..

  • $97 Value
    Dark Side Mind-Trick #4:
    Effective Seduction Made Euphoric
    – Adam and Eve’s labelling technique laid out in the Bible you can use to control people’s minds at will, affecting their every step without them even noticing you’re doing anything..– The fastest way to regaining CONTROL in your life, regardless of your environment..– How to rid yourself of labels like “asshole” or “douche” and flip the script on someone who’s calling you names, instantly regaining full control in ANY situation or relationship in seconds..– The Coconut Girl Routine. How to tease a girl to fall in love with you in 7 seconds flat..– How to get a girl to talk to you about sex WITHOUT coming off as needy or a creep..

    – The ASI Conundrum. The 3 simple, yet powerful letters that are going to get you laid tonight..

    – One of JC’s favorite lines to use with any girl he meets, regardless if he’s just met her or has known her for years, guaranteed to spark intense attraction within seconds..

  • $97 Value
    Dark Side Mind-Trick #5:
    The Hungry Wolf Technique
    – Deprival Super Reaction Tendency. How scientists have now proven why the expectations you’ve set in a relationship right now will run everything from now on in the future.. – How to eradicate all neediness, detaching yourself from anything unnecessary to your vision..– What a Bentley salesman can show you about selling cars that’ll translate over to your results with women, business in the boardroom, AND business in the bedroom..– Triune Brain Theory Explained. How to sell your clients and women on a primal level, so they can’t help but be attached to you and trust you right away within just minutes of meeting you..– The secret to not coming off as a “threat” to women (Fair warning: most guys FVCK this up)..

    – How to leverage the three stages of brain cognition for more money, better sex, and more trustworthy and fulfilling relationships, regardless of when and where you are right now..

    – The key to overcoming resistance to a sale from the beginning..

  • $97 Value
    Dark Side Mind-Trick #6:
    The Food Of The Gods
    – Trust at first sight. The simplest way to make that cute girl at the bar or that CEO in the boardroom trust you right away, within just seconds of speaking with them..– How to stop coming off as needy every single time you meet with a women (they’re able to pick up on it right away, are repulsed by it, and will even gossip to their friends about you)..– How to stop coming off as needy every single time you meet with a women (they’re able to pick up on it right away, are repulsed by it, and will even gossip to their friends about you).. – The Comedian Heckler Solution. How you can rid yourself of any negative people in your life right now as well as prevent them from reappearing in your life in the future so that you’re always focused on YOUR prize, and not theirs.– JC’s Attention Trick. How to effortlessly come off as a man on a mission without bringing too much attention to yourself. Shy guys, take a deep breath and rejoice, I got you covered..

    – How to give a woman what she TRULY wants (they don’t teach you this in school)..

    – The sneakiest way to stop resistance dead in its tracks in any sales pitch, regardless if it’s online or in person, without coming off as a lousy used car salesman in the process..

    – Why the best thing you could ever do for yourself, your business, and your sex life is simply becoming non needy, and here’s the exact blueprint to get there..

  • $97 Value
    Dark Side Mind-Trick #7:
    Dripping Wet With Desire
    – JC’s Most Used Close. What I’ve used for YEARS now to close people on MY OWN terms, over and over again with women for same night sex, as well in the boardroom for same night investments..– The secret to being unpredictable to women (includes something you’ve known for years)..– Why my clients have continued to come back to me for years now, and how you too can create a loyal following online, regardless on what platform, Instagram, Youtube, etc..– The “Shoulder To Shoulder” method of creating trust and attraction with a girl you just met or one you’ve known for years now but has put you in the deadly “friend zone”..– The EASIEST way to isolate a girl in any bar and club, guaranteed..

    – How 3 simple letters changed my life in one single night, and how they’re going to change the ease of you hooking up with hot girls and getting wealthy clients, for good..

    – The Seesaw Effect. How to have an amazing adventure with a girl without trying too hard..


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