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Jakethestockguy – Options Trading MasterClass 4.0

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Jakethestockguy - Options Trading MasterClass 4.0

Options Trading MasterClass

You must have heard about hundreds of success stories of people trading options. This specially created Options Trading MasterClass is your chance to achieve financial freedom!
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What is Options Trading MasterClass?

Jake the Stock Guy’s online MasterClass is not only intuitive and easy to learn from, it has been categorized into multiple lessons so you can develop a better understanding of investing in your own time. That’s not it, I’ve created objective-based learning milestones that enable you to master the concepts with the assistance of the most comprehensive options trading course as beginner, advanced or professional trader.

Now you can be more confident about your option trading strategies with a robust know-how of what options are, how they function, and useful tips you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

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Options Trading Education You Need

Master the Basics

An amazing introduction to options and portfolio planning along with step-by-step guidelines on how you can build a great portfolio. Understand the theory behind options and develop fundamental understanding.

Learn how stocks are different from options.

Identify Value Stocks

Understand how options work including basics such as bid-ask spread, strike prices, and more.

Discover a diverse variety of methods to identify high to medium-value stocks through bottom-up and top-down strategies.

Sustained Capital with Income

Learn the differences between puts and calls and how to trade them in an effective manner.

Develop know-how about numerous trading processes to create a portfolio that can help you generate a sustainable stream of profits while maintaining your capital.

Options Trading Procedures

Develop an understanding of different trading procedures including POP and leveraged trading.

Discover a number of techniques for analyzing and evaluating the market and predicting stock behavior for higher probability of financial success.


Master Options Trading

Learn how to use different indicators for maximum profitability, read technical charts and graphs and identify trends, and conduct adequate risk management and minimization to develop long-term focus.

Looking beyond price with new trading strategies that rely on implied volatility for advanced options trading.

Making the Most of Trading Verticals & Shorter Expirations

Learn about trading verticals, the Almighty of option trading.

Find out about options strategies that can provide you assistance in using limited expirations to make the most of market-moving occasions and events.

And So Much More…

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You will learn all about options trading, not only theory but from my personal experiences as well.

If you want to be in a position to leverage your trading knowledge to become financially independent, Jake the Stock Guy’s Options Trading MasterClass is the real deal!

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Trading Options isn’t a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme

If someone is telling you that you can turn your $1,000 into $10,000 in a matter of weeks using options trading, they are either a scam or outright lying to you. Options trading is a legitimate financial market skill that you have to master through learning, persevering, and acquiring experience.

You are not going to be a millionaire next month, probably not even next year.

What options trading can do for you is give you an opportunity to generate secondary income through a consistent stream of profits. This is about financial stability and freedom. Are you in?

$1947 $947

Be An Early Bird and Save $1,000!

Who is Jake the Stock Guy?

I have established myself as one of the leading stock market specialists with a keen eye and observational skillset for identifying narrow windows of opportunities. I never made more than $30,000 in a year for most of my adult life, until I discovered trading options.

I am 31 years old and when I’m not trading I like practicing Yoga, Meditation and doing volunteer work and charitable service. No college degree. I dropped out of college two times and high school.
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