J.D. Fuentes – Magnetic Grid + Outward Spike [1 PDF. 2 AVIs]


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J.D. Fuentes – Magnetic Grid + Outward Spike [1 PDF. 2 AVIs]

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Even when they don’t know it–especially when they don’t want to know it–women are on a quest… and what are they on a quest for?


You’re going to learn how to become the man that gives her meaning… the man whose vision and charisma, whose personal world, expands to become her universe. Set the world in order, and pull her to you!

It’s one thing to entertain a woman; it’s another thing entirely to make her feel she needs you in her life.

This kind of need–this kind of intense attraction-is what she feels in the presence of a billionaire: this shall satisfy all desires.

The funny thing is, there’s another type of guy that has the same effect on women. And this guy doesn’t satisfy all their material needs.

He usually doesn ‘t come close.

He usually doesn’t even try.

In fact, if anything, they tend to his material needs. And his emotional needs. And his sexual needs. And, not least, his housecleaning needs.

For such a man, things like looks, achievements, and credentials are irrelevant. Even when he has them to offer, he chooses to give women something else.

He does this, because he has something rarer and better. And the more he uses it–the more he gives it out–the more he shares it-the bigger, better, more potent, and more powerful it becomes… and the more brightly his growing charisma shines on all the women he meets.

What is this man’s gift?

His vision.

What is this man’s self-selected role?

The guru.

Playing guru is an art, and there is a structure to this art. Not understanding the structure usually means winding up like a street-corner preacher: much anger, no sex. (Think there might be a connection?)

When you understand this art, you can ditch the tacky handmade signs. You can stop standing on streetcorners, haranguing passersby. You don’t have to dress in robes or wear suits from Goodwill. You don’t have to wave some holy book around.

When you understand the structure underlying this art, you can take your understanding and your newfound skills into any context. You can use them at work, in the bar, in the bedroom. You can use them at the negotiating table or the dinner table, and with people dressed in suits, in sweats, or in a state of perfect undress, naked and oiled on a hot and shimmering beach, their bikinis crumpled and tossed to the edge of the towel. You can put on a black turtleneck and click your way through a Powerpoint presentation, all the while guiding a hushed throng of thousands through rhythmic raptures of revolution, revelation, redemption, and resolve.

Greater than any machine on a pedestal, greater than any device at your fingertips, you wield the power of the grid. It is this invisible grid that marshals and herds others’ fears, wishes, and efforts. It is this grid that makes you both the center of safety and the summit of power-this, in an uncertain world.

This is the power to encircle, channel, and bind the scattered hungers of a woman’s soul.

This power–the power meant to be yours–we call the Magnetic Grid.

What you’ll learn from the Magnetic Grid:

*HOW to assume the role of GURU
*HOW to create a BELIEF-SYSTEM
*HOW to make anything a woman experiences reinforce the power of your BELIEF-SYSTEM… and her HUNGER for your GUIDANCE.
*THREE DIFFERENT WAYS to make your outlandish suggestions incredibly… compelling! Obvious! True!
*HOW to make your world a VIRUS that infects her speech… her mind… her heart!
*HOW to become the ONLY guy who fully “understands” her… without having to listen to her in the first place… so that her pussy and her money are the only ways she can BEGIN to REPAY YOU!
*HOW to make her MENTALLY DIVIDE the world into pain… and the PLEASURE of DOING what you WANT!
*HOW to catch her within a NET of IRREFUTABLE BELIEFS… so that she YEARNS for the CLARITY you can give her!
*HOW to EASILY weave stories from thin air, so her UNCONSCIOUS always has something sweet to suck on!
*HOW to make all her past choices the PROOF that she should do what you desire… and JUST GO AHEAD and spread ’em!
*HOW to EASILY make her FEEL YOUR POWER… just as quickly as she FEELS the HEAT and TINGLING in her panties!
*HOW to QUICKLY, EASILY, SMOOTHLY move the conversation, and her feelings, into the world of LOVE and PASSION and INTENSE ALL-ENVELOPING NEED!

Get J.D. Fuentes – Magnetic Grid + Outward Spike [1 PDF. 2 AVIs]   on

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