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Jasen Baker – B12 Trader Educational Series

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  • How is your 401k or IRA performing for you?
  • Are you happy with the annual returns in your mutual fund?
  • Ready to make some real money in the market and not spend thousands of dollars and countless hours of study to make money in the market?
  • Do you have 15 minutes per day? If so, keep reading….
What is the B12 Trader system?
The B12 Trader system follows 12 distinct markets and teaches you analyze and identify potential trades in just 15 minutes per day. The reason behind 12 markets is to ensure a broad exposure to diverse investments. This exposure keeps you SAFE! My goal of developing this system was to protect myself against the enormous swings a portfolio can take when all of your investments are in a single market. I use a powerful, but simplified approach that will empower you to make great returns! This is an education worth thousands of dollars, condensed into a system any one can learn to use.
Is this trading education and methodology for you?
This system is designed for the beginner to advanced investor. It’s for anyone who doesn’t have the experience or time to study the markets. It’s for people who HAVE a day job, but have set aside money either in a 401k, IRA, or savings account and want to maximize the return on the money they’ve put aside. This is for the person that wants to take control over their financial future, but may not know where to start, or need the proper guidance and education to take their investing to the next level.
If you aren’t yet retired, you know that it’s unlikely social security will be a cushion for the future. The time is NOW to take control over your financial future. If you want to best the market and achieve BETTER returns than what you are getting in your 401k, IRA, or existing investment account then all you need is to learn and study the B12 Trading System. I will help you become a better trader by condensing the complexities of learning the markets.
What makes the B12 Trader system different from everything else out there?
First, I have spent years trading and thousands of hours in studying most every educational trading systems out there. There seemed to be a gap in what was offered and I wanted. I wanted something simple, yet effective. I’ve found many educators fell under the following categories:
  • The systems were too complicated
    • Information overload. I would pay thousands of dollars for their education and their techniques only to struggle to do anything actionable.
  • Complete reliance on their proprietary tools, newsletters or software
    • In order to be successful, you had to purchase specific software or subscribe to their special “scanning” or “special report” service. You couldn’t just take their education and apply it immediately. There was always something else they had to sell you to give you that true “edge.”
  • Too much time to learn and too much time before the profits were realized!
    • Who wants to spend an 8 hour trading day sitting in front of a computer screen grinding out small profits and losses?
    • Alternatively, who wants to wait months and months scraping out a few percentage points of profit on their portfolio?
    • Then, who wants to wait months or years to recover from a big loss?
  • Poor educators
Many stock traders DON’T make good educators. Just because they were successful, doesn’t mean they know how to teach others, the end result is an over complication and saturation of information that makes it difficult for the student to master.
How does the B12 Trader System address these concerns?
I will teach you to do what I do. I have a repetitive and easy to master process. It will take a time investment on your part depending on your experience, but my goal is to empower and educate you. You will get to the point where it only takes 15 minutes per day to analyze and identify profitable trades.
The B12 Trader System shows profitable results month after month. Losing positions are exited fast so the profitable positions can run! I will show you how.
I’m an effective educator as well with over 12+ years educating, training, and presenting complicated technological topics in a way that anyone could understand. I’ve designed the B12 Trader System to be easy to understand and master in a short period of time.
Learn at your own pace with my home-study course or follow me each week as I explain each trade setup the market offers.
The B12 Trader Education Series consists of ~6 hours of training materials covering EVERYTHING you need to trade like I do! I introduce each new concept step by step, building your knowledge and building confidence in every trade. I also introduce my B12 Trader Trade Confidence Scale® to help you determine exactly when a trade setup is ready!
The B12 Trader Educational Series contains 6 in depth training modules:

Module 1 – The Markets

Module 1 details the 12 markets the B12 Trader System covers. This is the key for diversity and time savings. There is NO need to scan for stocks using this system. All of the markets and possible stocks are tracked for you.

Module 2 – The Indicators

Technical Analysis is the key to the B12 Trader System. This is the fastest and easiest to learn of all trading methodologies. I will teach you all the indicators that I use (and you only need FOUR!) and how to adapt them to each market as they change.

Module 3 – The Rules

The B12 Trader System has a very strong set of rules that utilize the B12 Trade Confidence Scale to help you determine when to get in and out of a trade. This module will guide you through adapting your style of trading (aggressive to conservative) while minimizing potential losses and showing you how to maximize profits month after month.

Module 4 – The Trade

In this module I take you through example trades and how to manage your position throughout your trade. I’ll discuss managing your trade before you ever get in and how to analyze and adapt your risk management strategy while in the trade.

Module 5 – The Money

If you have $5,000 to invest or $500,000, you need to know how to manage your funds to stay safe in the market, but trade in a way that grows your investments while reducing risk. I discuss different money management strategies including, trade size, margin trading, buy/sell targets with entry/exit strategies to different types of accounts you can trade with.

Module 6 – The Psychology

This is actually the most important module! Most traders can learn a system and rules to be successful, but they don’t learn to master the psychology of the trade! Here I cover some of the biggest traps and pitfalls trades and investors fall into. If you know what the mistakes are, you can avoid and ensure they are not repeated. I also introduce the B12 Trader Trade Journal which shows you exactly what you should document to ensure your psychology is inhibiting your success.
Most systems are many thousands of dollars and will take days or weeks of your time. They include many add-ons or extra software/subscriptions in order to truly master. However, with the B12 Trader Educational Series, you get all the education you need. All that’s left is experience!
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B12 Trader Educational Series

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