Jaka Smid – E-commerce Checklist 2022


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Jaka Smid – E-commerce Checklist 2022

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Facebook advertising is so 2020 👎🏼

Before we get into more detail, let’s talk about the unpredictable (rising cost) of FB advertising for a moment.

I hear horror stories about banned Facebook accounts almost every day. Not to mention untrackable 33% of iOS 14+ conversions.

In 2022, Facebook shouldn’t be your primary source of customer acquisition anymore. At least not such a big one. It’s too risky to put all eggs into the Facebook basket, where trends tend to be so unpredictable.


🧐 So I contacted the best SEO performance expert I know and offered $14.000 to help me build an SEO checklist…

And his answer was NO!

I was shocked 😱

He said he wanted a 50-50% revenue split or nothing.

I thanked him for a counteroffer and kindly declined it. I wanted to own 100% of my business.

However, the thought of having the insights, the SEO knowledge, and the checklist to go along with everything kept me up at night.

It took me 10 days to realize that the revenue split he offered may not be such a bad idea. After all, none of the best experts won’t trade their time for money; I wouldn’t, for sure.

So after those 10 days, I accepted his offer, and long hours of working began.

Our SEO checklist was ready for beta sharing with some of our existing customer base in four (short) weeks. 9/10 simply loved it. We took the remaining one who had a constructive critique onboard, and together we polished the checklist to perfection.


👉 And now the Ultimate SEO Checklist is finally ready to go into your hands!

The checklist contains over 100+ critical SEO checkpoints that cover every nook and cranny of successful SEO marketing strategies to help your website rank higher in Google.

Each of those 100 checkpoints:

  • Has an in-depth “How to” article, which guides you from the beginning to the end
  • Is evaluated based on cost and impact
  • Comes with a calculated priority value so you can determine which ones are logical to take care of first.

The same quality as the e-commerce checklist – but for an earlier stage in your customer journey process – acquisition. 

With my SEO checklist, you will make a solid foundation for your online business.

And the best part?

💎 When Facebook ads completely stop working, you won’t only survive but THRIVE

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