Jack Canfield – Effortless Success


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Jack Canfield - Effortless Success

Jack Canfield – Effortless Success

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Discover the “Missing Link” to the Law of Attraction
and Experience a Life of Unlimited Abundance
Reprogram Your Mind for Effortless Success in Every Area of Your Life With Cutting-Edge Neuroscience

If you saw me in The Secret, then you know about the Law of Attraction. And you’re aware of its role as one of most powerful forces in the universe.
If you’re not familiar with this universal law, here’s the gist of it… Everything that comes into our lives – the people we meet, the events that happen to us, the opportunities that appear on our path – they all come to us because we attracted them with our thoughts – and by extension, our actions.
That’s right: our thoughts create EVERYTHING that happens to us. So if you can change your thoughts, you can change your results, and create the life you’ve always imagined for yourself!
Make no mistake, the Law of Attraction works. I’ve seen its impact in my life over and over again. But since The Secret came out in 2006, I’ve had literally thousands of people come up to me and ask the same question:
“Why isn’t it working for me?”

Many people try to put the Law of Attraction to work in their lives,
but are never able to activate its full power.
They swear that they’re following the
principles laid out in The Secret, which are:

but no matter how much they ask and believe,
they never seem to receive what they truly desire.
I wanted to help these people discover what was stopping them from getting into the state of “flow” that happens when you active the Law of Attraction… when the things you need to achieve your goals and dreams come easily into your life.
So I talked to my friend, Paul. R. Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies and developer of paraliminal psychology. He’s a genius in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), preconscious processing, and whole-mind learning, and has an uncanny ability to uncover the subconscious strategies that direct people’s lives.
In other words, he can see what people are doing and why they’re really doing it – even when they don’t understand it themselves!
I knew that if anyone could help me figure out why some people are able to activate the Law of Attraction so easily, while others struggle so much with it, Paul could.
Paul was 100% on board with this idea. He asked me if I’d be willing to sit down for a series of in-depth interviews with him. He wanted to uncover my subconscious motivations and identify the automatic strategies I was using – without even realizing it – enabling me to activate the Law of Attraction and achieve Effortless Success.
Intrigued, I said yes… and what we discovered during those interview sessions astonished even me!
The invisible thread running
through all my successes
Paul realized that what I thought I was doing to make the Law of Attraction work in my life wasn’t really what I was doing at all.
“Ask, Believe, Receive, is not your strategy,” he told me. “That’s not what you do.”
As he explained what he saw me actually doing, I found myself nodding enthusiastically. “That’s right!” I kept saying. “That’s right. That’s exactly what I do.”
And what you are about to learn is precisely that…

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